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A Brief History of the Marque

Best known for their Metisse frames, Rickman made frame and body kits for competition off-road bikes such as Montesa and Zundapp, and sports road bikes, the most famous of which were probably the Rickman Hondas - SOHC Honda Four powered machines which were state of the art in the early 1970s. There were also Matchless roadracers, the Enfield powered Rickman Interceptor, the Triumph Metisse - much favoured for desert racing in the United States - and the mighty Rickman Kawasaki 900.

Other models include:
1965 Rickman Petite Metisse, Bultaco engine, advertised in Nov 2008.
Rickman Predator Suzuki 1000 (listed as 1982, but unlikely correct date)
Rickman Metisse Aermacchi Ala D'Oro 1967
Rickman Montessa 1974

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holliholst at gmail.com
metisse mk3 1966
hi. i am wondering what the difference between metisse and the metisse street, is?? at first glance one would think that there is none..
michael holst

The Street Metisse was the first Rickman road bike kit. The prototype was purchased by a motorcycle magazine and offered as a prize during the motorcycle show of November 1966 (or possibly 1965).
Sources: classicdriver.com, Bonhams. Rickman-1966c-Street-Metisse

e.kaczmarczyk at btinternet.com
my metisse frame no 03 119
help , please to identify my metisse petite frame, -- has Villiers starmaker engine mounts, 6 tubes to the headstock, 1 inch tubing, metisse frame 2 bolt fixings on bottom rails. three dzus wire fixings each side for panels. stamped on headstock north to south 03 119. No trace of plating, only rust and blue. Any phots of Clive Tomkinson restored model, and information please thanks in anticipation, edk
ed kaczmarczyk
bristol uk

  • There is a thread about Metisse numbers on the Britbike forum. (britbike.com/forums/)
    Sorry, no photos of the Tomkinson machine.

kohlmetz at gmx.de
Rickman Aermacchi Ala d'Oro, 1967
Dear Sir,
for now more than 12 years I own a Rickman Aermacchi that I was told it is from 1967 and formerly owned by John Hartle. The frame is stamped with a "3D" or maybe "30" and a "67".
As the bike has been run in the IOM it has undergone some modifications regarding clip-ons, levery and rest, fairing aso. As I would like to restore the bike as close to its original condition as possible I would be very happy to get any information about its original components as possible.
If possible I'd like to buy original parts for the bike as well.
So any help would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks.
Best regards
Rudiger Kohlmetz
Dettingen, Germany
leehaworth56 at yahoo.com
72 Rickman 250
Does anyone have the paint code for Rickman Red?
Lee Haworth
gtmac.007 at gmail.com
1975. CR Rickman 900 Kawasaki
Hello Just wondering if I would be able to purchase a couple of your Rickman badges or crests for my jean jacket . Thanks so much Grant
Grant McIntosh
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada R3t0v6

mging1331 at gmail
1971 Rickman with Zundapp 125
Good morning,
Do you know if any engine parts are available? Piston, gaskets, seals and the like?
Mike Ging
Charleston, SC USA

Tue, 12 Sep 2017
nattybean011183 at hotmail.co.uk
Rickman Metisse 1968

My Dad owns a bike a we are trying to find if it is a genuine Rickman Metisse. Registered for the road 1968 Reg MFX215G Frame number R334 Can you tell me anthing about this bike? {Please email back or call 07707413310 Regards
natalie prowse
south gloucestershire United Kingdom

  • No info at present. Will post information as it comes to hand.

Mon Jun 12 2017
eric at proconinvent.se
Rickman Azul Cafe Racer
Rickman Honda
Dear Sirs's, I like to get more info about the "Rickman Azul Cafe Racer no: 18" that you have photo on.
Please if you could help to get me in touch with owner etc.
My best regards,
Eric L..vgren

  • You may be able to contact the photographer via information provided on this page: J.Luis

Mon Nov 30 2015
shootnwinn at webtv.net
Rickman Metisse 125
Price, was wondering what a nearly complete Rickman 125cc less motor is worth ?
Reno, Nevada

Sat Aug 29 2015
johnsda at comcast.net
Fuel/Oil ratio?
1972 Rickman 125cc
Need to know the correct fuel/oil ratio. Have heard conflicting answers.
Independence, MO

Mon Jun 30 2014
rayerandle at gmail.com
rickman fairing
bmw K75/100
I purchased a Rickman fairing for a Bmw K75/100 i need a fitting guide for it

Wed Jul 17 2013
1974 rickman montesa 250mx
where to find location of frame # .
new york

Wed Apr 24 2013
Rickman CR750 Paint code (orange)
Rickman Honda CR750 CR750
I'm currently restoring a 1975 Rickman Honda CR750 and would like to try and find out the exact name or code of the orange paint that was used.

