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History of the Marque

George W. Hands began manufacture of bicycles in Bordesley, Birmingham in about 1890 and built his first motorcycles at Calthorpe's Barn Street premises in 1910 - one source says they first exhibited at the Stanley Cycle Show in 1909. Initially using JAP and Precision engines, after the First World War they also used Peco, Villiers and Blackburne units.

The period following the end of hostilities in November 1918 through to 1922 was marked by a surge in demand for motorised transport. Service in the forces had exposed a large percentage of the populace to mechanised transport for the first time, whilst companies with production capacity laying idle were quick to recognise the potential market and exploit it with lightweight machines. Quality varied considerably; however, the Calthorpe concern became known for producing a high quality product which built up an enviable reputation.

By 1924 they were producing their own 350cc ohv engine, and in 1927 built a 500cc overhead cam model. Only around 100 of these relatively expensive machines were made.

The Ivory series began in 1928 (or 1929) and was very well received with its saddle tank and duplex frame, but by the late thirties the company was in decline and went bankrupt in 1938. Revival attempts occurred in 1939 with Matchless engines, but the war interceded. Another revival attempt in 1945 using Villiers two-stroke powerplants was also unsuccessful.

More on the History of Calthorpe Motorcycles

Sources: H&H Classic Auctions, et al.

jochen.gruber at green tick
hello my name is jochen live in Austria and own a calthorpe 350 ivory 1929. would like to bring this bike back to the road. search still the two exhaust krümmer (pipes, possibly exhaust headers or mufflers). hope they can help me.either to borrow to remodel or they can have the curvature remodeled and I pay.hope they can help me, so far unfortunately nobody could! sorry for the English , is google translator.
tracie.ward60 at
Various motorcycles - in excess of 106 bikes in running order need help sourcing Calthorpe spare
Please include
The ARE Classic Motorcycle Collection
The Old Vicarage, Main Road, Kirk Michael Isle of Man (on the course)
Tony East
Kirk Michael, Isle of Man
A.R.E. Collection

  • Images from the museum posted to Comments.

Thu May 12 2016
mauromaldives at
cozette sb22
Looking forma carburetor cosette SB 22 for my Calthorpe Ivory 350 1935
rome italy

Wed Jul 27 2016
brett.woodfield at
calthorpe 1939
hi looking for parts to restore 1939 calthorpe
looking for a gearbox front suspension springs and tappet covers and Barrell.

Mon Aug 03 2015

Buarthau at
Calthorpe Information
Calthorpe All
For information on all Calthorpe models please visit our website

Calthorpe marque specialist

Tue Mar 03 2015
johnf154 at
Have photo of my father on I believe a Calthorpe with registration RE 7247. Any way could find out more about this bike, have no luck so far.

Sat Aug 31 2013
Identifying bike
Calthorp Ivory
We would be interested in trying to find out if this motorcycle still exist. the photo was taken in Stoke-on-Trent prior to the end of 1934. Any help or suggestions how we can do this would be appreciated.
Sunshine Coast australia

July 2013
Hello, can anybody help with a detailed photo of the Rocker Cover (of the inner side, to see the included/nessecary lubrication channels), which is missing on my Calthorpe Red 500 1938/39; M5

Would be a great help for the reconstruction - else maybe we have problems with the correct lubrication.
More info in the Calthorpe Forum

Sun Jun 16 2013
ivory calthorpe owners club
calthorpe ivory
hello out there, is there such a thing as an owners club, and if so what is it? many thanks.

I don't know of a club specifically for the Calthorpe, but there are numerous classic clubs in the UK. Try Classic Motorcycle Clubs at Bikelinks.

Fri Jan 18 2013
Calthorpe frame used elsewhere?
Calthorpe Not known
I have been looking at a Panther m/cycle for the DVLA. The frame number as stamped into the headstock has come back in DVLA records as a Calthorpe. Have Calthorpe frame ever been used on other machines, particularly Panther if anyone would know. I can provide the frame number in question but it would have to be confidential, i.e to the marque secretary.

Sun Apr 03 2011
Calthorpe 500
Just found this. I wonder what eventually happened to the machine
Charlotte North Carolina

August 2009
madboy74 at

It's my friends bike: Calthorpe 500 OHC Sport G1. When somebody have information on your page about this bike, please write me. (handlebar, seat, original colour and painting, draws or photos and more)


May 2nd 2009
madboy74 at

I can't find a high resolution and good quality Calthorpe logo. Can you help me?
If you can't find anything, I will make it.

