Alder Motorcycles

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1954-1957 Adler RS250


Twin cylinder air cooled two-stroke, 247cc, B/S 54x54mm. Water-cooling was introduced in mid-1954.
Two 24mm
Amal TT carburettors
multi-plate clutch
two ignition coils

Lubrication: 25:1 petroil mixture.

Max speed: 192 km/h

Weight: 110 kg

Wheels: 18 or 19", 36 spoke alloy rims

Brakes: 180mm x 30mm. (SLS front is standard)

Tyres: 18 or 19"

Fuel tank: Alloy, various sizes and styles.

Rear suspension: swinging arm with dual hydraulic dampers.

Front suspension: leading link with integral damping.

Twin expansion chambers.

Around ten RS250 machines were sold to privateers, and they continued to appear at the tracks until about 1960 by which time the best of them were putting out 38 horsepower.