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Drevon Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Cycles Drevon
19, rue César-Bartholon, Saint-Etienne, previously the premises of Rivolier
In 1953 the firm moved to 22 rue Palissy, Saint Etienne

The company was disolved in 1956, probably, and joined the Cocymo group.

Models include:

  • C.M. 404 49cc Le Poulain two-stroke
    C.M. 505 1948-1953 Vap 4 two-stroke
    T.M. 1001 c1950, Sachs 98cc two-stroke
    V.M. 2002 1953-1955, Sachs 98cc two-stroke
    V.M. 3003 1954-1955, Lavalette BML-705 two-stroke
    V.M. 4004 1954-1955, Sachs two-stroke
    1952-1955 AMC 125cc with plunger rear suspension. Probably 175cc also.

Sources:, period literature

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