  • Andrew has helped us with a swag of high-quality png and svg logos. If anyone can supply the logo he needs, I'm certain he will be very grateful. Ed.

    May 5th. Andrew has supplied an excellent Calthorpe logo in png & svg. Still not the one he needs, so please, if you have one...

Tue Apr 21 2009
madboy74 at gmaildot com
- any
My friend has an OHC Calthorpe 500cc. I need informations about this. Please, help me!
Somebody can send me a high-resolution, good quality Calthorpe logo? I want make the SVG version. (vector graphic)
If I finish, I will send the final version to You!

Sorry for my english!

Mon Aug 04 2008
nigel.green40 at ntlworlddot com
Calthorpe Motorcycle
calthorpe ivory
just found a document about a calthorpe m/cycle that my grandad bought for £30.00 back in 1939 and the reg No was EYJ 700. Would you have any more info than this please.
ashton under lyne

Thu May 31 2007
Lynnemahoney06 at aoldot com

Found a 1914 calthorpe minus wheels, gearbox, cogs, whatever goes on the crankshaft, brake handles,magneto carb', nice little free jap engine

Trying to restore a 1914 calthorpe with a jap engine. Know nothing about it and need advice and spares, wheels engine parts,magneto and photo's of engine,and missing drive cogs ross-shire

Mon Apr 02 2007
mail at
Calthorpe Car
unsure approx.1917
Does anyone have any details on calthorpe cars, a friend of mine has one which he has owned for approx. 50 years, it will need restoration, need to establish which model and value etc.
Somerset, UK

Thu Mar 15 2007
nbbrowning at
Calthorpe cars
1911 12/14
John Hodson,can I have your present Email address? Have much info for you.Restoring a 1911roadtsr. Know of several others in nz.
New Zealand

Wed Feb 21 2007
j.patek at
500 Ivory barrel
Calthorpe Ivory 500
Has anyone out there a spare 500 Ivory cylinder barrel in serviceable condition for sale ? Or swap for new Calthorpe pistons ?
Attached the nice old Calthorpe logo. Is the animal a sheep or a wolfe ? Plus a catalogue drawing of the rare 500 cammy Calthorpe of appr. 1927.

Wed Feb 14 2007
tim at
looking for parts
1933 500cc Calthorpe
Looking for instruments & dynamo for incomplete restoration of 1933 500cc Calthorpe.
Bath England

Mon Jan 08 2007
margotc at
Calthorpe Ivory 1930
Where can I find out the value of my bike?
South Africa

Try the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations.

Thu Dec 07 2006
gosta.karl at teliadot com
carltorphe 500cc 1932
Is it possible to finde a spare part list with drawings for the 4-speed Albion gearbox also spareparts to the gearbox or complete gearbox
Varberg ,Sweden
Thank you for your fast answer.The bike are in bits but the seller told me that are 500cc 1932 competione 4-speed with Albion gearbox patent.As another freind told me they come with 500ccengine 1932 with Albion gearbox .I have no inform or broschyr for the bike .So I also ask you if you have some copy for sale ?

I'm sorry, we do not sell or source parts and literature. We provide a free service helping motorcycle owners, historians, enthusiasts and dealers exchange information about classic European motorcycles. Ed.

I thank You very much for your answer.For me now I try to get contact with owner of same type of bikes to get/change information but I do not know how I begin .Do you have any recommendation vere I can try to finde owner or information about this type Calthorpe.What I need are to finde litrature and copies of the bike to begin to restauer it

Best regards Gosta karlsson

Try the Calthorpe directory at Bikelinks
and also the directory of classic motorcycle clubs


Tue Apr 11 2006
erdejong at beckmandot com
Calthorpe ivory 350
I bought one of your nice english motorcycles The Caltorpe Ivory 350.
I only have one problem, I cant find the frame number because the one who restored the motorcycle did a very good job especially the paint!
Who can help
The picture was taken just a few months ago, somewhere in holland in a place called Zwartsluis, this is where I bought the motorcycle
My name is Ernst de Jong from Holland
Tiel, the Netherlands

Mon Jul 31 2006
john.cadman5 at btinternetdot com
parts for calthorpe
hello looking for handle bars tank pannel does any one have any drg has i can make most things

Thu Mar 30 2006
dougandjeansalmon at btopenworlddot com
ivory calthorpe restoration
500cc 1937 calthorpe
I am restoring a calthorpe as above and nead same help finding same parts ie.oil pump and handle parts and afew others my name is doug salmon
maidstone kent england

Tue Mar 28 2006
redshootcamping at btconnectdot com
Calthorpe Motorcycle

I am after a contact for the Calthorpe Owners Club. Just bought a 1931 350cc.

