Adler Motorcycles

1954-1957 Adler MB150


Unit construction Air-cooled single-cylinder Adler two-stroke engine with flat piston, bore/stroke 59 x 54 mm, capacity 147 cc, compression 1:5.4
Power 8.4 hp at 5840 rev / min.
Bing carburettor
multi-plate clutch in oil bath
single ignition coil Gearbox

  • 4 speed with neutral indicator
    Oil capacity: 1.2 litres
    Gearshift lever on left side of engine
    Shift pattern: 4 up - neutral, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.
    1st gear = 2.80:1
    2nd gear = 1.53:1
    3rd gear = 1.11:1
    4th gear = 0.81:1
    primary drive = 3.44:1
    final drive = 2.0:1 (solo), 2.25:1 (sidecar)
    NB: All MB/MBS models have same gearbox and gear ratios.

Electrical system: 25/30, battery 6 V, 6 Ah. Headlight, rear light, electric horn
transmission and drive: multi-disc clutch, fully enclosed roller chain.
Frame: double cradle steel tube with sidecar attachment points.
Front suspension: leading link with integral damping.
Rear suspension:Telescopic rear suspension with shock absorbers, full floating axles.
Wheels: 1.85 x 16" steel rims, 36 spokes.
Brakes: 150mm x 30mm.
Tyres: 3.25 to 16.
Fuel tank: rubber mounted with knee pads and lockable tool box. 12 litre capacity.
Fuel consumption: 2.35 litres / 100 km.
Top speed: 95 km/h.
Weight:120 kg.
Maximum all-up weight without sidecar: 295 kg; with sidecar: 420 kg
Equipment: deeply valanced guards, rear guard hinged, center stand, adjustable footrests, adjustable handlebars, steering lock, speedometer and odometer housed in headlight.

Silencer with removable baffle.

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