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Thu Dec 28 2006
meinders at jantzcanada dot com
70 ish Italjet 50cc
Motor needs seals and rings but I cannot find much information about the bike. My mechanic said it needs rings and seals. There is no model number on the bike
Ontario, Canada

Sun Dec 24 2006
hhong51 at
indian italjet mini 50
50 cc italjet, indian
do you have mag left side cover , carb, any pictures
san carlos , california

Mon Dec 18 2006
slddg at
italjet mystery
dont know
right found that it is seized havent found why yet, these are the pictures but still dont know what it is any help would be great thanks

I think it might be a 350T of mid 1980's vintage, but the picture you sent is not clear. Can you send a better one? Ed.

Sun Dec 17 2006
slddg at
what italjet do i have?
hi, if i sent you a picture of my newly bought trials could you tell me what it is?? i have no clue about these all i know is that i had one when a little boy (50cc) i beleive so decided to buy this massive machine but it has an engine problem but i havent stripped it yet so do not no what but i carnt buy parts as i am stuck to what it is....any help would be so much apreciated, steff, leeds

Tue Dec 12 2006
harhic at

I am in need of the speedometer cover for a 2000 Velocifero. Please contact Harry at 404-872-6442 USA or email. I will pay a good price for a lens cover in good shape.
Atlanta, Ga

Wed Dec 06 2006
richardnjo at ntlworld dot com
service and reairs
50cc velocifero
ive just bought a 4yr old 50cc velocifero of ebay in great condition but one of the headlights wont come on when on low beam yuo have to put it on main beam to get light ive tried to change the bulb myself but had difficulty getting the head unit off,is there anywhere in the northwest of england nr manchester or liverpool that could help?

Fri Nov 03 2006
dianesworld at gmail dot com
Is it a 50cc Indian/Italjet?
I picked up a 50cc bike a few weeks back. The owner said he was pretty sure it was an Indian. Needed work and he never got around to it, so now I have it. I did a little research and found that Indian company imported Italjet 50cc during the 70's and the bike does say made in Italy next to the serial#29419 and on the tail-light. I have pics here . If anyone out there can help me figure out if it is an Indian or just an Italjet, I appreciate your input. Thanks! 

I'm very confident that it's an Italjet, all components made in Italy and with probably a Minarelli engine. Ed.

Tue Oct 31 2006
rick351 at
italjet ks50
hello to world italjet people,i am the owner of a ks 50 that is in need of a new piston 39mm in dia,and also i need a copy or an original work shop manual,in my quest for these parts i have found new parts that do not suit my bike,such as 1 new 38mm barrel,2 x rod sets,2 x new pistons 38 mm,if any one reqiures these parts let me know.and if you could help me with finding the parts i need that would be appreciated, i do expect to pay,even for a copy of a manuel 
regards rick australia canberra 

Sat Oct 21 2006
juanmoe at yahoo dot com
TORPEDO 125 4t
Where can I find replacement parts, filters, etc for my 2001 scooter?
Williamsport, Pa., USA
This is a 2002 Italjet 125 4T Torpedo.
It is exactly like the Aprilia Scarabeo 50 4T. There's a great picture of that bike in Scooter World 2006 Buyer's Guide.(

Thu Oct 19 2006
murdoch1 at
I need to know where I can buy the valve to control the temperature of the scooter. I have looked every where for the past eight months

Mon Sep 25 2006
dudwright62 at
What's it worth
1970s Mini Mini Bambino
Hi, I'm thinking of selling the mini mini which I've had for years and was wondering whether you may be able to help put a price on it. It does run (not at the minute) but the inside of the fuel tank is rusty and blocks after a few minutes of running. I have attached a photo. Thanks in advance for your help. Dud
Northants, UK

Please read the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices

Sun Sep 17 2006
MrWynn2 at yahoo dot com
1970ish Indian
I recently acquired an old Indian dirt bike with no data plate. I orginally thought it was an ME-100, but the engine says 70cc. It had the headlights, turn signals, and brake light, just like the 100cc ME. Can anyone tell me what this bike is, and where I can find parts.
South Carolina
...but it looks just like this one, which is supposedly a ME-100. 