Sat Mar 25 2006
dana.tesarkova at
Hello everybody,
I am looking for a book about Calthorpe motorcycles: can anybody help me, on which website those books (if even any, language does not matter) can be found?
thanks a lot for your advice

Wed Feb 15 2006
SURFMURPH04 at AOLdot com
Join the calthorpe motor cycle club
could you please give me the address of club secratary of the calthorpe club as I want to join it ,regards

Sat Nov 19 2005
Harteloh-Medaets at

Do you happen to know if there is a 1934 Calthorpe 350 cc as on the photographs somewhere, so that my father and I can take pictures in order to restore the bike of my late grandfather? Or perhaps something quite similar? Thanks for your trouble.


I suggest you contact vintage motorcycle clubs in your area and see if one of their members has a Calthorpe, and perhaps find out then when the next ride or rally is on. A good place to start would be the classic clubs section of Bikelinks. Ed.

Thu Aug 04 2005 RitaandMartyn at
I need help. I need to source mudguards for a 1935 and 1936 Calthorpe. I have 1 good rear one which gives me the shape - has anybody had any made? or can anybody put me in contact with anyone who can help me with the shape?  I've also had two end covers made for pumps (not in monkey metal) anyone interested in end covers for the pumps - if there is enough interest we can get some made. The ones I have fit perfectly. It fits the 1935 and 1936 crankcases perfectly. It may well fit earlier engines and will certainly fit later engines. I am also after a set of front forks for a 1935. I have a few pieces to swap i.e. engine parts.

Thu May 12 2005
jonmg69 at hotmaildot com
Calthorpe- Competition special
hi, i own a 1938 Calthorpe Competition Special. 350cc, coil ignition, it has a hand change 4 speed burman gear box. it is in totaly original condition and starts first kick. does anyone have a pictures of one liing around, as i need to find out where bit s etc etc. cheers for your help.

February 4, 2003
I bought a Calthorpe 350 OHV and I am searching for any kind of information...
See Calthorpe Forum

January 14, 2003
Can you help? My dad raced Calthorpes in 1927-32....
See Calthorpe Forum

October 8, 2002
When I bought my (not restored yet!) Ivory 250cc 1935 in England in 1975, I also received from the seller some documentation.I join a bad state copy of 1938 catalogue for your 349cc.Enjoy your restoration! -- Bruno --  bruno.vangameren at

From Sheldon: Great stuff. Click on the thumbnail for larger view. I do have the original scans that were sent to me by Bruno. They are about 1.5meg each so if someone absolutely needs them I can e-mail them to you.

September 6, 2002
... I bought new in 1932/33 a 500cc Ivory Calthorpe from Pride & Clark...
See Calthorpe Forum

July 3, 2002
Name: Peter Marshall
email: kato at
I own a 350cc Ivory Calthorpe

June 11, 2002
The restoration of my Calthorpe 350 Ivory 1931 is finished ...
See Calthorpe Forum

March 11, 2002
My father bought a 1932? 500cc Calthorpe combination just after the war in 1946...
See Calthorpe Forum

March 10, 2002
Can anybody tell me what the correct valve timing is for a 1935 500cc ohv Calthorpe Ivory? The handbook says inlet valve to open 20 degrees...
See Calthorpe Forum

February 26, 2002
Estimados Amigos: Estoy buscando Culata, Piston, Cilindro, Carburador y tubos de Escape, todo ello para una Calthorpe fabricada en el año 1934, con motor M3/1005. Atentamente. Un Saludo desde España -- SAMAGRA at

January 29, 2002
I have a Calthorpe Ivory 350cc from 1938 for restoration. I have not documentation from this model.I have not a petroltank for this byke.-- Zels Louis -- zels.louis at

January 9, 2002
Dear Calthorpe Owners !
Maybe you have a worn out camshaft surplus for any of the following Ivory engine types : K3, K4, K5, M3, M4 or M5....
See Calthorpe Forum

