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New Hudson Motorcycles for 1920-1921

New Hudson Technicalities

Cooling of the sparking plug is provided for on the New Hudson two-stroke by an air deflector under the tank.

New Hudson 1920

Equipped with neat leg guards and large footrests, this little New Hudson is attracting much attention from business men.

Olympia Show 1920

New Hudson. (Stand 75.)

2¼ h.p.; 60x72 mm. (292 c.c); single-cylinder two-stroke; drip feed lubrication; B. and B. carburetter; chain-driven magneto; two-speed New Hudson gear-; chain and belt drive; 24x2in. tyres. Price: Tourist and sports £75; racing £85.

New Hudson, Ltd., Works, Icknield Street, St. George's Birmingham.

This firm's popular machines are offered in three separate patterns for 1921, of which the special racing model is quite a new divergence. It has a specially balanced flywheel and crankshaft, an aluminium piston, and is guaranteed to be capable of fifty miles per hour. Visitors will notice that the discs fitted to the wheels of this model are several inches less in diameter than the wheel rim; the designer asserts that these "three-quarter discs" entirely prevent side winds from affecting the steering.

No silencer is fitted to the racing model. There are not many alterations in the layout of the tourist and sports models. A small petrol injector is combined with the release valve, and an aluminium wind scoop is hinged to the top tube immediately above the sparking plug; it is easily swung out of the way should the plug require attention, and considerably assists in cooling it. The angle of the footboards has been altered on the touring model in the interests of comfort, and stops are now fitted to keep the feet in place. Leg shields are standard. The sports model has a semi-T.T. bar and footrests instead of footboards.

Some of the racing models have their discs, flywheel, and tank finished in red, white, and blue.

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