Sat Jan 26 2013
Tell me about it
BSA / Rickman A50b701
BSA A50B701
Rickman 1716
Fairbanks, Alaska

Tue Oct 02 2012
1974 Rickman Zundapp
Zundapp Rickman
I would like to know the fuel/oil ratio in the tank. also I need a fuel shut off valve for the tank(mine leaks)
Ft. Worth, Texas

Mon Sep 17 2012
Model identification
Rickman metisse Triumph 500 Twin
Can you identify this frame please #1732

Tue Aug 07 2012
sell or keep my Rickman CR?
Rickman 1975 CR Honda 750
I've been holding on to this for years... great rebuilt HP motor, original everything else with 1+1 kit parts as well as original CR... looks like it needs a restore, but runs just fine and strong. what do you suppose this could bring in $US to a collector looking for a possible restore project?
New York

Thu Apr 19 2012
Zundapp Kit
1972 Rickman, 1974 Rickman Zundapp 125 MX, Montesa 250
I don't think this is a kit for a Zundapp. Looks like it could be for a twin.
New Mexico, USA

Wed Apr 04 2012
recob<at>atsautomationdot com
How to find out the history from numbers
Rickman-Kawasaki 900 900, not sure of the exact details
I hope to buy a Rickman Kawa 900 from the widow of a late friend. Can anyone tell me how to research the model, build history etc. from the frame and engine numbers?

Tue Apr 03 2012
sas-saba<at>hotmaildot com
alloy Fuel tank
Rickman mettisse mk 3
I would like a price on this fuel tank plus freight to australia.
South Australia Adelaide

Sun Jan 15 2012
anderson.m1<at>hotmaildot com
rickman parts
1973 kawasaki z1 900
hi there i have complete front end rims, good discs, tank, original 900 side covers, brackets and parts.
all lime green. lockead brakes. can supply photos, wanting to sell for the right price. located in australia

Sun Mar 04 2012
Rickman CR 750
I am busy restoring my Rickman CR750 Boriani wire wheels , a bike I bought in South Africa 25 years ago. On immigrating to the U.S.A. I brought it with me as well as my Bimota KB3. I still have these new aftermarket parts in the orginal packing. Russ Collins (RC ENGNEERING) . RC cam as well as 2 ANDREW grinds. RC 836cc pistons ,set RC aluminium rods , set Carillo rods, RC stainless valves , RC titanium retainers, RC clutch , RC heavy cam chain. Keihen cr 29mm carbs ,Gerex multifire ignition and coils , Lockhart oil cooler. I also puchased brand neww Lockheed calipers and a large number of pads for the calipers used on the rickman.
DAVE Harrison
united States, Dayton , Ohio

Sun Dec 18 2011
r-tuerito<at>yahoodot com
Rickman endurance
Hi please some one tell me what is this.. its brand new, and complete..
Mexico City

Thu Dec 08 2011
phactory<AT>yahoodot com
Rickman Parts needed
Rickman CR750
I am looking for a rear set shifter and associated parts for my 1974 Rickman CR750. Any and all leads greatly appreciated. Thanks, Phil

Hi, Here are some pics of exactly what I am looking for on and off of the bike. And then one of my bike in progress.

Thanks, Phil

Wed Nov 23 2011
rparts4u<at>gmaildot com
Rickman micro
does any one know anything about this bike or can anyone lead me to were I need to go ,to find out about this bike

Thu Nov 10 2011
jljavaloyes<at>hotmaildot com

Rickman predator endurance
Beauty 82 predator endurance suzuki 1000

  • Can you confirm the manufacture date please? I understand the factory ceased production of motorcycles in 1976. Ed.
The Rickman Brothers production was intermittent.... ( see http://classic-motorbikes.net/gallery~rickman-classic-motorcycles )

The Predator type was the last production of the Factory relative to complete bikes in the year 1982... ( see picture of Factory Plate of my bike )... with very good components : Astralite, AP Racing, 4 into 1 Rickman, etc.

I unknow the total production of Predators. I think arround 100 frames was made: 90 for Predator 1000 CR, and 10 for Predator "Endurance".

Attached some pictures of my Predator Endurance, probably the only one made with Suzuki motor by Factory and another 2 bikes of my collection, one original 74/75 CR 750 Honda and one CR - 750 Honda RACING...

My Predator is offered for sale for 10.000 € and also the Rickman Racing for 9.000 €.... The CR Orange is not for sale.

Kind Regards.


Fri Apr 01 2011
keith<at>downardincdot com
Rickman Vin. No.
Rickman frame ?
do you know vin. no. 0684 4M
what motor?

Mon Feb 28 2011
the4tubbs<at>frontierdot com
3 Rickman Motorcycles
Rickman metisse
I acquired 3 Rickman motorcycles and I am looking for information about them as I will be selling them. Any help would be appreciated.
Valparaiso, IN US

Sun Jan 30 2011
Chain Adjusters
Rickman 1974 CR900
In need of the chain adjuster spacers for a 1974 Rickman CR900. Thank you for your help.

Sun Jan 09 2011
shegarty<at>livedot com
Rickman colours
RIckman honda cr 750
I am currently restoring a honda rickman and would love to know the exact red that was put on rickmans. The orange just doesnt do it for me, so i think ill be doing my red.

