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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1967-1969

The company was founded by Leopoldo Tartarini in Bologna, the result of a collaboration between an Italian company and Jawa of Czechoslovakia. Tartarini had previously founded Italemmezeta. During his long and productive life Tartarini designed some 150 motorcycles, including, perhaps most famously, the Ducati 750 SS "Green Frame".

Jawa provided the engines that Tartarini modified and then fitted to its production machines.

The 1967 range included a 49cc moped slung beneath a tubular frame with 5 bhp at 6500 rpm; a 125cc with 8.5 hp at 5600 rpm; and a 350 cc twin delivering 22 hp at 5000 rpm via a four-speed gearbox.

When the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968 the arrangement with Jawa ceased, and they began fitting Minarelli engines to minibikes like the Tarbo Hot-Kat.

The Tarbo name lived on for some time, used on the Italjet Tarbo models. Italjet was the successor to Italemmezeta.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, et al.

redlinemotorsports at
Do you know where a guy can find piston, rings, and gaskets to rebuild tarbo hot kat mini bike
Casey Martin
United States

    There is possibly more information in the Minarelli section, and the Moped Resources page may prove useful.

02-Oct-2019 at
Italjet Tarbo 350
Hi Sheldon, I recently acquired a 1969 Italjet TR350. I've been looking for some history behind this mini cycle and there doesn't seem to be much mentioned on this particular model , but a lot on other brands of the same era . Would you happen to know anything more than what the site says about it ?
I recently started working on it and have had it running, however I did have to remove the engine and start dismantling it because the kick start wasn't returning .
Been looking for a manual and what type of engine it is ... Jawa 50 Type 23 ?
Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated !!

Wed May 11 2011
oopreston<at>aoldot com
Italjet Tarbo TR 350
Looking for any info. regarding Italjet Tarbo TR 350 With Jawa 49cc, 2 stroke. Thank you, Preston.

Tue Apr 10 2007
carolynh23 at
italijet m5
i have ilaljet m5 50cc whats it worth? and what year was it made?

Thu Mar 22 2007
steves at
Tarbo Minarelli 50
Hi, a bike I rode in the early 70's
tarbo50 leading Fantic

Tarbo 50 and Fantic Broncco pics from 1974.
Tarbo Frame with YZ80 motor 1975, not completely Italian, but scary fast.
Harley 90 Side car (Aermacchi built) 1974.


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