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A Brief History of the Marque

František Janeček began manufacturing Wanderer motorcycles under licence in 1927 in order to diversify the interests of his arms factory. Having bought the tooling for a 500cc model, in 1929 he rebranded the machine with the name JAWA, derived from the first two letters of the words "Janacek" and "Wanderer". It was a shaft-drive model with a pressed steel frame, powered by a 498cc OHV engine.

In 1930 the English designer George-William Patchett joined the new company, resulting in faster, more robust chain-driven machines which although not commercially successful did well in competition. Villiers-licenced deflector two-strokes were incorporated into a lightweight range which proved popular, and in 1934 they also built DKW style flat-top two-strokes.

The 1930s also saw middleweight 350s of SV and OHV configuration, also Patchett designed, and just before war broke out they built the Josef Jozif designed 98cc Robot. Patchett returned to England for the duration to work for Royal Enfield and other arms manufacturers, but Jawa did not remain idle during the Nazi occupation. They secretly developed an advanced single-cylinder twostroke with telescopic front suspension, plunger rear and an automatic clutch. In 1947 they took over the Ogar factory and resumed production, producing the highly successful two-strokes as well as exotic DOHC racers. Subsequently they incorporated the Eso marque and began producing speedway machines.



Double Overhead Cam
Many variations incuding belt, chain and bevel drive

During the mid-1930s the company also produced a range of cars and utility vehicles.

In 1968 they imported Italjet components to produce the Type 23 Mustang which was marketed both in Czechoslovakia and, rebadged, in Germany. Initially it was made with many parts supplied by Italjet, but later all parts were produced locally. The horizontal two-stroke engine had an appearance somewhat similar to the Motobi/Benelli Egg. The model continued until 1981.

adamstamenkovic at gmail.com
Norton dominator w/reg luckhurst 500cc jawa.
I have one of these engines, it runs methanol. I might convert it to petrol but also might just sell it off and get a pre-unit triumph engine for the bike... My goal is to have a Triton of some sort that I ride around town, the bike is currently a race bike.
Do you have any idea of what I could get for the engine? Not sure what I should ask for it. I also have a 500DT Jawa that's in pieces but apparently works if put back together.
New Zealand

See the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices. Images posted to Comments
daan_vetters at hotmail.com
jawa 350
hi guys, i really enjoyed reading some articles on the classic motorcycle website, in particular the 'too much smoke' by Andy Reid on older JAWA's and CZ's. I am trying too find more detailed and practical information on the porting, timing, gas flowing , and general performance set-ups for the JAWA 350.. it appears not be too easy to find this on the old interwebs, so would like to find some good articles or valuable knowledge from the old-timers..
Sbkmn1 at yahoo.com
I was wondering what the spec were on this motorcycle. The local Jawa dealer wanted to sponsor me and this is the motorcycle I was supposed to race.
Stanley Beekman
Avon Lake, OH
No further info on this model at present. Ed.
andy at bodytechservices.co.uk
Upright Jawa 897
Upright 2 valve Jawa. Bewley 2 speed box.
All in good condition.
Andy Downes
Shaftesbury Dorset SP7 0AZ UK

tim191k at gmail.com
634/638 Differences
I am very curious about the differences between the 634 and 638 model engines. Clearly, the cases, case covers, clutch, cylinders, and heads are differnet. But are the rest of the internals the same?
Timothy G Lancaster
United States

ledeni83 at yahoo.com
Hi, I bought recently Jawa 350 634, but could you help me what year is it. Because, over the time original parts are changed. Thank a lot.
Slavisa Mladenovic
Belgrade, Serbia

  • Please send engine and frame number. Images may also be helpful.

r.corvaisier at hotmail.fr
jawa 500 OHC
bonjour; je recherche désespérément une jawa 500 ohc . Je peux l'échanger contre mon magnifique bobber HD pour lequel j'ai mit 20 000 euros. je suis à Paris. Cordialement rené
  • Hello; I am desperate for a jawa 500 ohc. I can exchange it for my beautiful bobber HD for which I put 20,000 euros. I'm in Paris. cordially

Sun, 15 Apr 2018
andyk1962 at icloud.com
Jawa 1977, 250 Scrambler

Hi! Looking for some parts for my CZ. I lost the entire kick-stand, and also broke the clutch and front break levers and cables. Can you help me out please? Cheers, Andy.
Andrew kalischnig
Kirkland Canada.

