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Sautel et Séchaud Forecars

Tricycle built in Gentilly Valle del Marne from 1902 to 1904, it had a 3.5hp engine mounted vertically behind the seats with belt drive to the rear wheel. The two-speed gearbox was controlled by moving the steering column to the front or rear.

La Nouvelle Voiturette, shown by Messrs. Sautel and Sechaud, justifies its name. It is a tricycle, the drive being through the rear wheel, the driver sitting upon an upholstered seat in front, with an inclined steering wheel in front of him. The engine is a 3½ h.p. water-cooled, and the power was conveyed direct through a revolving shaft, with two small bevelled wheels at the end engaging with larger bevelled wheels fixed to the rear road wheel. Either one or the other of the small wheels can be locked by a sliding feather to the revolving shaft, and thus either a low or a high gear can be used as required. The address of Messrs. Sautel and Sechaud is 12, Avenue Raspail, Gentilly, pres Paris.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling Magazine, December 17th 1902.

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