>From what i have seen, its a tomato like colour. A red with a tinge of orange in it.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks

Thu Aug 19 2010
rickman pipes
Rickman 900 kawasaki 900 kaw
I have a 74 900,has anyone tried fitting 2003 Z1000 pipes to modernise this model?Any ideas? Thanks
Kelowna BC canada

Tue Jul 20 2010
Rickman Kawasaki Z1000
Could you advise where I can get a replacement windscreen made - I have the original as a pattern.
Thank you, John Davies
Bewdley, Worcs, UK

Fri Jun 25 2010
rickman metiess enfield parts
750 enfield mettise
have rearsets ,swingarm cams 2 sets ,pri chain tensioner cams and assored hardware,,can send pics 200$usd
kenton ohio

Thu Feb 25 2010
pvangelder at planet.nl
Rickman Kawa H1
And.... What do you think
of mine Rickman?
greetings Pieter

Tue Jan 12 2010
Scott at tmcvideoandfilmdot com
Need to have documentation on How many CR750 Rickman Kit
Honda CR 750 1975 Rickman CR 750
Planning on going to Bonneville to race my CR750 Rickman. I have to have documentation that indicates that at least 500 kits were sold. Where can I go or who can I call to get this information?
St. Paul MN

Tue Dec 01 2009
cbrenny at sasktel.net
Z1 Rickman CR
Rickman CR
To make a long story short, I have just reaquired the Z1 Rickman CR that I built in 1975. It is in need of restoration and I need a few things to start with. The rubber products are rotting away so I need the Tank Strap that holds the fibreglass racing tank in place and the rubber grommets that hold the seat in place. I'm sure there will be other parts, but with these, I can take it for a ride before it comes apart.

Charles Renny
Saskatchewan Canada

Fri Sep 04 2009
natali.alain070 at orange.fr
Triumph Metisse
Après modification de la selle
(voir photo précédente)

Pour ceux qui seraient intéressés, un artisan français fabrique des équipement en polyester de très bonne qualité et à prix raisonnable.
Pour plus d'information, ma contacter par E-mail

Wed May 27 2009
Marty at motolocker.net
Rickman MX 100 / 125 frame
Wanted, Richman frame and swiging arm for 100 / 125cc MX. Fenders and tank, seat and all if possible.
Marty Tripes

Tue Apr 21 2009
helenblakeman20 at yahoo.co.uk
there is a book by dave gittins relative to the rickman brothers. Is the book still available and where can it be purchased please?

Sun Feb 22 2009
Christopher.dunne at amr.net
Rickman CR750 tank decal
Do you know where I could purchase a tank decal for my CR750. Thank you. Chris.
Ct., U.S.A.

Try this page:

Mon Dec 29 2008
info at gerritvandersleen.nl
rickman metisse
project3 its ready.
rickman metisse with a triumph t140 750cc engine from 1973.

Rickman Metisse T140 Triumph

Tue Oct 14 2008
pavloskalidis at yahoo.gr
125cc engine
Rickman Zundapp 1974
Hello do you now where I can buy a 125cc Rickman Zundapp engine

Wed Aug 13 2008
natali.alain070 at orange.fr
A vendre
Triumph Rickman Metisse
Rickman Metisse T 120 mécanique complètement restaurée 2500 kms
Belfort (FRANCE)

Rickman Triumph T120 Metisse

Thu Apr 10 2008
zsareus at yahoo.ca
for sale
Rickman 900Kaw
I am interested in selling this bike, has great parts, 1045Wiseco, kit. Yoshi cams, Marzochi shocks,Lockheed brakes, etc. What would the value be?...Greg

Mon Apr 07 2008
fionachole at optusnet.com.au

Fri Apr 04 2008
stage240 at yahoo.ca
900 Rickman
Kaw900 as above
Hi, I just found a Rickman 900, in a barn, has Yoshi cams, 1045 Wiseco kit, Lockheed brakes, Marsocki shocks, etc. Good compression, but haven't started the engine yet. Where can I find parts, or what kind of value does this bike have?

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Wed Apr 02 2008
davehughes118 at hotmaildot com
Re nickel a Rickman frame
Rickman Kawasaki
Does anyone know where I could get a Rickman frame re - nickel plated in the south of england

Sun Mar 23 2008
tobiasg13 at aoldot com
Rickman BSA
Rickman Metisse
Hi !
Anyone has some experience with a BSA B441 engine in one of the Rickman two stroke frames ( Zundapp, Montesa )?

Tue Mar 18 2008
Briantaylor098 at aoldot com
Nickel Plating
Rickman triumph T120
Does anyone know where I can get my Rickman frame replated in nickel to the origonal standard in the UK.
thanks for your help.

Fri Mar 14 2008
greg-s-scott at yahoo.co.uk
Rickman Westlake
Rickman / BSA Scrambler
Does anyone have an engineering drawing of the two valve Rickman /BSA / Westlake cylinder head and rocker cover for the BSA B44 / B50 engine
Letchworth, UK

Sun Feb 24 2008
bikerjimster at googlemaildot com
Rickman Frame Number
Honda CB
I'v just been offered a Honda 750 (Rickman) but the engine obviously doesn't fit the frame. I do have a frame number: YJMM-272 Does this mean anything to you??