Italjet Indan ME100.jpg
Italjet Indian ME100

Sat Sep 16 2006
jmw550m at hotmail dot com
2000 model Formula F50 a
Dear Sir/Madam,
Can you tell me where I can find parts for my Italjet Formula F50A as I need to get an MOT in London.Regards J.M.Wod
Try the Italjet directory at Bikelinks
and also try browsing the Scooter section and the UK Dealers section.

Sat Sep 09 2006
gambbever at aol dot com
bike parts
italjet mini balogna
please can you tell me were to get parts.i have a balogna mini bike kick start gear. i have had the bike for 20 yeas and have never had to buy any parts

Italjet Axo Sport.jpg
Italjet Axo Sport

Fri Sep 08 2006
andy button at
Italjet Formula 50
My son has bought a second hand Formula 50 but the electrics are dodgy. Is there anywhere that supplies wiring diagrams or a manual for this model?

Fri Sep 01 2006
gekgos at gmail dot com
need water pump ASS
Italjet Dragster 50cc
If you know anywere that I can find a water pump & water pump cover gaskets pleas let me know ...
Thank you very much,

Wed Aug 30 2006
kiros22 at gmail dot com
Italjet Torpedo 125cc - Manual of instructions

To whom it may concern,
Would it be possible to receive a copy of the Italjet Torpedo 125cc manual of instructions . I bought it second hand and such manual was not delivered with the scooter. I have tried unsuccessfully several ways to obtain it. Could you be of any help?
Should you need evidence that I'm the owner of the scooter, I'd be pleased to provide them to you.
Thanks in advance and best regards,
Victor Garcia Lopez

Mon Jul 24 2006
agius at bigfoot dot com
Re: Parts
Italjet Jet-Set 125
Hi Do you know where i could find to buy parts for the ITALJET Jet Set 125 scooter? thanks

Wed Jul 19 2006
paint-your-idols at
What is it??
I have recently bought an italjet trials bike for £100 from my neighbour :D

But im not sure what it is it looks similar to the picture of the "italjet trials 50 T" on this forum thingy, apart from it doesnt haveligt and the engine looks a tad different.

I would apreciate if anyone could help me, Email me on "paint-your-idols at"
And i can send you a picture if you can help me :)

Thanks ! james :D

Sat Jul 15 2006
Jhanks30 at hotmail dot com
piston rings
italjet geel
in your gallery of italjet bikes you have an italjet looks exactly like one I purchased from a guy who purchased it in the 90's from a dealer in california that is no longer open. Everything is in great working order except the piston rings are cracked. I Have tried unsuccesfully to find replacements. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time..

Sat Jul 01 2006
yossiguzzi at yahoo dot com
italjet velocifero & formula
hi everyone
i have bought a stoke of a nice velocifero small size original helmets size 55 in the box 3 colour. i have olso in the stoke parts for velocifero & formula.

Italjet Velocifero pale blue.jpg
Italjet Velocifero pale blue

Thu Jun 08 2006
aliadgemsoade at aol dot com
italjet mini bambino
if any one is intrested harglo performance stock parts for thes little bikes .
[ is not an active site. Ed]

Mon Jun 05 2006
eyeofaneagle0845 at
Indian/ital jet cycles
all model from 1970 to 1980
I see that many are looking for parts for thes cycles. I have about 10,000 in US in parts for all models from 1970 to 1980 which I am trying to liquidate. But I am in the USA
Kansas, USA

Thu Jun 01 2006
aliadgemsoade at aol dot com
my little motor
italjet pagachino
Hi i have a mini italjet bike and have no idear of its age or year of manufacturer so im struggling to get parts for it as it dose not run very well and it needs some tlc . can any one help thank u
Thats the name that was on the petrol tank of the bike when i got a hold of it. I was told that it was all origanl , it was matalic green and black and in very poor condition . i dont know very much about it , i just thought my step doughter would like it and she did till it stopped running then she out grown it so my 2 yunger children hope to ride on it.

