Calthorpe Motorcycles

Calthorpe 1921

The period following the end of hostilities in November 1918 through to 1922 was marked by a surge in demand for motorised transport. Service in the forces had exposed a large percentage of the populace to mechanised transport for the first time, whilst companies with production capacity laying idle were quick to recognise the potential market and exploit it with lightweight machines. Quality varied considerably, however, the Calthorpe concern became known for producing a high quality product which built up an enviable reputation.
Featuring a two speed countershaft gearbox and belt final drive this example has been in the same ownership since new and is offered in largely complete, unrestored condition. The front mudguard, footboards and handlebars are missing and the machine will require attention having resided in the vendors loft for a considerable period of time.

Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions