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New Hudson R.N.M Grounds NZ.jpg
New Hudson, NZ
New Hudson, RNM Grounds, Dunedin.

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured 1909-1957

Formed in about 1890 by George Patterson to build bicycles, the Birmingham factory built their first powered machine in 1903 using a clip-on Minerva engine. Their first motorcycles appeared in 1909 (or 1910), fitted with JAP engines. By the 1920's they were achieving competition success at the TT and also at Brooklands. Bert Le Vack took over racing development in 1927, and in that year became the first rider to lap Brooklands at over 100mph on a 500cc machine.

They manufactured their own SV and OHV single cylinder engines of 350 to 600cc, and also a Levis-powered two-stroke of 211cc which was apparently first offered in 1914, and then again in 1920 and 1921 being the first model offered after cessation of hostilities. It was an exceedingly difficult time for George as one of his two sons had been killed and the other lost a leg in the war. The family sold the factory to Mr. H.J.Bructon shortly after the end of the Great War.

In addition to the range of motorcycles, they built three-wheelers with MAG engines. The firm was taken over by the BSA concern early in the depression era, and by 1933 they had ceased production of motorcycles but continued to produce Girling brake and suspension components.

In 1940 they built the New Hudson Autocycle using Villiers engines; these were produced at 47 Armoury Rd, Birmingham into the 1950s, and was apparently later rebadged as a BSA.


1911 Lightweight De Luxe 293 cc single cyl., AIV JAP 2¾ h.p.
1912-1913 III B 499 cc single cyl. 85 x 88 mm, SV 3½ h.p. (also avail as the IIB with sidecar)
1912-1913 IV B 292 cc single cyl. 70 x 76 mm, SV, belt drive, JAP 2¾ h.p.
1912-1913 Model VIIA 3½-4 h.p., 3 speed, belt drive.
1912-1916 VIII.A 76 x 85 mm, 4 stroke, V-twin 6 h.p., belt drive
1912-1916 VIII.B 482 cc single cyl. 85 x 85 mm, SV, JAP 3½ h.p., belt drive
1915 VI.A 499cc SV 3-speed belt drive
1925-1933 500 Sport 496 cc single cyl., OHV 20 h.p. @ 5.000 rpm
1926 Super Vitesse 594 cc single cyl., OHV
1927 Vitesse Special
1928 models 81, 82, 83, 84 SV 346cc and 496cc
1928 models 85, 86, 87, 88 OHV 346cc and 496cc
1929 OHV models had Webb forks, SV models had Druid forks.
1930 model 91 lightweight with 250cc OHV; model 100 with sloper engine
1932 350cc New Hudson M31, Moss 4 speed box, sidevalve engine.
1932 346cc New Hudson M34 sidevalve, sloper engine.

Sources: A. Vassiliadis, et al

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js.ents at
new Hudson
I wonder if anyone could help me I purchased a New Hudson with a 98cc Villiers engine at Ardingly at the weekend, the previous owner had no paperwork for it the frame number is TAM6290 and obviously I would like to get it registered it needs some work new exhaust system lights and a few levers etc. but other than that it appears to be complete if anyone can help me with the m issing bits and an idiots guide to registering it I would be very grateful also although it has been painted Black I suspect it would have originally been the red/maroon colour and as I wish it to go back to as near original as possible I also need a colour code for the paint thanks again fro any help
Jacqui Sparks
United Kingdom
DaleLRMyles at
Research leads me to believe it is a 1950's New Hudson with a Villiers 98cc Engine - Engine No 801 1750
Can you please confirm Motorcycle and Villiers engine
Dale L. R. Myles

    Engine is from Villiers. The 801 series is also used on some Francis-Barnett models.
    Images posted to Comments.

harper6t at
New Hudson Engine
I recently acquired a New Hudson engine, I was hoping that someone might be able to identify the year and model it belongs to.
Engine number is 1829 there is no prefix
Sidevalve, looks to be 500 or larger
Sydney Ausralia
jaks_1 at
New Hudson 1953
Can you help me with a tyre for my new Hudson 2.25 - 21 is what is written on it