Many thanks

Sun Feb 17 2008
hayley.hallam1 at gmaildot com
T150 Rickman in good condition. 15,000 miles, Does any have any idea what this would be worth?

Rickman Triumph T150 Trident 1976

Wed Feb 13 2008
jane.oneill5 at btopenworlddot com
Rickman zundapp 125 mx 125
Hi i have recently bought a rickman zundapp 125 mx that i previously owned back in 1974, i now want to rebuild the bike to race in pre 74 motocross meetings , i wanted to know if there was any owners clubs or spares supplys as i need several bits and pieces thanks ..
ipswich suffolk

Wed Feb 06 2008
jeremy20 at btinternetdot com
Can you help me trace a rickman trident i built and registered in 1979 (or 1978) Reg no.YUR152S Frame no.JB001R. Sold to some one in Newcastle colour two tone blue

Fri Dec 21 2007
r.casey at comcast.net
wiring diagram for 75 Rickman Zundap 125
Rickman Zundap 125cc 1975
I'm seeking a wiring daigram for above model Rickman. The notable item in the diagram is the lighting switch, a Lucas square switch which uses 6 of the 8 possible terminals to make connections.
New Mexico, USA

There may be some information on our fledgling page about Classic Motorcycle Electrics.

Fri Dec 21 2007
paulandpatti1 at comcast.net
Motorcycle value.
1982 Rickman Preditor
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give an a idea of how much my new investment is worth. Thanks Paul at Classic Creations...PS. I can send pictures if you like.
Sarasota Fla.

Fri Dec 21 2007
mewunit at msndot com
Timing Cover
Montesa Cappra 360 46M
I am currently restoring a Rickman Montesa but I need a good timing cover for the 360 Cappra. Circa 1968-1970. Also looking for rear brake foot lever for Rickman MK3 frame, circa 1971. Thanks.

Sat Dec 15 2007
info at gerritvandersleen.nl
rickman metisse conic fairing
street metisse
I am looking for a top half fairing with a conic glass nose for my rickman street metisse project.
If you have something, please mail me.


Wed Dec 05 2007
prospect10 at peoplepcdot com
1972 rickman 125cc
rickman 125cc I S D T bike red
i owned from new 700 miles only like showroom cond. what is the value of it?
Pa. usa.

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Thu Nov 29 2007
info at gerritvandersleen.nl
rickman metisse triumph 750
pictures frome my metisse

Rickman Triumph Metisse 750 3.jpg
Rickman Triumph Metisse 750 3

Tue Nov 13 2007
rnfisher at shaw.ca
looking for Betor front fork parts
75 CR 1000
Looking for Betor front suspension parts for Rickman Kaw. that has the Top nut for the front forks cross threaded and everything was susequently lost. Part number R113 22 350 front fork spring. # R113 22 200 Damper Rod, R113 22 303 Damper rod oil baffle, R113 22 221 Buffer spring, R113 22 010 Stantion, R113 22 121 Wiper seal, R113 22 401 Fork top nut, R113 22 211 Guide bush,
Victoria, Canada

Tue Oct 30 2007
jljavaloyes at hotmaildot com
For Sale 75 Rickman Honda CR 750 classic racer. Cereani, brembo, tarozzi, kerker, boyer brandsen, etc. 10.000 €
located in SPAIN. jljavaloyes at hotmaildot com


This is my CR-750 fully restored for myself. I´m very pround for this job ! jljavaloyes at hotmaildot com

Rickman Honda CR750 1975 orange.jpg
Rickman Honda CR750 1975 orange

Sun Oct 21 2007
banni at cableone.net
Rickman CR
1975 Rickman CR Z1 Kawasaki
I have a 1975 Rickman CR Z1 Kawasaki 903cc, How many of these were built? How many are still around? What are they worth? I've never seen one sell. Martin, US

Sun Oct 21 2007
natali.alain070 at orange.fr
Tendeurs de chaînes
Triumph Rickman Metisse
je cherche des tendeurs de chaîne pour ma Triumph Rickman Metisse


Rickman Triumph Metisse France.jpg
Rickman Triumph Metisse France

Sat Oct 06 2007
rwr4 at twiggcorpdot com

I tried to look up www.vintagedirbike.com and is said “This Web site is coming soon”. I am trying to get engine parts for my Dads 74 Rickman 250. So do any of you guys know the phone number or another good contact for Montesa or Rickman, can you fill me in.
Thanks, Roy
IN, Indianapolis, USA

Thu Oct 04 2007
dndracing at localnetdot com
missing tank
Rickman ?? 7/73 # 9223 M
I just go this rolling Rickman and its missing the tank What will fit? Are all the dirt frames the same? need help
Lawrenceville Ill

Thu Oct 04 2007
paulandpatti1 at comcast.net
Suzuki Rickman Preditor

Hi - I wanted to see if anyone had any information on the 1982 Suzuki Rickman Preditor 1150? I have just picked one up and wanted to see if anyone had any information on it - if you could please let me know - Thanks Paul
 PS I can send photos

Sat Sep 22 2007
kencambell at hotmaildot com
full fairing
honda cb250n superdream 1980

Wed Sep 26 2007
scott at familycareserdot com
Rickman Restoration
1972 Rickman, Zundapp 125
Just purchased out of Oregon this 1972 125 Zundapp powered Rickman. Completly stock and original right down to the Bing Carb. I will be tearing into her this winter to do a complete resto on her. I did run one 1 hour GP race in the hills of Goldendale WA and placed 4th. Kind of funny I lost the rear break pedal just befor the big race so I was to do it without the rear breaks. It's a fun bike and gets lots of attention from everyone. I will be looking for OEM parts soon, and any help with dealers or shops that specialize in these bikes is appreciated. Great site and Hello to all from the Pacific Northwest.