  • Image posted to comments, above

Sun, 31 Dec 2017
cusack at seznam.cz
Jawa 353 1961. Converted to motocross 577

Happy New Year :-) I want to completely rebuild the bike back to race standard as per 577 specification, I'm looking for new wheels ; 3:00 x21" Front 3:50 x19" Rear Also; Front and rear mudguards Saddle Rear sprocket Many thanks, I will post rebuild photos as the project progresses, I plan to race again...
Nick Cusack
Petrovice Czech Republic

Wed, 20 Dec 2017
yvonstm at cgocable.ca
jawa jawa 250

Hello Can you tell me the year and specifications for this motorcycle?? Engine number is 590-004404 Also i need a shop-parts manual for this bike do you have it?? Thanks Yvon
yvon st martin
drummondville quebec Canada

sendtokft at gmail.com
Jawa 1949
Just wondering if anyone has any details on my proto type 1949 overhead cam 500 twin Jawa, ie value and rarity ?
Tamworth / NSW Australia

Sat Oct 29 2016
andrius.sudv at gmail.com
Jawa 360 production year
Jawa Jawa 360
Hello, hope you could help me. I want to register my Jawa 360 to be road legal. But there is a problem i dont have any documents that could identify year that motocycle was made. So i would like to know is there any chances to know the year for frame number, engine or something else. Im sending you photo of those number, meaby this would help.
Thanks for the answer.

Numbers on the plate, a photo of which was sent:
27 5128
24 4932
344cm3, 18/5000

<jims25dodge at hotmail.com>
Upland CA
1948 Jawa CZ 125
Wanted a front fender and gas (petrol) tank
Looking for parts for a 1948 Jawa CZ 125 specifically a front fender and gas tank, If anyone knows a website that could lead me to it I would greatly appreciate it.

Sun Nov 29 2015
Eunice356 at gmail.com
1964 JAWA 250 cc 2-stroke model calaForian fuel/oil mix
JAWA calaforian
What is the fuel/oil mix ratio? It is a 1964 250 2 stroke

Tue Jun 30 2015
Bulletsbikeshop at ntlbusiness.com
Jawa Automatic
Hi I need both headlight and taillight bulbs 6v for a 1991 jawa automatic. Can you help please?

Sun Aug 02 2015
danek.jan at email.cz
new e-shop of JAWA parts
e-shop Jawa
Hello we have new e-shop with JAWA PARTS. In Czech Republic MotoJelinek.cz. If you can help me with share our website and facebook page. We will we pleasued.
Our new international e-shop: www.JawaParts.com. Spare parts for Jawa, Stadion, Babetta, Simson, Jawa 350, Jawa 550 & more mopeds and motorcycles...We hold stock of around 2500 parts, and we increase this every year. Tradition and quality from Czech Republic Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jawaparts

Thu Jul 23 2015
peterbrauner at gmail.com
Jawa tuning guide
Jawa 350 Model 640 1998
Hey there
Im trying to find contact information for Andy Reid to get some help on the right parts in order to do a nice Little tune-up job on my 350 Model 640 ..
Believe i read somewhere he had used Yamaha RD exhausts etc on his ..
Hop eyou Guys can help. !! Thanks in advance ,
all my best , Peter Brauner
Copenhagen - Denmark

Sun May 17 2015
dale_n_1999 at yahoo.com
gear box oil
jawa cz 477
hello i have a 1974 jawa cz 175 model 477 and i do not know ehat type oil i need to use in the crank case/gearbox thank you

Wed Dec 17 2014
marzelcripps at yahoo.com
Switch Box ( Amperemeter )
Jawa 1954 Parek 18 / 350
Hi. I am looking for a Jawa 1954 Parek 18 / 350 twin engin switch box or amperemeter box. Can you please give me a contact number or email address where I can buy on.
Marzel Cripps
South Africa


Wed Aug 27 2014
shanx_ at hotmail.com
Jawa Kyvacka 350cc 354 - 04 (1966)
JAWA 350 cc 1966
I wanted to send you photos of my Jawa 354 - 04 (350cc) restored in India. Not for sale, but would like to share the finish of the same


Tue Apr 22 2014
elwoodrwennis at gmail.com
vin number
jawa californian 350
I found this bike in a barn and cant find the vin number. where will it be
new york

Tue Apr 15 2014
beafusiarose at gmail.com
I have a brand new JAWA CZ-MOTOKOV Serial number 98846 I am told it is a 1971? It is brand new original. I live in Canada (Vancouver, BC). What is this worth?  IS the year correct?
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Wed Jan 15 2014 grunt4 AT att.net
Wanted Jawa 557 wanted a 1959-1960 Moto-Cross USA

Wed Mar 27 2013
Jawa 250 Californian 1971 590/05
modle no ---590/05
Eng- 402016
frame no-- 017858
Prod Year 1971
Require exhaust pipes and mufflers .Can you please help me .were can i buy parts for this model.. thank you
South Australia

Tue Dec 18 2012
1957 500 OHC TWIN
Nice rare vintage JAWA 500 OHC for sale.