The tyre is a fairly common size. There are several suppliers listed under Vintage Motorcycle Tyres

earl.b6 at
New Hudson autocycle 1953
Morning my 1953 New Hudson Autocycle arrived this morning, very pleased with her. Just one question, What is the colour of the Green paint work?
Earl Briggs
United Kingdom

Mon, 05 Mar 2018
lennart at
Wim Nr M 13464 New Hudson 1928

1 am looking for a service manual for New Hudson 1928 don't no if it Model 81, 82, 83, 84, - 346 cc or 496 cc . And occurs instruction book or manual Best regards
Lennart Otterhem
Stockholm Sweden

Sun, 22 Oct 2017
conbellcc at
New Hudson autocycle villers engine WFF613

I am looking for original tyres and tank cap
Robin Byroo
Ladysmith,Kwazulu,Natal South Africa

Thu Dec 22 2011
gbbull<at>bigponddot com
Spare Parts
New Hudson 1929 Model 86
I am restoring a 1929 Model 86 and am looking for a cast alloy chain guard & the emblem/badge that fits onto the magneto chain cover. Does anybody know where these parts may be obtained? Thanks Graham Bull.

October 23 2014
Hi, recently acquired a kit of parts that could build into 2 New Hudsons, 500ohv model 86 of 1928/9 and 1930.
The first is total loss lubrication, the second dry sump with oil tank and recirc oil pump.
I am missing various parts of both, and the models are different, so I can't make one bike out of 2!!!
I have some New Hudson parts to trade: Moss 4 speed gearbox for NH 1930 model 88 Superbe and Century. Also Moss 4 speed gearbox for 1931-32 500/550 (this one has long kick start housing that allows kickstart to be used as prop stand).
Looking for 1930 recirc oil pump (as photo), 1930 fuel tank, steel chaincases, Webb forks, centre stand, 1929 rear stand, wheels, Binks carb, rear engine/gearbox plates. Also looking for contact with other owners generally, as these models seem to be thin on the ground.


Tue Oct 04 2011

We want to find out what our 1952 New Hudson Autocycle is worth. It is original but in need of some repairs.
British Columbia Canada

Sun May 15 2011
chrisdunkley<at>compuservedot com
parts needed
new hudson 1954/6 autocycle
We need a rear wheel bearing cup, these are the small ones that you adjust up (would be happy with a complete spindle and one of the pair of headstock bearing cups and a petrol cap please anyone able to help. Many thanks

Thu May 19 2011
b.sussex<at>yahoodot com
new hudson
new hudson 98cc auto cycle 1953
need parts any suggestions please full restoration so all caskets and bearings also looking for side panels help?
southampton england

Sun Mar 20 2011
jenlorente<at>gmaildot com
new hudson autocycle
Is there a place I can get some parts for this bike? is there a place to look to find more info as my dad gave this bike to me and I dont know much about it.
Alberta, Canada

Mon May 31 2010
Forum for New Hudsons
New Hudson All Models
New forum for New Hudson owners.

Please join... It's free !

Tue Mar 23 2010
tonygauvin-<at>hotmaildot com
no fire at the plug
New Hudson Advert 98cc 1950
My Bike has a new coil&condenser points are good shape timming is good
Dieppe New Brunswick Canada

Mon Dec 28 2009
gbbull at bigponddot com
Engine type
New Hudson 1914 v-twin
Could someone please advise if the engines used in these models were JAP on NH's own motor? Thanks

Sun Nov 29 2009
brucepamina at
New Hudson 1926 flat tanker
information and parts and photos

Sun Aug 09 2009
ward.m15 at skydot com
new hudson 80
I am looking for a service manual for a 1929 model 80 New Hudson motorcycle. Can anyone help?

