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Royal Moto Motorcycles (1970s)

A Brief History of the Marque

Constructed by Marcel Seurat, Queirel Piron and Cosson at Route de Saint Germain, Rosières-près-Troyes in the mid-1970s. These were competition machines which did very well in 1974/75 in the 125cc classes at Le Mans and elsewhere. Models included the Cougar, Criterium and Guepard. Fewer than 300 were built, most of which were fitted with Sachs engines.

Royal-Moto France (RMF) was associated with the Swedish Monark concern. The Rosières firm distributed Monark machines throughout France along with other major accessories - Sidi, Brema, Jofama, Trelleborg, Marzocchi, Bielstein and many more. When Monark faltered in 1974, they began importing KTM.

See also BPS, SPQ and Seurat.

In 2010 the firm, which had moved to Saint-Thibault, was purchased by the former CEO of Piaggio France, Alain Bourdoncle. Financial difficulties became apparent in 2012, and the company was dissolved in 2016.

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N.B. There was an earlier Royal Moto built in St Etienne in the 1920s.