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Monark 1943 Military, 1000cc Albin


Motorcykel med sidovagn M (Monark) 1943. Grön, militärutförande. Motor Albin 1000 cc.

Monark motorcycle with sidecar 1943, 1000cc Albin engine. Military Green.


"The Nymans Workshops produced only two specimens of this model - and a third engine. The other is at the motor school's museum in Strängnäs. It never came into production, for Volvo's terrain car." "Suggan" "was better. There were no other Swedish motorcycles with side tires for military use. This model was technologically advanced, including the ability to engage the drive on the side wheels, which increased accessibility in terrain. "

Hallands Museum
Digital Museum ID: VMF034694

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Monark Motorcycles

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