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Premier Motorcycles of Germany


Manufactured motor-dreirad and possibly motorcycles c1899 - 1913

Premierwerke AG., Fahrrad & Maschinenfabrik (J.C. Braun), Wächterstarße 2, Nuremberg

Premier was founded by Messers Hillmann, Herbert and Cooper in Coventry. The Nuremberg branch was created in 1898 and by 1900 was producing as many bicycles as Hercules, Victoria, Mars and Triumph combined. Arno Dietrich, founder of Ardie, was closely involved, ("Meister bei den Premier-Fahrradwerken"). In 1911 Premier merged with Christian Braun's company, but the new organisation failed in 1913.

The Nuremburg machines were powered by 270cc two-strokes and sidevalve four-strokes of 293cc and 348cc.

Premier had another Continental branch in Eger, Bohemia (later Czechoslovakia). The factory there became the largest in the country.

See also Premier Cycle Co.

Several sources give different accounts of the Nuremburg Premier. This version uses elements from the works of Peter Ullein.

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