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Davies-Franklin Motorcycles

Manufactured by Davies-Franklin Cycle Co., Ltd of Ballarat, Victoria. 1904~1913
A 1913 model was fitted with a JAP engine using a frame from AG Healing. That year the business was sold to WH Leech.

Mortimer Franklin and WP Davies established the firm in 1895. The Sturt Street workshops built bicycles and all manner of components, and by 1904 Davies-Franklin had the largest bicycle factory in the country, with 60 employees and an extensive sales network marketing their product across Australia. It became very well known in the years prior WWI.


Ballarat, 7th October.

The City Court was crowded today when Mortimer Franklin, founder and managing director of the Davies-Franklin Co. Ltd., motor and cycle manufacturers, was charged with having assaulted a girl aged 14 years 11 months, on 5th October. A young woman named Kathleen Norman was also charged with having procured the girl in question.

Bendigo Advertiser Thu 8 Oct 1908

Both of the accused were found guilty, and were each sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) Monday 7 December 1908


MELBOURNE, August 23. The Davies-Franklin Cycle Company's garage, in Gheringhap street, Geelong, was gutted by fire to-day, and the contents, including three motor cars, were destroyed. It is supposed that the fire occurred through an employee dropping a lighted match on to an oil-saturated floor.

Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA) Thu 24 Aug 1911

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