Italjet Pagachino.jpg
Italjet Pagachino

Mon May 22 2006
ian-g-kirk at
Italjet M5
Would you or anyone know where I can get parts for a Italjet M5/M5B/M5D which I am wanting to restore.
United Kingdom

Italjet M5.jpg
Italjet M5

Sun May 21 2006
V.Matheis at
Italjet JC5C

Hallo an die Besitzer eines
Italjet JC5C minicross Moped, hier ein Scan wie das Motorrad mal ausgesehen hat...
Bad Kreuznach

Italjet JC5C Minibike.jpg
Italjet JC5C Minibike

Fri May 12 2006
lighthouse at
italjet jc 50
Hi I live in Durban, South Africa and need a condenser and points are there any dealers in S.A. if not where will we be able to get parts

Tue May 09 2006
steffan.qualters.renault-swansea at
carburettor wanted
ital jet mini bambino
a carb foir a mini bambino would be appreciated and some backround on these graet little bikes

Tue May 02 2006
celebratesimon at gmail dot com
Wanted workshop manual for italjet formula 125
hi can anyone tell me where to get a workshop manual for my italjet 125cc formula scooter? thanks a million in advance for your help. 
Sydney, Australia

Mon Mar 27 2006
dickames at
Need Torpedo front brake MC
1999 Torpedo 50
I need a front brake master cylinder rebuild kit, or a master cylinder, for my 1999 Torpedo 50.
Do you know where I can get this part?
California, USA

Mon Mar 27 2006
huttons.lucy at
Italjet trials motorcycle
Trials 100
I wonder if you could help is there any information about 100cc trials itajets. Are there any UK dealers or any European dealers that still stock parts for 1980's trials bike. Would appreciate any help and do you think one of these machines is worth restoring.
Regards David Richardson
North Yorkshire, UK

Mon Mar 13 2006
davejo at
Italjet Mini Mini Bambino
I am currently restoring my Italjet Bambino and I am looking for a set of spokes for my rear rim or a complete rear rim The spokes are 2.5 inches long. 
Please could you comtact me if you are able to help.

Italjet Mini Mini Bambino Rear Wheel.jpg
Italjet Mini Mini Bambino Rear Wheel

Sun Feb 05 2006
phil at friendlynet dot com
I am looking for a cylinder head, piston, rings, for this model

Mon Jan 30 2006
V.Matheis at
Italjet Minibike JC5C
I live in Germany and got a little Italjet JC5C Bike (i guess so).
It is very difficult to get technical information or pictures of the bike in good condition.
My bike has a MINARELLI engine with a DellOrto SHB19.19D carburator.
Is this the original motor/carburator?. It seems to be much to big. (see photos)

How much HP does the motor have? How old is this bike (I guess it is build in 
the 80s?)
If you have any information please send an Email.

Thank you

Italjet Minibike JC5C Germany.jpg
Italjet Minibike JC5C Germany

Wed Jan 18 2006
w-wedekind at hotmail dot com
i picked up a little 50cc italjet bike and i dont no what the hell it is, it is a small small dirtbike type i think?

Tue Jan 17 2006
rijschoolrijen at
italjet buccaneer 125
hello i am the owner of 2 italjet buccaneer 125 cc bikes. one is the racing bike that was used for the italian junior championship in the early seventys. the other is the street version of the 1975 model and is for sale. if you are interrested just send me an email , greetings peter de wit

Italjet Buccaneer 125 Roadracer.jpg
Italjet Buccaneer 125 Roadracer

Tue Jan 17 2006
claudytheizen at hotmail dot com
moteur minarelli
J'ai une Italjet KS4 à moteur Minarelli mais l'axe de sortie de boite de vitesses est cassé - je recherche un axe et l'éclaté du moteur.
Qui peut m'envoyer une adresse, un plan, un photo

Translation: I have an Italjet KS4 to motor Minarelli but the axis of go out of wood of speeds is broken - I research an axis and the burst one of the motor. Who can send me an address, a plan, a photo

Jan 14th 2006

today i found a nice mini mini bambino. Here are some pictures.
I also found some original documentation what i will send you later.



Italjet Mini Mini Bambino 1.jpg
Italjet Mini Mini Bambino 1


Mon Dec 26 2005
john at
i am from the Netherlands and starting collecting Italjet mini cross bikes. I have some pics from those i already have. I am looking for a mini bambino to make the collection complete. It doesn't matter in what kind of shape it is.

