Alder Motorcycles

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1956-1958 Adler MBS250 Favorit


Air cooled two-stroke twin 247cc B/S 54x54mm
Compression ratio 5.75:1
Bing 2/22/128 carburettor
multi-plate clutch
two ignition coils

Power: 16 HP @ 5600 rpm

Lubrication: 25:1 petroil mixture.

Fuel consumption: 80 mpg xxx


    4 speed with neutral indicator
    Oil capacity: 1.2 litres
    Gearshift lever on left side of engine
    Shift pattern: 4 up - neutral, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.
    1st gear = 2.80:1
    2nd gear = 1.53:1
    3rd gear = 1.11:1
    4th gear = 0.81:1
    primary drive = 3.44:1
    final drive = 2.0:1 (solo), 2.25:1 (sidecar)
    NB: All MB/MBS models have same gearbox and gear ratios.

Max speed: 116 km/h

Weight: 130 kg

Wheels: front 1.85 x 16" steel rim, 36 spokes; rear 2.25 x 16" steel rim, 36 spokes.

Tyres: front 3.25 x 16", rear 3.50 x 16"

Brakes: 150mm x 30mm.

Maximum all-up weight without sidecar: 295 kg; with sidecar: 420 kg

Frame: double loop steel tube with sidecar attachment points.

Fuel tank: rubber mounted 15 litre with 3 litre reserve.

Rear suspension: swing arm with telescopic hydraulic spring dampers.

Front suspension: leading link with integral damping. (similar to MB250, but longer travel)

Electrical system: 6 volt 60 watt flywheel magneto

Speedometer with odometer and trip meter.

Steering lock.

Lockable toolbox.
Adjustable steering damper.
Enclosed rear chain.
Folding rear guard.

Twin exhausts with removable baffles