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New Hudson 1915 Models


Latest specimen of the 2 ¼ h.p. two-stroke two-speed New Hudson. (R) Belt side of the 6 h.p. New Hudson three-speed countershaft geared model.


CONTRARY to the more usual practice of presenting next year's models early in November, the makers of the New Hudson machines have been working on their new models for some months past, the result being that they are now delivering them in quantities, though, with characteristic enterprise, the managers have made sundry alterations and improvements as experience dictated.

In view of the present popularity of two-stroke lightweights, we will first of all turn our attention to the New Hudson of this type. It is a single-cylinder machine of 2 ¼ h.p., the cylinder dimensions being 62 mm. x 70 mm., giving a cubic capacity of 211 c.c. It may be obtained either with a single gear or else a two-speed countershaft gear. A cheaper pattern has footrests only, but the standard has aluminium footboards, curved upwards at the front to protect the toes. There are several variations of the New Hudson two-stroke; in all the engine and main features are the same.

The prices range from £27 5s. to £37 10s., including usual equipment. 24in. X 2in. tyres are fitted to all models. The next machine on the 1915 New Hudson programme is the "military service" model, as it is called by the makers. It is specially designed for hard work under trying conditions; the frame, engine - in fact, every part is of unusual strength. Accessibility has been very carefully studied, also the question of standardisation, and the quick and easy replacement of spare parts - two important points on a machine intended for military work.

The engine is a single-cylinder 85 mm. x 88 mm. (499 c.c), rated at 3 ½-4 h.p., the drive is by Renold chain to a three-speed countershaft gear, and thence by belt. The magneto is chain-driven, and is placed behind the cylinder in an accessible position.

Two gallons of petrol is the capacity of the tank. This is a very desirable feature, because it would be an easy matter to run out of fuel when effecting a reconnaissance or carrying, despatches. On such jaunts one never knows when the next opportunity will occur for taking in supplies for machine and man.

It is enamelled service grey and black and with full equipment and three-speed gear, the price is £57 10s.

The third New Hudson model has a name with a distinctly American flavour, it being known as the "Master Model Big Six." The New Hudson twin-cylinder is designed as a passenger machine, and the engine is of 770 c.c, the cylinder dimensions being 76 mm. x 85 mm., set at an angle of 50°. Of course, the New Hudson three-speed gear is fitted, the ratios being 4 ¾, 7 ½, and 15 to 1 respectively. In this connection it is interesting to recall the fact that the New Hudson Cycle Co. were one of the first firms to fit, as standard, three-speed gears to motor cycles. The gear is of the sliding type, and placed on the bottom bracket, the drive being by chain from the engine and by belt from the countershaft. The kick starter is neatly embodied with the gear box.

650 x 65 voiturette tyres are fitted, the mudguarding, footboards, toolbags, and general equipment are what one would expect with a machine emerging from a factory with the experience of the New Hudson.

The Motor Cycle, November 19th. 1914.

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