Tue Nov 20 2012
Jawa collection to sell
I have in my collection Jawa 250 year 1953 for 7 900 Eur and also Jawa 350 year 1953 for 8 100 Eur, both completely renovated.
As i am a collector of Jawa motorcycles, i own around 60 more models, if you will be interested, i can send you all my list.

Posted in the Jawa CZ Forum

Mon Oct 08 2012
looking for Parts
Jawa 350 Californian
Looking for piston rings and a full engine gasket set.
ON, Canada

Mon Sep 10 2012
info please
jawa 880
I want to know more about the 350cc Jawa 880 with some images please

Jawa Book
Jawa Engineer Jaroslav Frei 1904 1981

Jawa muj osud

This new 108 page laminated hardback book with Czech text was published in the Czech Republic in 2009. It looks at the career of Jaroslav Frei, one of Jawa's key engineers from the 1930s through to the 1950s. There are 32 b/w photos, looking at the many aspects of his work with Jawa, including the 1946 250 Perak, and the Jawa Minor II car project.

Mon Feb 13 2012
Java 250
Hi, I have seen a Jawa 1957 with engine no 7DHF763601L. Can any one pls through some light on the model of vehicle ..
mumbai, India

Thu Feb 23 2012
dusan.kynera<at>gmaildot com
Sell collection of Czechoslovak Motorcycles 60 pieces
I own an unique collection of 60 Czechoslovak motorcycles (Jawa, CZ, Ogar, Praga, Premier, Manet, Stadion) and i would be interested to sell the whole collection as a package. Total price 360 000 Eur.
If you will be interested, please contact me on my email: dusan.kynera at gmail.com and i will send you detailed information and photos.

thank you for your email.

It took me about 20 years to complete the whole series of Jawa and CZ. Then also the motorcycle Praha 500 and Praha 350 and many other motorcycles from the czech production Ogar Manet, etc.

The compleate collection represents aprox. 60 motorcycles, which includes more than 20 motorcycles entirely renovated by professional, and the others are in the finding condition – in the good or worst condition. The renovations were made by a 20 years experienced professional, who works also for the National Technic Museum of Prague.

Please find attached some of the photos from my collection.

I am interested to sell all the collection as a package or one by one.

1. JAWA 175 Viliers, year 1933
2. JAWA 175 lidov - 1 seat, year 1934
3. JAWA 175 lidov; - 2 seat, year.1937
4. JAWA 175 standart speci;l, year 1938
5. JAWA 175 special - 1 seat, year. 1938
6. JAWA 175 special - 2 seat, year 1937
7. JAWA 250 special, year 1937

Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

Best regards,

Dusan Kynera



Posted in the Jawa CZ Forum

Sat Dec 03 2011
renseignements jawa automatic
Cherche renseignements sur ce mod;le

Jawa 559-3 France

Wed Aug 10 2011
vijay.sarathi at gmail.com
JAWA Spare parts
JAVA 250 CC 1968
Hi, I am looking for JAWA 250 CC spare parts dealer in India (or) Europe. Thank You.

Try the Jawa Directory

Fri Jun 24 2011
khanmusharaf<at>hotmaildot com
Java 1965 For Sale
chz 1965
Java 1965 model very much original condition. For Sale. Looking for very smart price.

Mon Mar 07 2011
reservations<at>sedibadot com
JAVA CZ350 CZ350
I am looking for the following spares for my JAVA CZ350 that I am rebuilding

1 size over 2 pistons and ring and small end bearings that go with it as well as a head gasket.
South Africa

Mon Mar 07 2011
pravin.vinbros<at>gmaildot com
need 1948 jawa ogar
1948 jawa ogar 1948 jawa ogar
Am looking for 1948 jawa ogar 250cc in a low price
Pondicherry, India

Tue Feb 15 2011
francois.hough<at>gmaildot com
Cad Model Jawa 350
Jawa 350 Jawa 350
Hello, I am a student making a sidecar for an old Jawa 350. I need a Cad Model, stp file if possible. We use unigraphics. Please assist. Thx
South Africa

