Maico Motorcycles

SEEL MAICO Roadracer 1973-74

Auction early 2008
Colour: GREEN
Trim Colour:
Chassis No: 80
Engine No:LV 4711
Registration No:N/A

This intriguing and unique machine was built during 1973 by Horst Seel and Gert Bender for the 1974 Grand Prix season for use by Horst Seel. At the heart of this machine is an engine that is one of a very small batch built by the factory to a design that was different to the Ùstandardˆ Maico racers of the period. The crankcases are sand cast items with separate oil compartments for the six speed gearbox and primary drive. A dry clutch is employed as are special crankshaft flywheels. Horst Seel designed and built special sand cast cylinders with nickasil bores increasing the power produced and special sand cast heads were fitted.
It is understood that two or three other machines were built by Seel and Bender but they are known not to have been fitted with the highly developed and specialised engine found in this example making this machine unique. It should be noted that thanks to the German government's insistence on every machine being registered, regardless of its intended use, the accompanying German Registration Document provides a wealth of detail concerning the bikes specification and consequently confirms its provenance. The machine was displayed and run at Malvern, Spa Francochamps and Dijon last year attracting, in the words of the vendor, Ùphenomenal interest". It is offered today in excellent condition throughout and will be accompanied by a quantity of spare parts including a used conrod with a big end bearing in serviceable condition, two serviceable used Marler pistons with rings, two cylinders, a disc valve, a new primary gear, seven rear sprockets and two front sprockets as well as the German Registration Document.

Courtesy by H&H Classic Auctions