December 27, 2001
When I look at the Calthorpe site, the most recent message is 15th September. Is the site still active, or is it a problem with my PC? -- Thanks -- Alan Freke -- alan at

From Sheldon: Probably nothing wrong with your PC.The European Motorcycle Universe site has become huge and coupled with the facts that I also run several motorcycle clubs, and am trying to find the time to get the Calthorpe club up, I administer quite a few motorcycle mailing lists, and recently lost my job to a "downsizing" at work and have to make a living off my web site design...I've been getting over 800 e-mails a day and am having a heck of a time keeping up right now. The Calthorpe stuff is a priority for me but even that has suffered. If I get behind just give me a gentle nudge and I will do the updates. Hopefully things will settle down soon. Thanks for your patience

December 4, 2001
I have a '36 Ivory 500 in bits and pieces.I need lots of spares...
See Calthorpe Forum

December 3, 2001
I'm the owner of 1936 Ivory Major 500 in original...
See Calthorpe Forum

November 10, 2001
My father owns what he believes to be a 1929 Ivory Calthorpe...
See Calthorpe Forum

October 18, 2001
I have a 2.75 horse power JAP engined Calthorpe, which seems to date from WW1...
See Calthorpe Forum

October 7, 2001
I have a ca 1925 Model D5 350 cc ohv.And i'm lookinging for...
See Calthorpe Forum

October 1, 2001
Just bought a Calthorpe 350cc 1931, but black. It's in good condition (not used for the last 50 years) but has to be restored! -- Gilbert Falkenström -- gilbert.falkenstrom at teliadot com

September 22, 2001
Dear Readers !
I just was able to fit the last original parts to my 37 Calthorpe : the "Amal clean handlebar".All cables except clutch and brake run inside the bar to give an uncluttered finish. Dipswitch and horn push are integral with the grips, and were made by Amal.I have their original construction drawings if someone is as mad as me to refurbish them.This handlebar consist of nearly as much parts as the whole engine! It also cost nearly as much! For the outer cable housings I used cotton covered outers available from Germany. See the photos of "before" and "after" attention. Many thanks to Mr Wheaton of AJW fame ! -- JOHANN PATEK -- j.patek at

September 15, 2001
To make your page a bit more colorful, I have enclosed a few photos of my finished 1937 Calthorpe 500 Ivory.I tried to maintain an authentic and unrestored finish, which was harder to obtain than to make a 100% concours restoration.Anyway the bike starts first kick now and is a treat to ride.It never let me down, and I use it as often as possible and in every weather.
All the best from cold Vienna -- JOHANN PATEK -- j.patek at

September 15, 2001
Dear Calthorpe owners : I was able to buy some new old stock Calthorpe Ivory pistons...
See Calthorpe Forum

June 13, 2001
My dad had A Calthorpe in the 1940's. I have nerver seen A Calthorpe in Denmark.
-- Jens Wolter -- email: Wolter at

June 4, 2001
Does anyone out there know anything about an Ivory Calthorpe VE1541?...
See Calthorpe Forum

June 3, 2001
Je suis à la recherche de docoments, photos, pièces detachées pour ma moto de marque Calthorpe...
See Calthorpe Forum

April 24 2001
I have a friend which is restoring a 1933 ivory Calthorpe...
See Calthorpe Forum

March 26, 2001
I have 1932-1933 500cc Calthorpe ...
See Calthorpe Forum

March 21, 2001
possiedo una bike calthorpe credo che sia anno 1927....
See Calthorpe Forum

March 4, 2001
Have just acquired a 250cc Calthorpe- 4 stroke in very many bits appears to be complete...
See Calthorpe Forum

January 16, 2001
Hello Sheldon,

Well, in reply to your request for Calthorpe motorcycle information and pictures I have supplied a photo and a quick description of a Calthorpe that has been in the family since 1933:


This machine has been fully restored in the last 2 years and is converted to foot change for use in regular Vintage runs etc.. (original hand carriage has been kept ready to be re-fitted) This Calthorpe has been owned by the same family for the last 68 years and is in excellent running condition."

If you require any more information on this or any other bikes owned by the family (AJS, Matchless, Triumph etc..) then please Email me at Dave-allen at madasafishdot com . Thanks.

