Cyclone Motorcycles of France

On September 5, Alexandre Fessard and his son Eugène registered the name Fesard père et fils. Two days later, Alexandre died. Eugène built workshops on Boulevard de Maisons and filed numerous patents, particularly for engines (Cyclone, Pygmée) which were successful. In February 1900, he sold his company and his patents to the public limited company "Automobiles et Moteurs", with its headquarters in Brussels, set up specifically for the operation of the factories on the Boulevard de Maisons.

The factory was destroyed by fire shortly thereafter, and the remnants were purchased by Louis Soncin, who built engines for the "Cyclone" machines.

Powered by the Soncin engine, the Cyclone ridden by Beconnais took the kilometre world record (48 seconds, 75 km/h) on September 21, 1899, at Achères.

In 1902 Soncin's shares were bought by Pierre Joseph Grégoire. The workshops were purchased by Jacques Bignan in 1924, who closed up in 1926. Matford built a modern factory on the site in 1938, and it was bombed twice during the war. Afterwards, the SIMCA concern bought the works and modernised it, and some years later it came into the hands of Peugeot-Citroën.

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