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Italjet Models

Royal Enfield, Velocette and Rickman models are discussed on the main Italjet page.

Italjet built a large number of different machines; fairly basic mopeds, very sporty 50 and 60cc lightweights, mini-bikes, 125cc singles and twins, 350cc two-stroke twins, and 500, 650 and 750cc four-stroke twins. Engines were from Franco Morini Motori, Minarelli, Yamaha, CZ and MZ of East Germany, and several British concerns. These include Triumph, Royal Enfield and Velocette, and Rickman had a strong influence on the rather brilliant big twins introduced in the late 60s.

The Royal Enfield machines were supplied to the Floyd Clymer concern who marketed them as "Indian" motorcycles. Clymer also sold Velocette-powered Indians using the Italjet chassis.

Italjet Conquistador was similar in style to the twin-filler models.

The 250 Roadmaster and 250 Roadster (both with mag wheels, the latter with mild custom styling) had an engine apparently derived from the Ducati-based 250/325T.

The Italjet Buccaneer 125 of 1980 was fitted with a 125cc twin from Yamaha.

Italjet Dragster Introduced in 2008, the "forkless" Dragster scooter was available fitted with 50cc, 125cc and 180cc engines. It had a front end similar in appearance to the hub-centre system. A revamped version of the Dragster was released in 2021.

Italjet Trials

Italjet T series engines began life at Ducati, who had been building Regolarita and MX machines. It appears Ducati did not persevere with the twostrokes and the tooling and designs passed to the nearby Italjet factory. The final model in the two-stroke series was the glorious Piuma 350T of 1983, which was followed in '84 by the Scott 350 four-stroke of 322cc which was not seriously competitive but was nonetheless a very attractive machine.

Italjet Scooters

After 2007, Italjet scooters were built by the Kinetic group of India

Italjet late models include:

Dragster 1998-01 Available in 50cc, 125cc and 180cc versions. Appearance was similar, only the engine differed.

Jetset 150 2001-05 150cc single

Jupiter 250 2001-03 250cc single

Jupiter 350 2001-02 250cc twin

Pista 50 1992-97 50cc single

Torpedo 125 1999-02 125cc single

Torpedo 125 2007-08 125cc single


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