Rickman Zundapp 125 1972.jpg
Rickman Zundapp 125 1972

Sat Sep 22 2007
keithgriffith99 at yahoodot com
Fairing for 1978 Cr900
Rickman Cr900
Hi Im looking for a fairing for a Rickman Cr900 1978 , Can anyone help me where I can find one,
 Pic of Bike attached
many Thanks Keith
Central U/K

Rickman CR900 1978.jpg
Rickman CR900 1978

Sat Sep 15 2007
catgunner at aoldot com
Rickmen Typhoon Fairing
Honda CB250N
Is it possible to get a replacment Typhoon Fairing Screen

Sat Aug 25 2007
robert at tristatefabricationdot com
For Sale "maybe"
1974 Rickman Zundapp
Posted the message below awhile back and got a little bit of help, Thank you to those people. I realize that I just do not have to time for this project and I am willing to sell it if the right price comes along. It is completely original. Still has the 1970's tag on it, which I will be keeping. Title was lost along with other papers that came with it. Let me know what you think? See theprevious post all the way at the bottom for pictures. Thanks.

Wed Aug 22 2007
chopslam47 at gmaildot com
rickman zundap
I owned one of these and would like to again any for sale??

Mon Aug 13 2007
jennifer.hepworth at btinternetdot com
1972 rickman enfield
Rickman enfield 732 interceptor
I have owned the above mentioned bike since 72, the bike was dismantled partly,and has been kept in a heated garage since,oil was poured into cyclinders at the time and all orginal bits excluding silences are there it even as the old stile green log book,i am trying to find a true valuation for the bike it was originally orange in colour and at one time i used to be on the rickman register,i have included photos hoping you can help me,brian
West Yorkshire

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful. [Photos unsuitable for publication]

Tue Jul 31 2007
clint.ball at btinternetdot com
Complete mag and windings
Rickman Zundapp 125 1974
I am looking for a new or used magneto flywheel and windings for my 1974 Rickman Zundapp 125. I can find anybody who can either recondition or supply me with these parts, can anyone help?
Many thanks
Plymouth UK

There may be some information on our fledgling page about Classic Motorcycle Electrics.

Mon Jul 16 2007
ricvandoorn at hotmaildot com
Possible sale of bike
Rickman Predator Gs 1000
Just a query if you can spend the time on an estimate to the value of my bike. Good condition, fairly stock bike. New Dunlops, nonstock exhaust, new steel braided brake lines and reconditioned mastercylinders. Top end refresh about 20,000km ago, now has done 96,000km. Spare motor to go with her.
Have owned this bike for 18 years and seen only 1 the same in all this time, so presume she's a rarity in the land of Oz. Cheers Eric Van Doorn.
Ballarat, Australia

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Wed May 30 2007
bocigranzi at libero.it
i would like to know whic model i have please

hello i have at home from my dad this new kit do you know how much is the value ??? and how much it will cost me to build whit a new engine and the rest.The kit is new.
Whic model is

The kit appears to be a Rickman Zundapp.

Rickman Zundapp kit.jpg
Rickman Zundapp kit

Mon May 07 2007
bnsbrown at alltel.net
Rickman C/R chassie
1974 rickman CR. frame
I have a 1974 frame. I am trying to paper work for it IE.title or statement of origin. any help in this matter would be great!
Brent Brown.

Sun Apr 22 2007
m-fenwrick at hotmaildot com
norton commando rickman frame
i was wondering if anyone has a rickman frame for a 850 norton commando thanks for any help

Thu Apr 12 2007
tonyhaas17 at aoldot com
New project
1972 Rickman Montesa 250
I would like to replace the 250 Montessa motor with a 4 stroke or Jap 2 stroke motor. The fit is more important than the displacement. Any suggestions?
New York USA

Rickman Montesa 250 1974 1.jpg
Rickman Montesa 250 1974 1

Mon Apr 09 2007
dmei779928 at aoldot com
Vin numbers
1974 Rickman 125 ISDT
I am interested in buying a Rickman whom the owner claims is an ISDT model. Is there a specific vin or serial number code I can check to make sure his claim is true?
USA California

At present I have no serial number information specific to Rickman Zundapps, but when I do it will be posted on this page: Engine & frame serial numbers

Rickman Zundapp 125 1974.jpg
Rickman Zundapp 125 1974

Tuesday April 3rd 2007

Thanks for your interest.
I'll have to take some photos as most of them are in boxes to protect from the humid weather.
Rickman's are really a top bike - not as fast as the current whiz bangs but for sheer riding pleasure and that almost surreal bit where you have ridden past your limit and the recovery is totally courtesy of Derek and Don Rickman. I've done a race through the Adelaide Hills against a stink hot z1000 , café race style rear sets, clip ons etc.