I think i have some better picture's here. The one with the side car is from a good friend of my that he build himself. The other ones are mine.

Kind regards,


Tue Dec 20 2005
criash at freeola dot com
Baby / Mini Mini Bambino
Hi I have what i was told when brought years ago a Italjet Baby Bambino. But looking at the very few sites it may be a Mini Mini Bambino. Even though the engine looks the same the fibre glass plastics and the suspension looks different. The suspension is a single mono lump of rubber in the middle of frame instead of the double spring i have seen on pictures. Here are some pictures of before my restoration of it . I,m looking to sell it but before i do can anyone shed some light on what model it is and the year please. The engine is a 50cc and i have spent a bit of time doing it up to top notch condition Would really appreciate if anyone could help..Thankyou
Ps You can contact me at criash at

Italjet Mini Bambino.jpg
Italjet Mini Bambino

Tue Nov 22 2005
martinphunt at
kick start for italjet moped 50cc
iam after a new kick start for my toppdo 50cc can you please email to let me know where i can get one from.
thanks martin

Fri Nov 18 2005
regg17ad at aol dot com
italijet formula 125 twin
I need to find a supplier of spare parts, I need a water pump seal.

Sat Nov 12 2005
zandolfo at netcourrier dot com
I'm looking for Italjet Velocifero parts
I live in south of France and I'm looking for spared parts for my Italjet velocifero. 
Also, I'm looking for detailled veiw from this scooter to indicate witch parts I need because it's very difficult to explain witch parts I need in English ;-) 
If you have any, please, send me a mail.


Italjet Velocifero.jpg
Italjet Velocifero

Wed Oct 19 2005
Italjet parts
Hi.I am looking for a return spring for my Italjet mini bike,a kick stand and a air filter cover.Can you help? Thank you David is a 50cc

Fri Oct 14 2005
bjude9 at aol dot com
50cc italjet victory autocrosser
in need of help bike will only run if i blow fuel into carb then stops as soon as petrol is burned changed carb so bloked fuel not problem seems to have ok compression any ideas and where can i find parts thanks if u can help

Fri Aug 19 2005
italjet formula parts
where can i buy italjet pormula engine parts?
first my scooter is italjet formula 125,now i want some engine parts:
1) water pump shaft
2) water pump gear (plastic)
3) bearing and oil seal
4) all the nuts of water pump
5) piston and ring

Wed Jul 06 2005
bnweyand at hotmail dot com
1965 Italjet Conquistador
I have a '65 Italjet Conquistador and am looking for info, clubs, parts resource, anything for this bike or the simular models, Mustang 50 SS, Vampiro 50. Any info or leads would be appreciated. Brian, Montana, USA

Sun Jun 19 2005
Hi I have an old bike im trying to fix but can't figure out what it is, all i know is that it's white with a red seat and it's probably a 49cc...
See Italjet Forum

Fri Jun 10 2005

Wed Jun 08 2005
spamtrap at
Italjet 350 Roadsters
A bit of background on the Italjet 350s mentioned in the post by Troy Upshaw in the Italjet section: I believe they are originally from Bob Lawrence's motorcycle shop in Hailey, Idaho. When I lived in Idaho, I'd visit Bob's shop whenever I was over his way. Bob had sold just about every brand of European motorcycle at some point during his career, and he had many rare old bikes.

Bob told me that bought those Italjets new for his dealership. He was one of very few Italjet importers at the time, and he was one of very few--perhaps the only one-- to get any of the roadsters, and he only got one shipment of a couple of them. He either sold just a few or none at all--he told me that the bikes had very poorly designed electrical systems, and blew all the bulbs right away whenever they were revved or driven any distance. Bob eventually just stuffed them in the back of his shop. (That was something he did a often!) He offered to sell them to me, but already I had too many bike projects at the time. I moved to the midwest the following year. Several years later, he closed his shop. I wrote to several Italjet sources in the US and Italy asking for information about these bikes, but never got any replies. When I last checked on Bob last summer, and he was in very poor health, with failing memory. 

I snapped this slide of the Italjets in his warehouse in August of 1993. (Sorry for the poor quality photo, but I don't have a "real" slide scanner.) I am confident that they are the exact same bikes Troy's friend now has. These may be the only examples in the US, and they are certainly the only zero-mile examples!