Mon Jan 03 2011
terry.rossack<at>bigponddot com
Air Filter Housing
Jawa 634 350 cc 1976
Looking to purchase Air Filter Housing for 1976 350 cc Jawa 634

Mon Oct 18 2010
bradfordinbisbee<at>yahoodot com

1967 ? oilmaster
I found a complete jawa laying in a field and got to take it home I ride triumphs but have been looking for a jawa for 15 years where do we get parts at ??!!! I need motor parts or a running motor I'm in Arizona
Bisbee Arizona

Sun Jul 25 2010
Spare Parts
Jawa 250 CC 1966
I am in need of parts like handlebars,tail lights,seat plate,wheel rims (front and back), exhaust pipes, etc to restore a 1966 Jawa 250cc bike. Anyone knows if these are available anywhere in India? Can anyone help me, please.Thank you
Cochin, India

Fri Jul 23 2010
Jawa 453
Hi I am trying to find out the year of my bike,hope you can help me. it is Czeck made,number of engine 453.03,type 453.05, frame# 453.03 production year 196 123.2cc engine output 7/4750  weight 112kgs
New Brunswick,Canada

Mon Mar 08 2010
motorcycle model 1957 cc350
Jawa cc350 1957
I need to buy a charging system for this model cc350

Jawa 1957 350cc Israel

Fri Mar 05 2010
fabianyc1<at>gmaildot com
jawa 350
I need the PARtS manual, the service manual and the SCAMATICS for the bike.
It is a jawa 353 from 1962 , 250cc, I really need some help, and hoping I will have an answer from you very fast, thanks you
Fabian setrouk
new york city

Sat Jan 09 2010
erikolerud at hotmaildot com
value of 1958 Jawa 344
Jawa 344
Do you happen to know the value of a Jawa 344?
washington DC

Wed Dec 09 2009
rmramos09 at gmaildot com
robert ramos,ramos motorcycle repair
1976 jawa moped 210 moped model
need engine or piston ,head, rings,gaskets,oil,

Hello, I will talk to the owner concerning the picture and get back with you.
I used to work for a Jawa/CZ dealership in the mid 70's. He had an unusual Jawa that may be of interest to you. It was used for training purposes and had dual controls. I rode it a few times and it got quite a few looks. Actually I did a 200 word article on the old bike but never found anyone interested in including it in a magazine. You may have some ideas there. Thanks Doug 

  • How extraordinary! I've never before heard of such a thing as a dual control motorcycle. You're not pulling my leg by any chance, are you? :) I'd be delighted to put the article on the site, if that would suit you.
  • .............
It is true. The instructor rode in the back and had the larger set of handlebars (for leverage) with the pupil of front with the short bars. This motorcycle actually started the Motorcycle Safety foundation training program in the United States. It was first used by Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I do not know where you live but the Jawa is usually on display at Barber Motorsports Speedway Museum in Birmingham, AL. The dealer was a big fan of Jawa/CZ and the American Motorcyclist Association. I will give the AMA a chance to publish the article. Would it be unethical to submit it to more than one place at the same time?

Thanks Doug

Thu Nov 26 2009
barretto1958 at hotmaildot com
jawa motorcycle
barrtto, flavio identify
I wonder if you can identify the model, year and engine of a motorcycle jawa with the number of motor 450 03 00779
Recife, Brasil

Mon Nov 16 2009
jaweed-aziz at hotmaildot com
jawa pekar 350 cc or( ogar)
any 1946
dynamo &rear sprokit req

Jawa 1946 350cc

Thu Nov 12 2009
wrj164 at hotmaildot com
red lamp light
jawa 1974 362 californian
The red lamp light stays on all the time. I assume this is draining the battery. what should I check? Thanks

Wed Nov 11 2009
rutbesa at hotmaildot com
necesito repuestos
Jawa 350 tipo chopper Chopper 350 1995
necesito saber como puedo adquirir 2 pistones estandar y sus anillos ya que en mi pais la agencia desaparecio muchas gracias
Guatemala C.A.

Wed Oct 07 2009
john-8364 at yahoodot com
CZ 1973
1973 model jawa for sale... Recently restore and bike in very good condition... Check the pics...