September 10, 2000
Has the Calthorpe 2 1/2 Hp 1925 registration LN.3468 survived?? I have in my possession the original log book with last registered owner C Williams July 1926.
Can anybody help??????
From Annette, Kent, England -- Groovy at

August 26, 2000
Do you know the address and phone/fax no.for Jim Hunter Engineering? I believe he can possibly supply tank rubbers for Calthorpes. -- DAVID -- Australia -- dbowtell at

August 21, 2000
I have a '36 which my Dad left to me.Calthorpe was his all time very favorite bike.And he had lots.
 -- Jude -- spotjude at -- Location: Moe, Victoria, Australia

July 28, 2000
HI...would greatly appreciate info on where I can get literature, brochures and anything else on the Calthorpe motorcycle. -- Thanks, -- Bill Calthorpe -- BCalthorpe at aoldot com

July 16, 2000
I have just acquired an ivory Calthorpe and I am after any technical information ...stored in Victoria for over 20 years ...
See Calthorpe Forum

July 10, 2000
1938 model ivory Calthorpe
Does any one have any information or pictures of this model? -- DAVID -- AUSTRALIA
See Calthorpe Forum

July 2, 2000
Hello all,
My name is Alan, and I live in Australia.I own a 1936 500cc Calthorpe....
See Calthorpe Forum

June 18, 2000
Hi there!
I have a 1935 250cc Calthorpe Ivory Minor...
See Calthorpe Forum

June 9, 2000
A lot of info in my PC database, some pertinent to Calthorpes. NB My only interest is in restoring the horns fitted to cars & bikes...
See Classic British Motorcycle Forum

May 28, 2000

I was very interested to see the update on the restoration of Johann's Calthorpe. He has restored the machine to a very high standard and I look forward to seeing the finished item.

I am in the process of restoring a 1935 500cc Calthorpe Ivory Sports model. The machine was found in a garden shed following the death of a relative. It certainly seems to pay to have a good look around garden sheds! The bike had been pushed into the shed and covered over in about 1955. You can imagine the state the machine was in when it was recovered, following a couple of years of hard work I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will keep you informed of progress.

I note Johann's comments about developing this web site as a platform for Calthorpes. A sort of electronic Calthorpe Owners club. Do you think that the European Motorcycle Universe site is the best place or would a separate web page be better?

During my restoration efforts I have visited several UK museums containing Calthorpes. Readers might be interested in my findings.

Ramsgate Motor Museum, Westcliff, Ramsgate

The museum has a 1930 Calthorpe motor cycle. White but not ivory and probably 250cc capacity. The machine seems to be complete.

Norfolk Motorcycle Museum, North Walsham, Norfolk

1934 250cc Calthorpe Ivory motor cycle. Incomplete, petrol tank missing. Part restored.

National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull, West Midlands

1930 348cc Calthorpe Ivory motor cycle. As might be expected at the National Motorcycle Museum, complete and superbly restored. Useful as a reference model for restoration purposes.

Midland Motor Museum, Stanmore Hall, Brignorth, Shropshire.

Until fairly recently the museum had two Calthorpe cars on show. A 1912 Calthorpe Tulip Phaeton and a 1915 Calthorpe Tourer. They had gone when I visited the museum and the attendant on duty could not tell be anything about them. Does anyone know what has happened to them?

Does anyone know of other Calthorpe cars or motorcycles in museums world wide?

I am interest in all aspects of Calthorpe cars and motor cycles, particularly the history and articles about the Calthorpe Motor Companies. In addition, I am always interested in spares for my 1935 500cc Calthorpe. On the other hand I have build up a collection of information on Calthorpes and will be pleased to try and help anyone seeking information.

Best wishes
John Hodson -- ashgate at [bounced]

May 28, 2000 10:00 p.m.
From Sheldon:
John and all others,
It does look like you folks are getting enough folks to start a club. Could you all please look at my NARMA (North American Russian Motorcycle Association) web site at: [404]

I could set something like that up if everyone would contribute information, tech tips, whatever, to it.We could start it without dues to get it going and then maybe in a year charge dues in order to get patches, t-shirts and sponsor rallies.As a group we could make this happen.There have to be more than a few Calthorpe owners out there.I don't have one but some day I would love to have an old Ivory.

How about the name "Calthorpe Owners Group (COG)"? I could also set up a mailing list or discussion group so we could have real discussions.There are a lot of things we could do.

11:47 p.m.From Sheldon:
As usual I got a bit carried away. There is now a mailing list set up at Go to and search for "Calthorpe", then "join" the list.Any messages you would like to send to the whole list should be addressed to "calthorpe at topicadot com ".