Italjet 350 Roadsters.jpg
Italjet 350 Roadsters

Wed Apr 27 2005
gaz.edwards28 at btopenworld dot com
italjet 350 T4
Help wanted in the location of spares for this model

Italjet 350 T4.jpg
Italjet 350 T4

Tue Apr 19 2005
cardc1704 at aol dot com
italjet marini 50
Hello there i have one of these italjet off road kiddies bike and i need a flywheel,i live in east yorkshire,in britain and wondered if you could put my in the right direction of the spare parts.

Wed Apr 13 2005
skullcase at access995 dot com
Italjet dirt bike
Hi, Do you have any leads to a parts supplier? THanks, Joe

Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005
subject: Italjet cafe racer?
message: Hi,
Can anyone help me identify this bike.
It needs a franco morini s5 engine and has a dellorto sha 14/12 carb
email :
lorna.bonthrone at ntlworld dot com
Peter (UK)

I think I have an italjet café racer 1970's (pic attached)
Same as yours?..i am trying to confirm just what it is.
Can you send me pics of yours for my info library (close up of tank would be great showing logo I may need to replicate?)

Italjet Cafe Racer.jpg
Italjet Cafe Racer

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005
subject: Hello All, Indian Italjet 50 ?????? Help!
Email: packratbrokers at
message: Could Anyone tell me what this is as so I can find Parts... Engine Number is 3166
Merrimack NH USA 03054

Italjet Indian 50cc with Sidecar.jpg
Italjet Indian 50cc with Sidecar

Possibly a JC-5A. Ed

Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005
subject: 1979 Italjet 350cc
Email: beadmonger at msn dot com
message: Hello,
A friend of mine is seeking info on an Italjet 350cc bike he has rebuilt. 3 bikes were found in a barn in rural Idaho. He re built one but has no info on it. It has original Pirelli tires on it and 3km on the odometer. He needs technical specs before he can adjust points etc and get the bike running. Any info would be useful.
Thank you,
Troy Upshaw at beadmonger at msn dot com

Italjet 350 Roadster c1979 restored
Italjet 350 Roadster c1979

The restored machine has mag wheels and drum brakes somewhat like a Kawasaki Z200 or Z250C of that era, and appears to have a two-stroke engine very similar to that fitted to Italjet's green trials machines of the early 1980's. Ed.

subject: Italjet minibike
I've just bought what I think is an Italjet Mini Mini Bambino Childs' motorbike...
See Italjet Forum

January 11, 2003
I have fond memories of the little bikes. ... we have owned the following machines........RX 50, CX 50, PR 50, MC5C, and the JC5C. 
See Italjet Forum

January 9, 2003
I'm looking for a parts source or sources for an early 70's mini 50cc...
See Italjet Forum


Italjet Minicross.jpg
Italjet Minicross

December 30, 2002
Any idea what this is? I know that it is a Italjet 50cc minicross. it runs ok but it needs parts to move. It also has motori minarelli stamped on the inside of the flywheel cover so I guess that that is what make the engine is. please email me with details, thanks. -- tony at

Italjet JC5C Minibike.jpg
Italjet JC5C Minibike

November 21, 2002
I have a italjet that I am parting out. Its a jc5c. Here is a picture of it if you would like to post it on you site. Thanks, Derek -- Sold

Italjet Pack 2 Minibike.jpg
Italjet Pack 2 Minibike

October 8, 2002
Hi, I'm France
I've got the Italjet Pack 2. Incredible !!!. Easy enough to restore it.
IT was one small bear which driven the mob in Italia...GRUSS CIRCUS.
It's very difficult to find the foam around !!!
Sorry it's difficult enough to have technical words
Boul -- boul at kanabeach dot com

October 10, 2002
tuesday, i'have sent a mail to you. I would like to know, if it's possible to find the foam & where?
Best Regards, -- Boul.

