B. E. Dickinson

Dickinson (sometimes spelt Dickenson) were motor tricycles produced from 1902 to 1905 at the Toledo works, Aston Brook Street, Birmingham by B. E. Dickinson.

The machine took the form of a bath-chair and had a single front wheel, which carried, and was driven by, the engine, with friction drive to the front tyre. The earliest versions had a two-stroke engine, later to be replaced with a 2½ hp four-stroke Morette, positioned on the left of the wheel. Transmission was a mixture of flywheel friction and then chain to the hub. The starting mechanism was via a pull-cord from the seat.

In 1902 there was also a heavier, 4hp twin-cylinder version, with a slightly different transmission system.

Source: Graces Guide

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1903 Dickenson Morette
I have the 1903 single cylinder. A copy of the Clement engine was used. Soon after they came up with a V2 version that I believe was a Clement. I have the only one. If I could locate an engine, I would build the frame. Any suggestions? These were made in Birmingham
Richard T Friedman
United States

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