Today in Motorcycle History

Reliant Scimitar

Double-edged sword:
The Reliant Scimitar SS1 by Dan Lockton

"All the elements pointed to a triumphant return of the British sports car for the 1980s: Michelotti styling, a superb chassis, a rust-free body, a range of performance options, and modern creature comforts. But putting it all together, the SS1 sadly failed to cut it with buyers."

Scimitar Models

Scimitar SE4A 1964-66
  • Scimitar SE4B/C 1966-70
  • Scimitar GTE SE5/SE5a 1968-75
  • Scimitar GTE SE6/SE6a 1976-80
  • Scimitar GTE (SE6b)/GTC (SE8b) 1980-86
  • Source: Graces Guide