October 6, 2002
I have just rebuilt a little Italjet trials bike and found two excellent suppliers of spares in the uk...
See Italjet Forum

September 21, 2002
Can anyone help I have an Italjet mini bike been told jc5 model...
See Italjet Forum

September 19, 2002
these are the ones we have collected....sorry no pack2's -- parksquijada at

September 20, 2002
Can anyone tell me anything about the Pack2?, I only know it is 6volt, folds, built circa 1980, eats spark plugs, no body has spares? A manual would be nice? -- banny at

Italjet Pack 2 Stepthru

September 18, 2002
Anybody got an old pack 2 they want to get rid of?...
See Italjet Forum

August 13, 2002
I'm rebuilding 1962 Italjet cafe racer w/ Minarelli motor ...
See Italjet Forum

May 7, 2002
.. currently restoring my 50cc Italjet JC5C and have no idea on availability of parts...
See Italjet Forum

February 13, 2002
So, I bought a italjet '98 Formula 50 ...
See Italjet Forum

December 8, 2001
We've just bought an old 84 model Italjet 80cc...
See Italjet Forum

November 28, 2001
My name is Zi, and I live in Australia were Italjet Parts ... need bottom ring for Italjet T250 1985...
See Italjet Forum

Italjet Minibike mx red.jpg
Italjet Minibike mx

November 1, 2001
I have a 50cc Italjet and would like any information on its model / name / parts and other info on this bike. -- stewartlittle3 at yahoo dot com

September 9, 2001
The kick starters on the T250 & T350 & Scott350 all hit the foot peg and damage will usually be...
See Italjet Forum

August 15, 2001
Hello I have a VERY nice 1989 350 Enduro that I am in need of a kicker...
See Italjet Forum

June 7, 2001
I have a Itailjet 50cc Auto...
See Italjet Forum

June 3, 2001
I have been looking at sites containing Italjets as I am the owner of a Scott 350 and they seem to be rather rare...
See Italjet Forum

May 1, 2001
I have owned an Italjet 350 Trials for about 3 years...
See Italjet Forum

February 11, 2001
...My uncle owned a motorcycle shop (Demarinis Motorcycles) I think, in Torino. He gave my brother and me a new little ItalJet 50....
See Italjet Forum

January 22, 2001
I have a Italjet automatic CX50. Any idea where I could get any parts???
Chris Booth
BikeTrader Digital National Sales Exec
01925 296308
chris.booth at

Italjet CX50 Sales Brochure.jpg
Italjet CX50 Sales Brochure

January 11, 2000
could any one help me with spare parts contacts in Australia new or used. I have two Italjets, one is a BUSTER 50cc auto...
See Italjet Forum

January 9, 2001
Can I add my name to the list of people asking for help finding spares? I have a little Italjet Buster 50cc Auto...
See Italjet Forum

December 24, 2000
Hello all,
I don't know if anyone's interested but I saw an Italjet for sale at a bike swap meet here in Japan yesterday and took some photos which I can send. It was pretty interesting (to me) as it had a large tank with 2 filler caps...
Hugo -- hugoid at twics dot com

From Sheldon: Send photos...

December 28, 2000
Here they are...taken at the Sagami Lake Picnic Land Exchange Mart (about 30 miles west of Tokyo) on Saturday 23rd December 2000.

FYI, the seller wanted nearly $2,000 for it (180,000 Jpn Yen) but I have no other info. like year or model (unless Italjet 50 was a model) but I imagine you'd have a better idea of all that. I imagine it's a 60's machine...
Hugo Italjet Twinfiller Rear.jpg

October 20, 2000
Just picked up in parts a mid seventy's Italjet JC5C...
See Italjet Forum

October 3, 2000
There are a number of listing's on this page with the same request--Model identification....
See Italjet Forum

September 20, 2000
Anybody else here had problems with the new Italjet UK representitives based up in Rotherham?...
See Italjet Forum

September 17, 2000
I have visited your web site and seen people asking where to get spares for various Italjets. They could try Harglo LTD ...
See Italjet Forum

September 7, 2000
I'm looking for a 50cc Racer of the 60`or 70` which should have an (air-cooled) Minarelli-Engine....
See Italjet Forum

July 22, 2000
A friend of mine claims to have found a 50's Ital-jet step thru scooter, I thought they just began production of step thru's a few years back. If anyone has info please lemme know... -- thanks, -- Larry --  theswormsc at hotmail dot com

