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749 c.c. Bradbury Twin for 1923

Speedy lines are attained in the 749 c.c. Bradbury sporting sidecar outfit.

Bradbury Single for 1923

Many changes, including a new frame, have been made in the smallest model.

Old-established North Country Make Thoroughly Modernised for Next Year.

AFTER many years honourable existence as a sturdy and reliable but not particularly handsome motor cycle, the Bradbury, in all its forms, has undergone a veritable transformation for next year.

It now compares favourably in the matter of appearance with anything else on the. market, and recent records at Brooklands prove that sheer slogging capabilities are not its only commendable attribute.

Three Main Models.

Three main models are offered, all side-valve four-strokes; a 350 c.c. single; a 554 c.c. single; and a 749 c.c. twin. In each case the engine is of Bradbury design and manufacture; in fact, except the gear box of the 350 c.c. model (a Moss three-speed), the whole machines are produced in the one factory.

Chain transmission is employed throughout, light guards only being fitted in every case.

Each model is available as a sidecar outfit, but the big twin machine becomes a particularly attractive solo mount when turned out to a sports specification. A new frame of graceful design, well-curved exhaust pipes terminating in an aluminium silencer at the rear, and foot-rests instead of footboards, combine to make this model attractive to the most fastidious speed man.

Internal Expanding Brakes.

Internal expanding brakes on both wheels is a commendable feature of all the Bradburys for next year.

The makers are Bradbury & Co., Ltd., Wellington Works, Oldham.

The Motor Cycle November 16th, 1922. Page 708

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