New Imperial Motorcycles

New Imperial 1923 Models

New Imperial 1923 Model 293cc

Medium weight 293 c.c four-stroke in the big range of New Imperial models.

New Imperial 976 c.c. Solo for 1923

Much improved since last Show, the New Imperial big solo mount is not the least attractive of the several 976 c.c. sports twins shown at Olympia

The 1922 Olympia Show.

NEW IMPERIAL. (Stand 94.)

Solo Lightweights - Big Twin Sidecars.

2½ H.P. Model.

  • 70x76 mm. (293 c.c.); single cyl. four-stroke; side valves; drip feed lubrication; B. and B carb.; chain-driven mag.; 3-sp. gear; clutch and kick starter; chain drive; 26x 2¼in. tyres. Price £65.

NEW IMPERIAL CYCLES, Ltd., Princip Street, Birmingham.

On the New Imperial stand are shown models designed to meet all tastes. From a light sporting machine of 248 c.c. with J.A.P. engine, the range extends up to a very complete and substantial outfit with 976 c.c. twin-cylinder J.A.P. engine. Interest centres round the standard 293 c.c. light touring machine which, with complete equipment, is marketed at an attractive price. This model has leg guards which are arranged in such a way as completely to protect the rider from any mud splashes that the front guard has failed to intercept, and so plated as to offer the minimum amount of wind resistance. In addition to the model with standard equipment, there is shown a machine fitted with the M-L Maglita set, which, with its accumulator and head lamp both clipped to the handle-bar, presents an appearance neat and by no means cumbersome.

8 H.P. Model.

  • 85.5x85 mm. (976 c.c); V-twin cyls. four-stroke; side valves; drip feed lubrication B. and B. carb.; chain-driven mag.; 3-sp. gear; clutch and kick-starter; chain drive; 28x3in. tyres. Price: Solo (super-sports) model, £117; (standard) with Side-car, £125.

Many features of special interest are presented by the big sidecar machine. Brakes, for instance, are internal expanding car type on both front and real wheels, and the hubs are fitted with Timkin roller bearings. The silencer is of remarkable dimensions, and will attract those who are specially desirous of a quiet machine.

The carrier and back half of the rear mudguard are arranged so as to be very easily and quickly removable when access to the back tyre is desired. Amongst many other features, the provision of special grease lubricating caps at all vital points on the machine is notable. These caps are closed by spring loaded balls, and provided for the purpose, which screws on to them. The grease is forced in, and are filled by means of a special grease gun there can be no doubt whatever about its reaching the point at which it is required. Of course the chief change on this model, as already recorded in The Motor Cycle, is the new loop frame.

Mention should also be made of the substantial and practical light sidecar outfit fitted with a 350 c.c. J.A.P. single-cylinder engine and three-speed gear.

Olympia Show. The Motor Cycle, November 30th, 1922. Page 848

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