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Calthorpe Motorcycles 1912

Calthorpe 1912 V-Twin

T.T. Calthorpe with overhead valve engine. This machine has wood rims.

Calthorpe, Stand No. 28

Minstrel and Rea, Barn Street, Birmingham.

This is a very serviceable lightweight, and in company with all other Calthorpe models it is fitted with pump fed drip feed lubrication. Pedals are provided for starting on this model, but all others are without pedals.

  • 6 h.p. Model (twin-cylinder): 75 x 85 mm.; side by side m.o.i.v.; Amac carburetter; belt; Calthorpe two-speed.

This is another sidecar model, which, except with regard to the engine, possesses the same features as the two foregoing machines.

  • 3¾ h.p. T.T. Model : 85 x 88 mm.; overhead valves; Amac carburetter; belt; single gear.

This model is fitted with wide handle-bars, ordinary saddle, and fixed gear, footrests instead of footboards are provided, but in all the other models except this and the 2½ h.p., comfortable footboards are supplied.

  • 4¼ h.p. Model: 90 x 95 mm.; side by side m.o.i.v.; Amac carburetter; chain and belt; Calthorpe two-speed counter-shaft gear.

This machine is especially designed for sidecar work, and the sidecar to which it is attached is provided with a tradesman's delivery body. The chassis also takes a touring passenger body if desired.

  • 3½ h.p. Model: Green-Precision engine, 85 x 88 mm.; side by side m.o.i.v.; Amac carburetter; chain and belt; D.H.K. three-speed gear.

This model has a water-cooled Green-Precision engine and a kick starter. In the case of the D.H.K. gear, the change is effected by means of dog clutches. The plate clutch is carried on the counter-shaft. All models are provided with efficient side shields to the front mudguards, spring-up back stands, and front wheel stands.

1912 Olympia Show
The Motor Cycle November 28th 1912

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