Coventry Premier Cyclecars

  • 1914 Changed name from the Premier Cycle Co

    1917 Launched the 8 hp Super Runabout two seat, three wheeled cyclecar with 1,056 cc, water cooled, V twin engine, shaft drive to a rear mounted gearbox and chain drive to the rear wheels.

    In 1920 Coventry Premier was bought by Singer for £97,000.

    The three wheeler was replaced by a four wheeled version using the same engine but now having the gearbox combined with the rear axle eliminating the chain drive.

In 1923 the badge appeared on a basic version of the Singer Ten. The name was no longer used on cars from 1924 but bicycle making continued for a few more years.

About 500 three-wheel and 1,200 four-wheeled cars were made. Source: Graces Guide

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