Also we now have the beginnings of a club of sorts at [404]. I will add more tomorrow but at least there is something there already.

October 13, 1999
In March I bought a 1937 Ivory Major Calthorpe. It is in fine running condition with only 1400 miles on its clock. Unfortunately someone "modernised" it in the 50ies and fitted an AJS tele front end. I still have the original front wheel but I search desperate for a girder front fork for this model. If anyone out there has such a girder fork in his shed (though this chance is very remote) he should contact me.

Bring the old Calthorpes back on the roads. They are marvelous bikes!

JOHANN PATEK -- j.patek at


May 22, 2000
Sheldon !
Would you please publish the following intermediate restoration report of my Calthorpe project :

Dear interested reader !

You may have looked at the "as found" photo of my 1937 500 Calthorpe with disgust. Hope the enclosed recent photo is more appealing. After one year has elapsed, and 2 months of work pressed into the project, plus several lucky happenings I am able to show you a nearly finished Ivory 500.Just the exhaust pipes are since ages in the UK waiting for a talented pipe bender to pay attention and fabricate replicas from the rusty originals.

This electronic insert had an UK Calthorpe owner dig into his garden shed, where he rescued a pair of correct and useable front forks for my bike.Can luck be more generous ? Just another garden shed with the correct set of clean handlebars and controls would catapult me into Calthorpe heaven !

When my bike is finally completed and on the road again, I plan to issue a detailed report upon the experience I made during the restoration and a listing of important, useful and helpful addresses.

Any contributions to the Calthorpe theme, wanted and available spares should be contributed to that page.It could develop into a worldwide Calthorpe platform.Dont be shy !

Best wishes from Vienna JOHANN PATEK -- j.patek at

From Sheldon: WOW!!! Absolutely awsome! And I think that leaving the pillion seat off makes the bike look much more powerful and sleek.

August 22, 1999
Hi my name is Mark I am looking at buying a 1938 ivory Calthorpe...
See Calthorpe Forum

March 29, 1999
I saw your Calthorpe Webpage still in existance. My pictured restoration project transforms slowly into a classic motorcycle...
See Calthorpe Forum

March 9, 1999
To whom it may concern !
I mail from Austria and I just bought today a 1937 500cc Calthorpe Ivory Major....
See Calthorpe Forum

Hi..saw your page and was wondering if you had any info or could tell me anything about the Calthorpe name related to manufacturing....
See Calthorpe Forum

The Calthorpe factory was owned by George Hands who was based at Birmingham. It was a factory of unpredictable fortunes which did enjoy a good period from 1928 upon the introduction of a completely new design with a duplex frame and the fashionable new saddle tank introduced by some manufacturers at that period. The 350cc four stroke two port engine was well designed and extremely sporty. The colour scheme was an inspiration by the factory in that they chose an ivory white finish which became something of a legend and caused the new range to be called the Ivory Calthorpe. This model from 1931 is described by the vendor as being very sporty in performance with its bright white work and paintwork in a very good condition. He further reports that it runs satisfactorily. However a mechanical and safety check are recommended before the machine is taken into use. Registration no. TBA Frame no. KI/1371 Engine no. K 1 / 1191
Estimate £3,000 - 3,250
This is a description listed by Brooks Auction House - [404] - for an auction in December last year of Pioneer, Vintage, Classic and Racing Motorcycles and Related Material. Lots of interesting stuff here, a couple of Ducs including an MHR
Steve Midgley [404]

Calthorpe, First exhibited at the Stanley Cycle Show 1909. Built in Birmingham by George Hands, early models used a 3.5 h.p. White & Poppe engine. After WW1 Villiers, JAP, Blackburne, Peco and Precision all supplied engines. Calthorpe manufactured its own 350 overhead valve and 500 overhead cam engines in 1925. The Ivory model was introduced in 1928 and remained until 1935.New owners in 1938 moved the firm to Bristol where they intended to build Matchless engined machines. The new factory was requisitioned for the war before production began.
Source: The History of the Motorcycle, Hugo Wilson, RD Press. -- glenb at

December 6, 1998
I have a colored sales brochure for the 1935 CALTHORPE, it sold for 42 gns. they also sold a sidecar for it for 17 gns. nice looking bike for 1935.-- John -- LITNMAN at aoldot com

If you have a query about Calthorpe motorcycles, or wish to share information about these classic British machines, please contact us