Alder Motorcycles

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Adler Six Days MBS250G 1956-1957


Air cooled two-stroke twin, 247cc, B/S 54x54mm

Power: 18.8 HP @ 6200 rpm

Lubrication: 25:1 petroil mixture.

Gearbox: 4 speed

Fuel tank: 15 litres

Front suspension: leading link with internal and external dampers, longer travel than road models.

Rear suspension: swinging arm with hydraulic rear dampers.

Wheels and Tyres: 19" front, 18" rear. 3.25x19, 350x18 Universal Trials.

Exhaust: Upswept exhaust pipes joined before connection with single muffler.

The machines did extremely well in the ISDT of 1956, winning three gold medals. Despite this, orders did not eventuate. Only 20 Six Days machines were produced.