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Premier Motorcycles 1909-1910

The 1910 Premier Models.

Premier Cycle Co., Ltd., Coventry (Stand 78, Main Hall).

— Premier motor cycles have gained much deserved popularity during 1909 by reason of their sound design and various successes achieved in competitions. The 3½ h.p. single-cylinder model possesses no novel features, but is substantially constructed on well-tried lines, its specification including chain-driven magneto. Brown and Barlow carburetter, and spring forks. The engine fitted to the 1910 model is a new one of the Premier Co.'s own make, and fitted with ball bearings to the crankshaft and mechanically-operated inlet valve. It is of moderately high compression, and measures 85 by 90 mm. Numerous radiators are cast vertically on the combustion head, permitting a free passage of air which assists in keeping the engine cool. The frame is designed so that the cylinder can be removed without disturbing the crankcase, which is a great point. The design enables a most comfortable riding position by the aid of footrests, and refinements include a large mud flap to screen the magneto, petrol gauge, stand and tubular luggage carrier, and a serviceable tool-roll. The spring forks enable the use of a front rim brake, the second brake being of the ordinary foot-applied belt rim type.

The twin-cylinder 3½ h.p. Premier is in general construction much on the lines of its single-cylinder brother, the chief difference being that it is minus pedalling gear. The engine is of very up-to-date design, the cylinders being set at 45° from the vertical and firing at even intervals, which design, as demonstrated by the article in last week's issue of The Motor Cycle, gives very perfect balance ; better, in fact, than the ordinary four-cylinder vertical engine. The valves are mechanically operated, and are situated between the cylinders, whilst horizontal radiating fins ensure efficient cooling. The cylinder dimensions are 66 by 80 mm. This engine has a solid forged crankshaft and ball bearings throughout.

Ignition is by Simms high-tension magneto with adjustable chain drive. The cylinders are staggered so that the front cylinder does not screen the rear cylinder from cooling draughts. The efficiency and speed of this machine were demonstrated in the Tourist Trophy Race, and we do not hesitate to say that this model will be much in evidence during 1910. Ad illustration of the twin Premier will appear in our second show number on sale next Monday.

The Motor Cycle, November 8th, 1909. Page 863

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