Wegro Motorcycles

Manufactured by Vis Gesellschaft für Kleinfahrzeuge GmbH of Berlin, 1922-1923.

The firm was founded by Carl Freiherr von Wangenheim in 1921. Prior to World War I he was known as a designer of agricultural tractors built under the brand name "Karwa" (Karl von Wagenheim) at Hanomag and later by BMW.

Vis designed and built this scooter-like machine using a 452cc two-stroke vertical twin. Kurt Passow worked with this firm and was also associated with the Pawa and Per brands which built motorcycles similar in concept.

1921-1922 Vis Gesellschaft für Kleinfahrzeuge GmbH, Berlin
1922-1924 Motorradwerke Kurt Passow AG, Braunschweig
1923-1926 PER Kraftfahrzeugverkaufsges. m.b.H., Braunschweig

N.B. There was also a Vis Gesellschaft in Munich. See Disambiguation

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