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New Gerrard

New Gerrard were motorcycles produced from 1922 to 1940 by Jock Porter of Porter's Motor Mart, Edinburgh.

At one point, his road models were built by Campion of Nottingham, but he mostly designed, built and raced the machines himself.

  • 1922 Jock Porter entered the Junior TT but retired early.

    1923 Jock Porter won the 1923 Isle of Man TT 250cc class on a New Gerrard Blackburne 248cc.

    1924 Jock Porter won again at the TT - this time it was the 175cc class. His production machines were fitted with a 350cc Blackburne or Barr and Stroud of 348cc or 499cc, three-speed gearbox and chain drive.

    1925 Only Blackburne engines were used; these were of 249cc or 348cc with sv or ohv. A New Gerrard came third in the 175cc class at the TT. (Jock Porter also won the Belgian motorcycle Grand Prix three times, the German GP in 1926 and was European 250 champion in 1925 and 1926.

    1926 Only the 348cc models were produced, but these were later joined by one of 549cc.

    1929 Only the 348cc ohv model was listed. This came in both road and racing versions.

    1930 The engine changed to a 346cc JAP, and the one model continued to be listed throughout the decade.

    1940 It was the final year for New Gerrard.

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N.B. There was an earlier marque, Gerrard.

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