We raced for about 20 km of the most awesome Adelaide Hills roads - good bitumen, sweeping curves uphill or downhill, tight 40kmh twisties, reducing radius, opening out corners, no cars , some of it bordering a couple of huge dams and lakes - spectacular. Anyway we were side by side much of the time and very evenly matched - both getting more and more boldly determined not to come second. Kept pushing further and further past our limits.

Near the end of the hills where the road re-enters suburbia there is a quarry - lots of trucks dropping sand etc. Anyway, down to the part of the raod where it becomes quite narrow, almost a tunnel through the trees as it borders a winding creek. Side by side onto a straight (maybe 1/2 a km long, maybe 1 km) and we are both flat on our tanks, throttles as hard open as they would go - and a 90 degree bend coming up where the road ducks around a large and immovable cliff face.... But neither of us would yield - the red haze was so thick in my eyes that I was truly prepared to risk dropping it rather than back off - crazy but I know we've all been there at some stage.

So this flat out drag race towards a cliff face went on with us both darting looks across at the other hoping the other would hit the picks first. At about the same time I started screaming (literally!) into my helmet the other guy slammed on his anchors and seemed to be flung backwards out of my peripheral vision.

I grabbed a major handful of Rickman Lockheeds (EBC carbon pads) and sat up - in time to see the thick lines of sand dropped around the 25kph rated corner - no idea how fast I was going but it was way way up there - basically I was absolutely gone for all money - hit the corner hanging off as far as possible, sure I was about to become like hairy strawberry yoghurt on the cliff face. But my Rickman went around the corner in a two wheel slide, with the exhaust pipe scraping and bouncing on the deck and I came out the other side. Trembling. Shaking. Stopped by the side of the road. So did the other bloke, also white faced and shakey.

Please pardon me going on so - but when I say "my Rickman" got me around the corner that describes it perfectly - I'm not a bad rider on a good day but I'm definitely not THAT good! I have plenty of scars from my 125 racing days and my street racing days - Derek and Don built the only bike I've ever had that didn't add to the collection!!!

Cheers John Newman

Sun Apr 01 2007
kodytodd at esc.net.au
is that you Kim? in Darwin.
1976 Rickman/Kawasaki CR 900
Rickmans are that good.I know because I have a"77"modle myself.But... I never did anything like that.

Wed Mar 28 2007
kkwilson at tiscali.co.uk

Sun Mar 04 2007
admin at rapid-resourcesdot com
CR 1976, Kawasaki Z900
Stoked to see your site - keep on with it! I now live in tropical Darwin in Australia where there a re no windy roads worthy of my Rickman but while i lived in adelaide - where the hills riding is the best in Australia- my 76 Rickman Cr with Z900 engine got a severe hammering - just as Derek and Don designed it for. I used it for circuit racing for a while but GSXR750 Suzukis were getting too good for the aging beast - and much more expendable. In the hills racing my Rickamn won me many races - the handling of that bike far out shone my skills. And it saved my neck a few times where I rode far beyond my abilities and the Rickman brought me back where my previous bikes would have spat me down a cliff. Imagine being on any other bike when you hit a tight bend far too fast, carnk it over anyway, the bike rolls over on the pipe, your mate following sees several inces of daylight under the tyres and yet , provided you trust the frame, keep it nailed and teh wheels touch down before the bitumen turns to cliff, ... you get away with it. I once had a Pirelli Phantom rear tyre split its internal belts due to a manufacturing fault while scraping my knee at around 160kph in a bend posted at 80kph. the resulting lurch and slide and wobble on a lesser bike would have been a disaster - the tread move around a half inch out of line in one place. My Rickamn shrugged its head and kept going with nary a shudder. Thanks to Rickmans and thanks to you for keeping the faith alive. I can guarantee that the only way anyone else ever rides my Rickman is after I am very , very cold!!!!!
Australia, darwin

March 1st 2007
These are pics of the fairing and hardware. Can you tell if it's a Rickman….and/or what bike it might fit?

Paul Rochmis
From: paul [rochmis at earthlink.net]
Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 10:14 PM

Rickman Fairing DSC-0010.jpg
Rickman Fairing DSC-0010

Wed Feb 07 2007
flemming37 at optusnet.com.au
Rickman Honda 1976

Wanted swingarm bushes and decals, are genuine still avalable or do I have to make them THANKS Derek.
queensland Australia

Don't know about the bushes, but fairly confident you'll find someone who can supply decals here: http://bikelinks.com/directory/Parts/Badges_Decals/

Wed Jan 31 2007
ianc.abrahams at ntlworlddot com
Ricman Enfield & Rickman Zundapp
I have a couple of Rickmans and am a member of the UK Street Specials MCC. This club was formed from the Rickman Owners Club, the Rickman Enfield Register and the Harris Owners Club. Consequently we have a fair bit of knowledge on Rickmans.
Our web-site is http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/streetspecialsmcc/

Why not join & get all the info you need

Ian Abrahams

Mon Jan 22 2007
cats at rowanhouse1.demon.co.uk
Turbo Restoration
Saxon Rickman Turbo Kawasaki
Does anyone have any info on this one. It's the stage bike from the rock band Saxon.