Jawa 1973 India

Mon Sep 07 2009
twincam88b at seznam.cz
Jawa parts
Hi,have you problem with parts for jawa motorcycle?i have big lot for all models from year 1960, photos are only ilustrative,please mail me with questions about yor items
Czech republic Ostrava

Jawa Parts Ostrava

Wed Aug 05 2009
dalikay38 at talktalk.net
JAWA 590100

Mon Jul 20 2009
wael-abdo60 at yahoodot com
sell jawa 350cc model 1980
jawa 360 cc 1980
sell jawa 350cc model 1980 its in good condition have its all oeginal parts also its barum tirs
egypt - cairo

Tue Jul 14 2009
mudassar-ab at delldot com
Jawa bike
JAWA 353 250cc 1969
Planing to sell this machine.
India, Bangalore

Jawa 1969 Type 353

Sun Jul 12 2009
rogerj.henderson at btinternetdot com
Jawa 500 ohc Dave Pollard contact details
Jawa 500
David Pollard's email is david.pollard1 at homecall.co.uk
I've attached a couple of pics of some of my bikes
Yorkshire, England

Jawa 1937 Robot

Fri Jun 05 2009
azizahmad22 at gmaildot com
part requiremnet
1976 jawa 250cc jawa/yezdi india
this is in refrence with bikes made in india under the name of yezdi, i need some engine perts for it as in india its unavaliable

Thu Jun 04 2009
wendyjojohnson at hotmaildot com
Jawa 250cc
Would like to obtain an owners manual

Jawa parts book listed here: Books and Manuals

Fri May 01 2009
nguyenchanh at att.net
piston ring
1970 jawa 350cc califorcian
i want to buy piston ring for 1970-74 Jawa 350cc califorcian. anyone please help me
thank you
ca, usa

Mon Apr 27 2009
madboy74 at gmail.com
Jawa logo
Jawa any
I mede the original Jawa MC logo in SVG.

Download it from the forums

Thu Jan 08 2009
knightjody at hotmaildot com
Pionier 555
Hi ya,
I am restoring a Jawa555 1953.
I have been to many sites but its hard to translate the languages. Such as CZ and many more. Would anyone be willing to help? Or does anyone have parts forsale.

We have a multilingual dictionary/glossary in the making. It has no Czech in it as yet, but if enough people are interested we could get something going...

Jan 2nd 2008
donw1 at xtra.co.nz wrote:
Hi longtime since i contacted you now have some Jawa info --can you get spokes--part number 995-040148 x 36 also have a parts list on jawa , would you like a copy
Don Wilcox

Jawa parts book listed here: Books and Manuals

Thu Sep 25 2008
karolynneo69 at hotmaildot com
Jawa Roadking
I just picked up my bike, 196? jawa roadking, I was wondering if anybody knew where a website is to identify the year? I have the serial number, so just need someone i could contact regarding information...Thank you
Alberta, Canada

Thu Sep 04 2008
airbrush at fairpoint.net
jawa belt
jawa 50 210
belt for 1991 model # 272 198 038 024  THANKS

Tue Aug 19 2008
Jackinthebox659 at yahoodot com
Piston rings
Jawa 210
I am rebuilding a 210 and need 2 piston rings in order for it to start running. Never been rebored. Please let me know if anyone can help me.
United States

Mon Jul 28 2008
AdmiralDracoUno at yahoo.co.uk
Wiring loom
Jawa CZ 1986 350cc Twin
I am doing up this good old girl, and was wandering if anyone has a diagram of the wiring loom in Englsh?
Portsmouth, hampshire

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Mon Jun 02 2008
bobferry at supanetdot com
engine noise
jawa economy
Hi Mate, i have a 1992 Jawa Economy type 210 it ran perfect when i first got it then it failed the MOT on a front tyre, so while i was sorting the tyre out i also took off the exhaust and cleaned it and decoked it the best i could, i also put a new spark plug in. The hole leading from the exhaust up into the engine i also put my finger up it to clean out any carbon deposits, when the tyre was done i put it all back together again, i put the choke on and then tryed to kick it up, as the engine was turning there was this allfull rattle and knocking sound coming from the engine, it sounded like the engine was a complete wreak, eventually it started up and now sounds as good as it did when i first got it, please have you any idea what caused this and have i damaged the engine in any way, maney Thanks Bob........

Fri Mar 21 2008
blairstaddon at macdot com
Oil/Petrol premix ratio
Jawa 50 05 type 20
Am restoring this little scooter, does anyone know if indicators/brake light can be fitted easily? Would a battery need to be fitted? Also what petrol/oil premix ratio.

Thank you very much
New Plymouth, New Zealand

Fri Mar 07 2008
grunt at cooper.net
jawa 1969 type 652/02
ineed a rear fender and tail lite,

Thu Mar 06 2008
blackchevee3 at yahoodot com
1965 350 jawa touring
1965 jawa 350 touring
1 have a 1965 jawa with 17,280 miles looking to find out what its worth .

