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Ready Motorcycles by D. Read and Co

Produced between 1920 and 1922 at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

  • 1920 The first model appeared as conventional and semi-sporting. It had a 292cc sv JAP engine, Albion gearbox, chain-cum-belt transmission and Brampton Biflex forks.

    1921 Further options were added: single speed; plus the choice of a Burman gearbox on the two-speed.

    1922 The single-speed was dropped, a three-speed added, and they introduced a model with a 348cc sv Blackburne engine. These singles were supplemented with a flat-twin model powered by a 689cc sv Coventry-Victor engine in a duplex frame with extra downtubes for added strength. All Ready motorcycles had a patented silencer. By the end of the year production had ceased.

    Note: It is believed that there was a connection with Rebro at a later date.

Olympia Show 1920

Another motor cycle which was on view in the same house was the Ready-Jap. It is an attractive little machine built by Messrs. D. Read and Co., Weston-super-Mare. The frame is composed of straight tubes throughout. It is fitted with a 2¾ h.p. J.A.P. engine and the best components, and its principal feature consists of a concealed silencer in the end of the long exhaust pipe. This consists merely of two drilled cones, of which the apex faces forward, connected by means of a rod. It is held in position by a grub screw.

Olympia Show, 1920

The Motor Cycle, December 9th, 1920. Page 793

Olympia Show, 1922 Models.

Ready-JAP 1922 293cc

Power unit of the two-speed 2¾ h.p. Ready-Jap, which has a Best mechanical oil pump.

Ready-JAP 1922 Silencer Baffles

The silencer that fits into the end of the exhaust pipe of the Ready motor cycle, and which can be detached and cleaned easily.

5-7 h.p. Model, 75x78 mm. (686 c.c); flat twin-cyl, four-stroke; side-by-side valves; drip feed lubrication; Amac carb.; gear-driven mag.; Burman 3-sp, gear; clutch and kick-starter; all-chain drive; 700x80 mm, tyres. Prices; Solo £110, with sidecar £139.

D. Read and Co., Weston-super-Mare.

Although a great many machines may make use of the same component parts, almost every make has one or two quite distinctive points. On the Ready motor cycles - newcomers to Olympia, but not new to the road - perhaps the most interesting feature is the silencing arrangement, which is shown in different forms but embodying the same patented "internals." These consist of one or two truncated cones, copiously drilled and the narrow diameters facing the engine. When two of these cones are used, a small bore pipe runs through the centre, serving to support the baffles. The overall dimensions of this silencer are not at all unwieldy, and a considerable degree of silence, with a minimum of back pressure, is claimed. For the rest this model, which is shown as a side-car outfit, is adequately described in the specification. The engine, of course, is a Coventry Victor. It is worthy of note, however, that reinforced double duplex down tubes are used in the frame, making actually four front down tubes. The Bax sidecar fitted has an all-metal body and coil rear springing.

2½ h.p. Model. 70x76 mm. (293 ; single-cyl. four-stroke; side-by-side valves; drip feed lubrication ; Amac carb. ; chain-driven mag. ; Burman 2-sp. gear, without clutch and kick-starter ; chain and belt drive; 26x2¼ in. tyres. Price, solo £61.

Although shown in three forms, the lightweight Ready machines have, generally the same specification throughout. For example, the above model is also offered with a clutch and kick-starter at £65, and with a three-speed gear box at £68. Similarly, a 350 c.c. J.A.P.- engined three-speed model is priced at £78.

The Motor Cycle

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N.B. There is also a Ready marque made in Belgium 1926-1940

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