Rickman Turbo Kawasaki Saxon.jpg
Rickman Turbo Kawasaki Saxon

Sat Jan 13 2007
rdcarne at comcast.net
Trade a TT Special for a Rickman
67 Triumph TT Special
Would like to trade my recently restored 67 Triumph TT Special for a 650 Triumph Rickman MKIII. My TT Special is a museum quality restoration with engine and frame vins authenticated by VMC. Can be seen in gallery photos at www.europeanmotorcycles.com Over $20K USD invested in restoration; looking for similar quality Rickman.
WA State USA

Sat Jan 13 2007
patjule at bellsouth.net
for sale
1970 rickman metisse w/westlake heads
looking for interested buyer
Chattnooga Tn.

Mon Jan 08 2007
jim-maria2 at ntlworlddot com
hand book
rickman 125 zundapp
i have owned 2 and would like one again but i have owners hand book if any one wants some informtion

Thu Jan 04 2007
robert at tristatefabricationdot com
Info on Rickman Motorcycle
Manufactured: 6/74
Hello, I am trying to find out all the information I can on my Rickman Motorcycle. I acquired this bike from my grandfather and he bought it new back in 1974. He died back in 1985 and the bike has been in the shed ever since. It only has 193 miles on it. I cannot find any documentation on the bike thinking it got lost over the years. Here is the info on it:

Manufacture Date: 6/74
Model # (?): 21384Z

Hr.: 123.6
Type: 285-15
Liste: M
PS: 18.0 DIN
Bauj: 194 4
Motor Nr: 4647641

There is a sticker on the tank that reads: 1973 I.S.D.T. British Team Replica

I am trying to locate an Owners Manual, Engine Info, Parts Breakdown, Possible Repair Manual, ect. I also need the mix ratio for the fuel/oil.

Thank you for any help I can get.

Information on Premix oil ratios here.

Rickman Zundapp 1974 AL.jpg
Rickman Zundapp 1974 AL

Fri Dec 29 2006
myerscycle at yahoodot com
help identifying frame
I have aquired this frame and wish to make a project of it, but I don't know much about it. Let me know what you think.

Rickman Frame.jpg
Rickman Frame

Wed Dec 20 2006
stever at brookledgedot com
Rickman Scrambler
Rickman Triumph
Attached is a photo of my 1972 Rickman Triumph scrambler: Built by Manfred Hecht, in the 1970's it has never been started. All the right stuff; Rickman forks, magnesium hubs, magura controls, Rickman bars, exhaust, Avon glass, stock Triumph TR6 engine

Rickman Triumph Scrambler.jpg
Rickman Triumph Scrambler

Rickman Triumph RR
Attached is a photo of my Rickman Triumph Road Racer. It was built in the 1970's by Manfred Hecht. It has approx 200 miles on it. It has an 800cc Routt engine that was throughly massaged by Manfred. Avon glass, Rickman forks, all the goodies.

Rickman Triumph Cafe Racer.jpg
Rickman Triumph Cafe Racer

Rickman Kawasaki RR
Attached is a photo of my 1974 Rickman Kawasaki Road Racer. It is in the process of being put back together after painting and I also have an aluminum tank on order. Yoshi exhaust, Rickman forks, very fast and beautiful but could use more ground clearance.

Rickman Kawasaki Cafe Racer.jpg
Rickman Kawasaki Cafe Racer

Sun Dec 17 2006
1972 Rickman For Sale
1972 Rickman 250cc Motocross
I have owned a 1972 250 Motocross for 33 years and I am willing to sell this bike. The bike is entirely original with the Montessa engine. This is a classic bike, but it is not being riden any longer.

Mon Dec 04 2006
joannevans1972 at msndot com
information on motorcycle
i have aquired this motorcycle and i require a workshop manual date of registration 1975 frame no 24004Z engine no 4648327 125cc ?
north wales

Tue Nov 28 2006
rogierdezoete at hotmaildot com
rickman frame
Hello, I can but a rickman frame but it has no papers to go with.. Wondering if you could help me out here: it says: NG 37739 on the right (stem) and TRIUMPH on the left. I am wondering if a bill of sale is provided by Metisse for example ? so I can use it in Holland (it is now in the UK). thanks, hope anyone could give me any useful information. (which engine should fit in triumph 3 cil. ??)

