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Husqvarna 1967 Ake Jonsson

Ake Jonsson, Husqvarna 1967

I like this photo very much ! I have taken it at heavy rain in same race in EAST GERMAN 500 MX GP.

AKE is overtaking another rider having more comfortable and dry path... To do this overtake at such a slippery condition AKE has thrown himself and Husky in the middle of the pool creating a shower of muddy spray behind him...

Again exposure was difficult due to light conditions so I have used a low shutter speed panning the rider with camera, thus rider and bike is in sharp focus while flying mud and water as well as background is blured...
you have to have good luck to take shot like this...

Cheers Justyn

Courtesy Justyn Norek Photography

Husqvarna Motorcycles

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