New Imperial Motorcycles

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New Imperial Motorcycles 1914-1915


New Imperial 2 ½ h p. lightweight fitted with two or three-speed countershaft gear. (R) Sidecar combination made by the same firm, fitted with 6 h.p. engine and chain transmission.

New Imperial Improvements

WE illustrate on this page some of the New Imperial models for 1915. The light tourist machine is fitted with a new pan seat, and several minor improvements have been made. Both mudguards are valanced and fitted to lugs to allow the wheels to be removed without difficulty. The rear brake is applied below the chain stay, and operated by means of a straight rod. The brake pedal is conveniently placed so that the rider can operate it without taking his foot from the footboard. The exhaust barrel is now oxidised, and the aluminium footboards improved. The two-speed model sells at 31 guineas, or with the addition of a clutch and kick starter at 35 guineas.

The specification of the ladies' machine is practically the same as that described, and it is supplied complete with clutch and kick starter at 36 guineas. Both machines are fitted with Dunlop tyres.

The sidecar combination has an engine of 76x85 mm. bore and stroke (770 c.c), and is fitted with a countershaft three-speed gear and chain drive. Heavy Dunlop tyres are standard. The sidecar chassis has been dropped, and the lugs and joints reinforced at several points; It is attached at four points. The body is roomy, and is provided with a board in the rear for luggage. The combination complete retails at 79 guineas, but the machine alone costs £65.

In addition to these models, the company is also putting on the market a tradesman's light carrier machine. This is fitted with a 2 ½ h.p. engine, and designed to carry 1 cwt. of goods, though it is quite possible to take double this weight. The price will be 42 guineas.

The Motor Cycle, November 26th 1914. p596.

Engine - 2½ h.p. four-stroke J.A.P., 292 c.c.
Iqnition - Bosch magneto.
Carburetter - Amac or B and B.
Change Speed - Two-speed counter-shaft, gears 6 and 11½ to 1.
Transmission - Chain and belt.
Dimensions - Height of saddle from ground, 30in. Ground clearance, 6½in. Wheelbase, 4ft. 6in.
Lubrication - Hand pump.
Other Features - Druid spring forks.
Price - 31 guineas.

New Imperial Cycles, Ltd., Princip Street, Birmingham.

British Lightweights, 1914