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Calthorpe Motorcycles 1909

Stanley Show Report


3 ½ h.p. Model : 84 x 86 mm.; m.o.i.v.; Simms magneto; Amac carburetter, h.b.c; single gears; Dunlop 26 x 2¼in. tyres; rubber belt transmission.

Minstrel and Rea Cycle Co., Ltd., Birmingham. — A well-built and substantial modern motor bicycle, which is shown for the first time, is exhibited by the above firm, known as the Calthorpe, since it is made by the makers of the Calthorpe car, which has performed so well ever since it has been built. The machine under consideration is fitted with a ½ h.p. White and Poppe engine, 84 x 86, light-weight Simms magneto, chain-driven, with the chain enclosed in an aluminium case, footrests fitted in the usual position, to which a pedal is attached, Amac h.b.c. carburetter, and Druid spring forks. The silencer is especially worthy of attention, as it is designed to eliminate all back pressure and to be silent even when the cut-out is open. The area of the silencer is equivalent to that of the cylinder. The frame is well designed, and the points of convenience are well studied, e.g., the luggage carrier is of substantial dimensions, a partial chain guard is fitted to the pedalling chain, and a good stand is provided.

Another machine is also shown by this firm resembling the one we have just described in most details. The engine, however, is not the same, and the machine is at a slightly lower price.

The Motor Cycle, November 22nd 1909, page 913

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