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Calthorpe Motorcycles 1919

The 1919 Olympia Show.

CALTHORPE. (Stand No. 84)

The CALTHORPE-JAP 2 ¾ h.p. Two-Speed. Price 60 Gns.

The Calthorpe-Jap is the model usually chosen for heavy and strenuous work - fitted with Jap Engine and Enfield Two-speed Gear, as high-powered speed unit, it embraces all that is highest in Motor Cycle Construction.


ENGINE. 2¾ h.p, Jap. 70 mm. x 76 mm. bore and stroke, 292 c.c. A fast and powerful engine. All bearings are of a special alloy of Phosphor Bronze cast under pressure to secure great hardness. The valves are of special material and made from the solid bar to secure uniformity of material.

TWO-SPEED GEAR. The Enfield Patent Two-speed and Free Engine, with cush sprocket

CARBURETTER. Improved pattern, Amac.

IGNITION. High-tension variable Magneto, handle-bar control.

TANK. Very strong, of registered design, enamelled Black and English Gold Leaf lined, fitted with new Best and Lloyd's sight-feed lubrication. Capacity 1¼ gallons petrol, 1 quart oil.

TRANSMISSION. Two roller chains (on the left hand side of the machine) from sprockets on the engine shaft, one from each gear to a counter shaft in the bottom bracket, which contains the two-speed mechanism: The drive from the countershaft to the back wheel is by ¾ in. belt off a fixed pulley on the right hand side of the machine, midway between the two gears is the free engine position, which is passed through to engage either gear. The drive through both gears is direct, thus obviating that friction which is created when running through gear wheels.

FRAME. Built of the finest Weldless Steel Tube throughout, all vital parts reinforced, and complete with Druid Girder spring forks.

WHEELS. 26in. x 2in. Dunlop Beaded Edge Studded Tyres, heavily plated steel rims with coloured centres, oil retaining dust and weather proof hubs.

BELT. ¾in. Dunlop.

BRAKES. Rear acting on belt rim, operated from foot pedal and powerful Bowden front brake.

SADDLE. Patent Pan Seat, Gough or other make at our option.

COMPLETE. With stand, carrier, strong wide rnudguards, armoured Pannier Bags, with tools in roll complete, handsomely finished in four coats of lustre enamel and all bright parts heavily plated.

Send for the CALTHORPE Catalogue 1920.


(Proprietors : Ths Minstrel and Rea Cyce Co., Ltd.)

Olympia Show 1919
The Motor Cycle, November 20th, 1919.

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