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A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured: 1954-1961
The Pegaso was a product of the SIM company which was founded by two engineers from the Motom factory in 1954. They collaborated with OPM who provided the frame and Taglietti who did the assembly. Four 48cc models were offered - the T, GT, S & GT '59.

SIM closed in 1961.

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Sources: Phil Aynsley, Henshaw

Fri, 08 Dec 2017
westcoastminimoto at<
pegaso unknown

Hello My Name is Troy and I was wondering if you could help with the schematics for for the engine on the pegaso 48cc engine just need info on the push pull setup any help will be great mate pics attached thanks in advance mate Troy
troy harvey
rockingham Australia

Pegaso-48cc-THa.jpg posted to Comments

Sat, 28 Oct 2017
geckocabinets at
pegaso sport not sure of year

Hi I am in the process of rebuilding the moped as I purchased it as a half finished project, box of parts and frame the engine number is *58/13302*s I think it is the sport version 48cc if you know where I can purchase a manual would be great, also spare parts as I need a headlight , any info would be greatly appreciated
steven smedley
rockingham west Australia

Fri Feb 24 2017
braveheart75ma t<
info pegaso
pegaso 48 1959
I'm trying to restore a Pegasus 48cc 1959 My padre..purtoppo I am desperate to find the manual of Pegasus or otherwise of the wiring diagram of the model ..visto the beautiful pattern seen on the site I was wondering if you perhaps were equipped ..if so Let me know to give new life to the past ..grazie
Arona (NO)

Thu Nov 14 2013
Pegasso Pegassosport
I would like sell the old motor bike Pegasso sport 49ccm. If is some one interested to buy coul contact me on my imal adress to get a pictures!
1958 Model

Tue Aug 28 2012
ttoonnister<at>gmail dot com
italian pegassosport

Pegaso Sport Special
Pegaso Sport Special

Fri Jul 29 2011
Pegasoi 50 cc special
Questo è un Pegaso 4 tempi 50 cc
Special da mè costruito.
Ciao, Mauromoto
Udine Italy

Pegaso Sport 48
Pegaso Sport 48

Sun Jun 26 2011

Pegaso Sport 48cc
I require mudguards, chainguard and toolbox for this bike - can anyone help please?
South Africa

Pegaso Sport Special
Pegaso Sport Special

Tue Apr 19 2011
Pegaso Sport Special
Trasformazione di un pegaso normale,in uno speciale
Udine "Friuli" IT

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