Try the page on Classic Motorcycle Valuations.

Tue Feb 12 2008
jkehfive at yahoodot com
early to mid 60s 49.9cc Jawa scooter
Jawa ??
I had a 49.9 cc scooter and need to know more about it

Thu Jan 31 2008
greatgrandpa32 at yahoodot com
voltage regulator
1960 JAWA 250
There is no voltage regulator have two wires from the gen. out through the frame & stop . need to know if this bike is suposed to have a V.R.??
Gloversville N.Y.

There may be some useful information here: Vintage Motorcycle electrics

Sun Jan 06 2008
subram88 at yahoodot com
CZ Jawa 250 cc Bike Battery Installation....
Jawa 250cc 1971 make
It is regarding 6W battery installation of Jawa 250cc Bike. Which port goes to 'earth/body' of the battery. Somebody say it is Positive (+) port that goes to Earth/Body. Please confirm. Have a problem with my Jawa 250cc especially when no Service Engineer/Mechanic exists here.
Kerala - India

I believe the Jawa/CZ register will have that information:

Thu Nov 29 2007
luschen at netwitz.net
need carb and plug
1971 jawa model 23 50cc
jikov carb has broken fuel nipple need part or carb. can anyone tell me what plug to use

Wed Nov 21 2007
sakthi-292 at yahoo.co.in
full details including price where to buy in india
jawa 650
sir i want to know the model jawa 650 which has been launched in 2005
2)where to buy in india

Try the Jawa Directory:
and the India Directory

Wed Nov 14 2007
somwangk at csloxinfodot com
find vergaserabdeckung 350
jawa 350
I want for buy vergaserabdeckung of jawa 350 please contract to me

Fri Sep 14 2007
blairps2 at wmconnectdot com
cluch belt
jawa 210 moped
looking for a jawa 210 cluch belt. West coast motorcycles no longer carries them

Mon Jul 02 2007
mafsb at optusnet.com.au
Carby Jawa 1960
G'day I'm looking for a price on a 1960 Jawa carby the brand is a DEL-ORTO. Ok thanks...

Sun Jun 24 2007
donw1 at xtra.co.nz
Recently acquired. info required please
Jawa 470.06.007.43
Recently aquired a Jawa I would like to restore and am now gathering info about it. It (according to ID plate) is 172cc type 450.0072. Year not sure of is there anyone who can help with info on this type of bike. Most appreciated please.
New Zealand

Thu May 31 2007
jawa at jawaclubdot com
Indian Jawa Club
For those looking to network and spares support in India for JAWA-Yezdi - please go to www.jawaclub.com

Wed May 16 2007
k.williams527 at ntlworlddot com
350cc 634-6-17 1977
i have recently aquired a 1977 jawa 634 and noticed on the left hand side caseing it has an extra cap with oil control written on it , all the picts i have seen of other year bikes dont apear to have this on, was it only fitted on this year bike , also my bike has a chrome head light and mudgards and the pictures i have seen dont appear to have these,does anyone have an ignition key to fit a 1977, also a pair of side pannels,or any information that would help, regards keith, stockton on tees U/K
stocton on tees

Tue May 08 2007
shyamal007 at gmaildot com
jawa 350 twin of 1986
dear sir can u please guide me to someone from whom I can get engine spares for teh jawas 350 twin of 1986 who can send the same to India
Mysore, karnataka, India

Sat Mar 31 2007
knightjody at hotmaildot com
Jawa Freewheeler 1980 49cc
My son and I are doing a summer project. We are trying to bring back to life a Jawa scooter.But we need parts and a manual. Could you please put me in the right direction?



Sun Mar 18 2007
shantanukancha at yahoo.co.in
clutch assembly for Indian Jawa 250 cc
1973 indian Jawa 250 cc
i need the complete clutch assembly to buy for my 1973jawa 250 cc in india.

Sun Mar 18 2007
carnevale-bikeservice at yahoo.com.ar
Jawa 350 1957
Esta Motocicleta esta en nuestra familia hace 50 a;os

Thu Mar 08 2007
me at caseywalker.tv
Jawa 20 model 05 1966
In desperate need of parts. Nothing major but can't put it on the road without them.