July 20, 2000
Does anyone know how to remove the speed regulator on the Italjet 50 CC...
See Italjet Forum

July 3, 2000
I have just acquired an Italjet T250 Trials...
See Italjet Forum

June 20, 2000
I have an unidentified Italjet 50cc automatic dirt bike. It has a blue frame and bars...
See Italjet Forum

June 19, 2000
Hello please can u help I'm trying to get this Italjet crosser together for my 2 year old (pic of me and here below) I'm having trouble with the timing side can u help I need the points gap size etc etc, the bike runs but not well it loser the spark now and then and it is weak ,all help greatly received. 

p.s. Can you tell from the pic what model it is?
yours hopefully Phil James from Cardiff, Wales, UK -- philip.james1 at ntlworld dot com

Italjet Minibike yellow Phil James.jpg

May 7, 2000
hey I've a mini scooter - labeled moma-collection NY- take a look at pic - I seek -back light + and user's manual.
-- Klaus -- madesign at

Italjet Pack2

April 19, 2000
I have some minis and would like to contact other owners. Have three 2 wheelers and 1 three wheeler (itajet moto).
Bob -- parksquijada at

April 17, 2000
My name is Ben and I have an Italjet 250 trials...
See Italjet Forum

April 10, 2000
I have what I believe is a JC5 Scout and need some parts...
See Italjet Forum

January 31, 2000
To: Alex Bell:
I saw your piece on the Italjet site, and wondered if you could advise me. I have just bought an Italjet PR50...
See Italjet Forum

January 16, 2000
I'm owner Italjet model Pack2...
See Italjet Forum

January 3, 2000
My brother-in-law got one of these Italjet SX50...
See Italjet Forum

I have an old 50cc Mini-Mini that used to have an Indian logo...
See Italjet Forum

October 4, 1999
I have an Italijet minibike I'm not sure what model or year this bike is...
See Italjet Forum

Well the italjet proved it's worth yet again on the weekend. My current SO told me in no uncertain terms she wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle so I whipped it out and she got her first ever ride at the front of a bike. I decided on starting simple so she sat on and I pushed so she could get used to balancing it. She had ridden push bikes and can drive a car really well but as you know a motorbike's a bit different and it also helped settle her nerves. Then I instructed her to slip the clutch start off accelerate away and just stop without worrying about steering changing gear etc. She did this with no problems at all and within about 10 minutes was riding happily around the park in big ovals....then she started on some big figure 8's and after about another 15 minutes got me to put it in 2nd gear.

The park's is open but a bit of a dish shape and had a few bumps to negotiate all of which she took in her stride. She fell off only once and commented on how soft the ground was :). She's learning quick and has a passion for speed so lookout motorcycle racers of the world...

Good to see so many women taking an active interest these days....
Damian Carvolth damian at

June 12, 1999
I have a large quantity of Italjet 70's and 80's parts including T250 T350 Scott Trials...
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April 15, 1999
Good day gents and ladies.
I'm looking for a conrod for an Italjet 50cc model M5. In South Africa...
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April 2, 1999
I've picked up a mint little 1972 italjet JC5C, about a 50 cc dirt bike...
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April 1, 1999
Cosmopolitan Motors in NJ has handled many of the small Italian bikes and you can reach them at:...

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March 25, 1999
Damian Carvolth d.carvolth at">d.carvolth at

Damian's Scott 350

Thanks, looks great!! Perhaps you could have left off the one of the wheel/tyre, it didn't turn out very clear. I was trying to get the text of the original rim and tyre still fitted to the bike. It's done just 720 kms and I'm using it currently to teach my girlfriend to ride :) -- Damian Carvolth -- damian at

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From Sheldon: The tire shot didn't come out well until it was way too big to post to a web page but I included it because it is a quite interesting that it is still mounted. [Later deleted. Ed.]

March 21, 1999
Damian Carvolth wrote:
Right side of case has casting mark "MOTORI MORINI FRANCO". I'll keep searching the US Italian dealerships for info and spares!
That's interesting. I've been trying to scratch some info together on these bikes for years. I've collected a bit but nothing to indicate any of the engines were made by Morini. Do any of the morini experts on the list know anything of this ? If so I'd love to hear about it...