Fri Jul 24 2009
gman-patenaude at hotmaildot com
new hudson autocycle tires
looking for a source for 2.25 X 21 inch tires -PLEASE

Sat Apr 11 2009
paul at
new hudson 1942
98cc autocycle 1942 autocycle
looking for parts seat, chain gaurd new bearings for wheels
new zealand

Sat Mar 21 2009
newhudson at
New Hudson Web
1909-1933 all
I have found a web site about New Hudson motorbikes, see (404)

Mon Jan 12 2009
georgiameg2 at
new hudson project
new hudson ?
i have aquired a motor , gear box , frame & box of bits eng no is nf560 . the only number i can read on the frame is at the rear of the diamond , m16954 can you please assist with any information or whereabouts of parts kind regards roley
queensland aust.

Wed Dec 10 2008
gtleslie at rogersdot com
villiers engine parts
new hudson 1951 autocycle
can you advise a source as I am going to do a complete rebuild.can send photos of cycle which was sold in the T Eaton department store catalogue
toronto, canada

See under Villiers for more information

Mon Nov 17 2008
johnsonrus at gmaildot com
New hudson Unknown
Need year of manufacture. FRAME: MC 7381 I think it's a C and not an O
CRANK COVER: S 586/2127

I have since stripped the bike and am in the process of rebuilding from the
ground up. Attached are some photos before I started.

I will try your suggested sites but hope you can also help.

Tue Oct 21 2008
kennyneville at msndot com
new hudson
new hudson auto cycle 98cc
i have this bike in my garden and would love to do it up but do not have the time or the money .so i would like it to go to a good home sa this bike means a lot to me .please make me an ofter thanhk kenny

Fri Aug 29 2008
ann-pete-piglet at btinternetdot com
new hudson auto-cycle
restoreing a new-hudson,auto-cycle, what we are needing is pedals & saddle. also a pedal spindel, as ours is bent.

Sat Aug 23 2008
swords at bigponddot com
cams & followers
New Hudson 1914 vee twin
I have a 1914 vee twin which is missing the cams & followers Need help .

Mon Mar 10 2008
eugene at
villiers crankshaft
new hudson 1950s
no on crank d8385/1 no on conrod is d8388 have new hudson 98cc auto cycle will this fit thanks paul

Sat Feb 02 2008
2wielergert at gmaildot com
Engine New Hudson 
I'm the owner of an engine of about 500 cc from about 1927/1929.I think it is a competition or race engine.It looks like the engine mounted to the machine pictured with rider Grounds on it. To be sure of this all,i would like to have some pictures of New Hudson racing engines of the period. Could you send me some photographs?

Thu Nov 08 2007
ronald.bailey6 at btinternetdot com
new hudson exhaust
1954 new hudson autocycle villiers 2f engine
I am looking for a supplier of a front pipe and round silencer for the above machine,could you help in this matter.
Ron Bailey
Thanks for prompt reply,enclosed picture as requested,the bike is now stripped down and is undergoing renovation.

Sept 11th 2007
subject: New Hudson Autocycle
Email: narrative at cliftoncentredot com
message: Hi
I'm trying find out the value of a New Hudson autocyle - last registered in 1942. Motor turns over. I can send a picture if it's of assistance. If you know of others / clubs I should contact I'd welcome your assistance - it's not a classic car and not a classic motorbike so finding some good advice is proving difficult.

best wishes

Sat Sep 02 2006
jah.fairclough at btopenworlddot com
can you identify the following bikes

New Hudson
Villier's engine
No. plate SPU 602
Frame no. ZE 49
Engine no. 801 16840

New Hudson
Villier's engine
No. plate TTW 120
Frame no. ZE 33
Engine no. 171 A21177

New Hudson
Villier's engine
No. plate 211 RTW
Engine no. 906B 3082


Wed May 10 2006
aysauto at
New Hudson Motorcycles
1932 500cc
I have recently acquired a 1932 New Hudson and wondered where ANY parts may be found, new, used or other. It is mostly complete, running, but needs cosmetic restoration.
Any help is appreciated.
Kindest Regards,
Jason Delacroix

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