Machine information # 66876 Model 05  1966

Battery Box (6V)
Length 4 12/16 in
Width 1 14/16 in
Height 5 3/4 inches (max 6 1/2 in)

Battery Hold down strip
Air Cleaner hold down strip
Spark Plug
2 front shock boots
1 right front signal light

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sun Feb 04 2007
lord-89 at o2.pl
Hi :) My name is Jarek. I have Jawa 50 in 1976r. I can send more foto my
See you:)

Thu Dec 21 2006
dvorak at laski.cz

The Czech motorcycles Jawa were or are allegedly manufactured also in India and Indonesia. Can you tell me where exactly & what a company.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Jaroslav Dvo&#345;;k
Czech Republic

Sat Dec 16 2006
chandy-sailor at yahoodot com
350 engine
hey guys im looking for a jawa 350 engine. would be really thankfull if anybody could help me getting one. thanks very much. chandy

Tue Dec 12 2006
vikkijawa at yahoo.co.in
wanted jawa 350
jawa 350 bizon
hey guys any one from czech republic to help me out to buy and import this bike
india, bangalore

Mon Dec 11 2006
somwang947 at hotmaildot com
want to buy parts of jawa cz 350
jawa cz 350cc
please contract to me by english language or sent web for me because I can speak english only little

Sat Dec 09 2006
planter at sifydot com
Jawa 250 Singles and 350 Twins

I am in India and do restoration of these bikes if anybody needs contact me
can also supply limited parts [Indian made] for the old 353 250's

Thu Nov 30 2006
brenerh at hotmaildot com
Ignition system
jawa 1962 350cc
jawa 350 twin cylinder 6 volt ignition system.
Where will i be able to get one of these.

I'm not familiar with the coils on that bike, but it's likely that something from a similar vintage British bike or even an early VW will do the trick. Ed.

Fri Nov 17 2006
cranfield.external at qimondadot com
1947 jawa 250
My Dad has the 47' in an out-building. It a shame it hasn't been keep in a better place. I'm not sure where all the parts are.
I don't have any pictures. I'm in Virginia and the bike is south of New Orleans Louisiana. When I was 14 or 15 my Dad said if I could get it running I could ride it around the neighborhood. I was successful but with some difficulty. I remember having problems getting electrical parts, gas parts, and piston rings. I road it for a short time before people in the neighborhood started complaining about the smoke. I thought I was doing a service by spraying for mosquitoes. It has been in out building ever since.


Sat Nov 04 2006
hansonsj831 at msndot com
clutch plate
1974 Jawa 360 Type 654
In need of a clutch plate to repair my racing bike.
Colorado, Littleton

Tue Sep 19 2006
kovachp41 at hotmaildot com
Photos of David Ollard's Model 15 500cc bike?
Jawa Model 15 500cc
Can someone put me in touch with David Pollard about getting photos of his 500cc Jawa sent to my email site: kovachp41 at hotmail.com? It's beautiful! He's at david pollard at homecall.co.uk

Fri Aug 04 2006
sprashaleo at yahoodot com
Jawa motorcycle
Ideal Jawa, Mysore, Karnataka, India, 1972 model, 250cc
I have this Jawa motorcycle, which is 1972 model, 250cc bike. I would like to know where and how to get it repaired, since it is having some problem with the clutch and gears. The gears do not shift easily and the engine turns OFF. I would be grateful if there is a service station anywhere in Bangalore or Mysore, India, since I stay in Bangalore India.
Thanks and regards
Bangalore, India

Sat Jul 29 2006
geovany.vasquez at yahoodot com
JAWA 1997

That's a tough one. Ed.

Tue Jul 25 2006
Vespaking at AOLdot com
Jawa 360 ( or 361?) parts
I am seeking parts sources to restore this sidecar rig. Any help appreciated. Thanls for your time/help.


Mon Jul 24 2006
david.pollard1 at homecall.co.uk
15 500cc twin
how can i stop the main stand breaking away from the bottom rail? has any one got a good mod for this problem?

Wed Jul 19 2006
andy at linedot com
i need spare parts to repair.this motorcycle

Thu Jul 06 2006
jhoward3 at bak.rrdot com
Which bike is this
jawa engine# 453 03 88129
I don't know the year and model of the jawa bike i have. Also can you tell me the engine size. Thanks, James

Sun Jun 25 2006
joey at digisurf.net.au
Hi I was wondering if you can help me, I am trying to find out the value of a 1958 jawa bike, it is suitable for restoration only, it is nearly complete except for having no head.