In the UK many of the Italjets were user to make coin operated sit and ride machines for kids. I presume it was cheaper to buy a real littlebike than to get a convincing fake made. I often wondered if they had engine internals, everything else was right. -- David Edmondson -- david at edmondson dot com

December 27, 1998
I have an ItalJet 50 dirt bike. It is red with black fenders...
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>I do hope you find a Moto Morini at a reasonable price, but you've piqued 
>my curiosity about the Italjet. My limited library mentions mini-bikes,
>scooters, off-road thingys, and "novelty bikes" by Italjet, and something 
>with a 650 Triumph engine ?! But I also see that they got at least some 
>of their motors from Morini, and did some work for Ducati. I'm having 
>trouble visualizing you scooting about town on a 3/4 mini-bike, so please 
>help me out here... -- 

I'm amused at your interest :)
Information is scant about Italjet, here's what I think I know, but it's based on information from a variety of unreliable sources and some of my own conjecture...
Italjet made quite a variety of bikes over the years. Leo Tartarini started as a racer, then began at the request of friends putting together specials based on a variety of machines including the contemporary British bikes, then went on to build dirt bikes, mainly with minarelli engines and had a tie up with the Indian Taiwanese bikes in the 70's which is unclear. The junior bikes were especially outstanding as they were full on motorcrossers in miniature with monoshock suspension and ridiculous specific power outputs.

Anyway in the late 70's they built several competitive trials machines, Leo himself is famous for styling the darmah and parallel twin sport desmo. The tie up with ducati is supposed to have continued in the design of the 326 cc single cylinder 4 stroke. Italjet made 3 bikes with this engine which has a lot in common with teh 2 stroke they were building in house at that time. My example is the Scott, which at first glance looks like the contemporary trials machines of the late 70's early 80's, such as the last bultaco's etc, but actually isn't a wonderful trials machine due to subtle changes in weight distribution and geometry. You can and I have used it for that but the alpina or sherpa is a better thing. A world championship was won on an italjet in the early 80's apparently but it was the 2 stroke 350 not the 4 stroke I have.

I must scan a picture and pop it up one day. They are extremely rare, and I'm second owner of mine with most of the original stuff like owners manual. The italjet isn't really very good at anything except as a trail bike but with road tyres I suspect it'd out handle a Duc single although the 4" brakes and 8:1 compression might hold it back a bit. What it would serve as is a viable commuter as it is 90 kg (200 lbs) and ridiculously reliable.

The 6 speed is really hard to change and as I said the shakes and 4 l tank are a problem, but boy is the idle reliable :) and it don't overheat....

I love it cos it cost me $600 and it's soo weird it's cute...:)

Damian Carvolth damian at

From Sheldon: Here is something interesting that I ran across on the web some place:
>In the UK many of the Italjets were user to make coin operated sit and ride machines for kids. I presume it was cheaper to buy a real little bike than to get a convincing fake made. I often wondered if they had engine internals, everything else was right. -- Dave

Was looking at the Italjet page and although the copy is a bit old I thought I would respond to some of the items there.

The Fairground coin-slot bikes were complete and I have 2 which my son is restoring. Various parts were welded up and that causes a problem in restoration. Also the internals of the Minarelli auto engine, although brand new, show signs of rust and a certain amount of dilapidation. One of the bikes is now running and gives remarkable output. It has a Giladoni barrel not dis-similar to the P6 Minarelli.

The Motori Morini Franco 50cc engine was used in a number of bikes. The Italjet for one but also in the very last of the ITOM range. There were two versions that I know about, a 4 speed and a 5 speed the latter called the turbo. Parts are still available for these engines in the UK and I raced one last year with good effect. It was reliable and gave me 3rd place in the years 50cc club championship. Not because it was faster than the 6 speed Minarelli's and Kreidlers but because it always finished.

Certain Minarelli parts will fit the engine as the bore and stroke were similar. The clutch springs have a habit of weakening but can be replaced with Minarelli or Aprilla springs. gear box sprockets are sometimes a problem as there were two output shafts. One with flats on the shaft and the other with a Woodruff Key. Autojumbles sometime throw up these spares.

I hope that this is useful. -- Regards -- JEEP -- jeep at