Bradbury Motorcycles

1912 Bradbury Model-de-Luxe with Wicker Sidecar

In 1909, the Bradbury 3.5hp motorcycle was launched and advertised as "the finest hill climber (power for power) ever made." The claim was supported by more than 300 hill climb victories during 1909 and 1910. The 554cc, 3.5hp Standard and Speed models were launched in 1911 equipped with Dunlop non-skid tyres and a Brooks padded saddle, and in 1912 the Model-de-Luxe with a wicker sidecar was added to the range.

This beautifully restored Model-de-Luxe with wicker sidecar was acquired for the NZ Classic Motorcycles collection in October, 2011, via an auction in New Zealand.

Courtesy New Zealand Classic Motorcycles