Sun Jun 25 2006
lathaganesh36 at hotmaildot com
spares parts
jawa 1964
i own 1964 jawa i am an of it i wish to know if i could get the orginal tail lamp and drum and sprocket and chian gaurd rear mud gaurd for the same

Mon Jun 05 2006
jason.roberts at bhpbillitondot com
jawa 1967
Could somebody help me in regards to the plug type suitable for a 1967 jawa. Also the point gap.
Thank you for any help

Wed May 24 2006
lfisher160 at verizon.net
Parts for Jawa Golden Sport or Mustang
1971 Jawa Golden Sport
Can anyone help me find an airbox connection for my 1971 Jawa Golden Sport?

Please help, this is the last piece I need to finish the project.

Wed May 24 2006
bobherr at shaw.ca
electrical problem
1973 jawa 350 motorcycle
one cylinder not firing, new plugs and points seem fine, plus theres power to both coils

Have you checked that both spark plugs are firing? Ed.Apparently, so say's my friend that owns the bike, yes both plugs are firing. But I am wondering if the coils maybe breaking down or , maybe a plug wire is faulty. If so what is the preferred way of checking these faults. Any help would be greatly appreciatiated. Thanks in advance.


Sorry, I haven't worked on one of those since about 1973. Is it possible to swap the plugs around in order to check whether it is actually an ignition problem? Ed.

Mon May 22 2006
jhoward3 at bak.rrdot com
Jawa Golden Sport 50
Jawa 23-1018 221
I am parting out this 1972 Jawa Golden Sport 50. I have wheels, fenders, tool box, etc. I can email pictures. Thanks, James
California, USA

Fri Apr 28 2006
eriks at bestkiteboardingdot com

Is there a JAWA webpage? I couldn't find one for the company. Weird.

Fri Apr 28 2006
donshaughnessy at hotmaildot com
motorcycle parts -- Jawa
Jawa, no model no. visible
I just came into a small (25-50cc) Jawa pedal-start motorcycle that seems to be in decent condition, but I need to replace one part (a cap, perhaps an air intake, that sits over the interchange between the throttle line and the gas line). Could you help me by putting me in touch with someone who could help me find out what model this bike is and where I could find replacement parts? Thank you very much.
New York City

Please send image to help with identification. Try the NY section of Bikelinks for dealers, and also the Jawa section.

Thu Feb 23 2006
barde4 at telus.net
1963 Jawa 350
sellng this bike for an estate but have no idea of the value. It is totally restored and looks like new. Can anyone guess a fair price for this bike
Alberta, Canada

Thu Feb 09 2006
Dedevesis at 0300.gr
New Jawa 175
Hello, I just bought a Jawa 175 and nobody can help me find the model and the production date. Can you? Thanx

Wed Feb 01 2006
eremnet at aoldot com
Jawa 250/559 automatic- Maroon
I am looking to buy a "like new" Jawa 250/559 automatic. Prepared to offer premium price! Please contact Gabriel.
Thank you!

Wed Nov 02 2005
zlomenejprst at centrum.cz
Hi, I am from the Czech republic. It is the the place where Jawa motorbikes are made. I am sure, you know that. But there is a opportunity to buy some old Jawas from czech. Some old Jawas for example: Jawa 250 from 1963 Is for 150 euros, Jawa 350 from 1992 is for 500 euros. I think these prizes are very low and thats why Jawa is here a home motorbike producer.
And there is a big choice.
Please ask your friends too.
If you have an interest, please answer.
Thank you very much. Bye.

Thu Oct 27 2005
accounts at colourgraphic.com.au
1963 Jawa 250
My husband is restoring this bike and I am hoping to purchase a book that could be of help to him.

I'm fairly sure that one of the sites listed here - Jawa Sites - has scans of Jawa & CZ manuals which you can download. Ed.

Sun Jun 05 2005
omtiamt at comcast.net
Help to identify
I recently aquired a CZ the numbers are 129360..can you help with the year it was built? Regards, Neal

Tue May 24 2005
fabianwhite at hotmaildot com
Benelli Rims
I"m Fabian from India & would like to know if you have a pair of rims for the jawa CZ 350 ( 16 inch ) & if so how much do they cost including shipping.

Mon May 09 2005
bethanyrob1 at verizon.net
jawa frame
could you send me a pic of a 1962 and a 1970 jawa motorcycle picked up a jawa bike and iam gonna restore thanks rob

July 23, 2002
I am looking for help I have just acquired a child's motor cycle that I would like to restore from the attached picture you can see it has JAWA on the tank but I find it hard to believe its a Jawa with a Minarelli engine can anybody confirm what this bike is and if there is any where in the south of England that I may be able to get engine spares. -- many thanks Mark Hurrell --  mark1361 at yahoodot com

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