Brutsch Microcars

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Brütsch Microcars

Bruetsch Mopetta, built in Germany 1956-1958

Bruetsch Zwerg, built in Germany 1955-1958

Brutsch Avolette, built in France c1956, and then renamed L'Avolette [1]

Egon Brütsch was a wealthy German racer of motorcycles and automobiles who built performance sports cars powered by Maserati and Bugatti engines. In 1950 he began design of a microcar with a fibreglass body, similar in concept to the Messerschmitt and Goggomobil microcars.

Quite a number of very different designs eventuated, powered by engines which included a 48cc JLO, 200cc Sachs, 250cc Maico and a 400cc Lloyd [2]. Reportedly a deal with Opel to build large quantities of one of his designs, the Rollera, fell through at the last moment.

The French Avolette firm built the V2-N powered by a Heinkel 175 or a powerful 500cc two-stroke Fiat. Bruetsch was also the designer of the Burgfalke, initially licenced to Victoria.

None of the Bruetsch designs met success in the marketplace, the last being built around 1958.

1. Brutsch is correct spelling for the French machine. L'Avolette was possibly built until 1958
2. Lloyd Motoren Werke GmbH, a division of Borgward.
3. It has been stated that Brütsch machines were licenced in the UK and built under the name of Tourette. This is not the case. The Tourette, although similar in appearance, was conceptualised some years earlier than the Breutsch.

Sources: Hartmut Schouwer, et al.

mreednope1960 at
For Sale SOLD : Brutsch V2N 1958 four wheel microcar, 2 door, number 1 of 3 ever made. All parts are there but dissambled , Only 1km on the oddomter. Owner wants ro sell preferably to party that would be interested to restore and exhibit or just enjoy this wonderful piece of History.
mreednope1960 at
Brutsch V2-N 1958
What would a Brutsch V2-N with a 479cc engine be worth knowing only 3 ever made.
Thank you
United States

December 28th 2017
Merry Christmas!!! I had posted years ago an article for a maicomobil I bought from one of your community.
I now bought a Brütsch Mopetta and need some parts. Do you know anyone that have restored one?

Vassilis Sklavounos

Bruetsch mopetta card, - minicar, microcar, bubble car at
Vendor's Description: "Bruetsch Mopetta collectors card, printed in the 1950's colour picture on one side and the following description on the reverse - Bruetsch Germany 1957, Type "Mopetta", single seater, 1 cyl 2 stroke engine, air cooled, cubic capacity 50cc, max b.h.p. 2.5 at 4,000 r.p.m. 3 speed. max speed 25 m.p.h."
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