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Adler M150, M250 Specifications

Adler 1954 M200
Photo by Hans Denzel
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Adler Models 1953

Adler M150 Specifications 1953

Engine: Air-cooled single-cylinder Adler two-stroke engine with flat piston, bore 59 mm, stroke 54 mm, capacity 147 cc, compression 1:5.4
Power 8.4 hp at 5840 rev / min. Unit construction
Electrical system: 25/30, battery 6 V, 6 Ah. Headlight, rear light, electric horn
transmission and drive: multi-disc clutch, fully enclosed roller chain.
Chassis: tubular frame. Front forks - leadinga axle suspension. Telescopic rear suspension with shock absorbers, full floating axles.
Tyres: 3.25 to 16. Brakes: drum brakes 150 mm.
Fuel tank: rubber mounted with knee pads and tool box. 12 ltr capacity.
Fuel consumption: 2.35 litres / 100 km.
Top speed: 95 km/h.
Weight:120 kg.
Equipment: deeply valanced guards, rear guard hinged, center stand, adjustable footrests, adjustable handlebars, steering lock, speedometer and odometer housed in headlight

Adler M250 Specifications 1953 Model

Engine: Air-cooled two-cylinder Adler two-stroke engine with flat piston, bore 54 mm, stroke 54 mm, lifting space 247 cc, compression 1:. 5.75 continuous output 16 hp at 5590rpm, the engine block built. Inserter carburetors.

Electrical conditioning: voltage regulating Lichtz√ľnd- plant 6 volts, 45/60 W, battery 6 V, 6 Ah.
Gearboxe and final drive: Multi-disc clutch, fully enclosed roller chain.
Chassis: Torsion-resistant tubular steel - frame has sidecar mounts. Front fork: leading axle suspension. Rear suspension shock absorbers with oil pressure. Full-floating axles.
Tyres: 3.25 to 16
Brakes: drum brakes 180 mm í.
Fuel tank: 12 litre capacity, with toolbox.
Fuel consumption: 3.6 ltr / 100 km.
Top speed: 116.5 km/h.
Weight: 135 kg
Equipment: hinged rear guard, center stand, adjustable rake/trail, steering lock, speedometer and odometer. Electric horn. Tail light and brake light
Optional high exhaust pipes