Rickman Triumph frame.jpg
Rickman Triumph frame

Mon Nov 20 2006
tomclaxton at t-online.de
Rickman Forks
Rickman Triumph Racer
Hi there, a couple of weeks ago - and after nearly 2 years of 'courting' - I managed to get my hands on a late 60s Rickman Triumph Racer. It has all the goods, but obviously a slightly bend for leg, as I found after dismantling. Does anybody know if original spares are still about? Thankful for any hint. Thanks a lot, Tom<
Krefeld, Germany

Sat Nov 04 2006
kennellclub1 at ntlworlddot com
is it still alive
mettise 350 triumph
i would like to know if my old bike is still in this world, mettise ,first registered in 1974 PEL66M . triumph 350cc t 90 engine ,built by Bill Hawker ,who worked at the rickman factory .I sold it in the mid 1970s to a gent living near wool in dorset england many thanks . enjoy your site ,paul kennell dorset england

Thu Nov 02 2006
kennellclub1 at ntlworlddot com
where is it now
i would like to find my old bike mettise 350 cc t 90 engin reg no PEL 66 M sold in mid 70s it was my first bike after passing my test. it was built by Bill Hawker who worked at the factory in new milton

Wed Nov 01 2006
kaflud at aoldot com
Zundapp 125cc with rickman frame
I too have just inherited a 125CC Zundapp with a Rickman Frame, engine no: 4635460
11/71 and 2771Z (?)Any ideas should I restore or sell? Or can I get any further information for it elsewhere?
Suffolk UK

Tue Oct 10 2006
boxbiker at hotmaildot com
rickman zundapp

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Sat Oct 07 2006
em-ex01 at btconnectdot com
matisse kit [rickman]
ducati or parilla 1969-1962
I would like to purchase two scrambles kits in red to modify my two srambles bikes if possible.

Sat Oct 07 2006
bsapatcol369 at yahoo.co.uk
Triumph Rickman motocross 500cc 1964
I need a wiring diagram for this bike.
1880 Bex Swiss

Sun Sep 17 2006
kodytodd at esc.net.au
rickman parts-availability (lack of)
mainly road bikes
Have owned a 1977 Rickman CR (kawa900) since new. Have found it extremely difficult to obtain parts.

Sat Sep 02 2006
selandau at optonline.net
production numbers
1975 rickman Kawasaki
I bought the bike last year but can find no information on production numbers. Bike
has a 1075 kit and Falicon crank. Goes like stink. Makes the best noise. Its what made me buy it.

Thanks Steve

Tue Aug 29 2006
info at tjscycle.ca
Rickman swing arm ajusters
Rickman Honda
Hi guys. We are in need of the ajuster washers to tension the drive chain, correctly. Many thanks Mark.
Calgary Canada

Here are the pictures of our Rickman honda and the washer like ajuster for the swing arm. I am sure we could make another pair, but not as tidy as the originals. I am not sure how many sets Rickman provided for that frame and would like to obtain a compleat set. All the best Mark B.

...in response to the request for chain adjust washers:

Mon Aug 28 2006
johnjlisbon at aoldot com
rickman kawasaki parts
kawasaki 900
I need any information on parts for 900 kawasaki rickman
wellington, fl. usa

Thu Aug 24 2006
martin.weston at redbullracingdot com
Rickman Predator
I have been reading your info about Rickman Motorcycles. As the proud owner of a Rickman Predator since 1991, I thought you may be interested in a photo of my machine.

Rickman Predator.jpg
Rickman Predator

Wed Aug 16 2006
pfitter1928 at yahoodot com
Spark plug specification
1972 Rickman/Zundap
Need spark plug specification.

Wed Aug 02 2006
rust2gold at comcast.net
Rickman Metisse
Asking for help in identifying the model and year. Also are the forks and front brake correct? Engine and frame numbers match DC16790. Trans # TR6C. Any help appreciated.
Michigan USA

It appears to be a mid-60s model Scrambler. The forks look like Ceriani so they're probably right, but the front wheel appears to be a twin leader from a standard BSA/Triumph of that era so it may not be correct - but probably works a sight better than the miniscule stoppers that were often fitted. Thanks for your help. I will be getting this bike with a collection of other items. I don't intend to keep the Rickman. If you know anyone interested, send them my way. I'm told it was running recently.

Rickman Triumph Metisse.jpg
Rickman Triumph Metisse

Fri Apr 14 2006
keithdebra at shaw.ca
Yoshimura 4 into 1 original exhaust
1975 Rickman Honda CR750
Anyone have any idea where I can procure one of these exhausts.....Keith
Vancouver Canada

Rickman Honda CR750 1975.jpg
Rickman Honda CR750 1975

Thu Apr 06 2006
mleclerc at celophane.fr
Rickman Brand

Hello, I am french and i am searching the T shirt with the Rickman brand printed on it, but in France, this article is unavailable.
Please help me !!!
Thanks for your answer.
France montpellier

Bill Rosen wrote:

Hello Marie,
Below is a link to a company that is quite good with T-Shirts, Jerseys and such. They have good quality, service and a fairly wide selection of vintage marques available.

Kind regards,

Mon Mar 27 2006
amisfitkid at aoldot com
73 rickman
have a rickman, says 7/73 on frame. how can i identify it? i have a vin #. thanks
new jersey ,usa

The engine number, frame number and a photo would be very helpful. Ed.

Fri Mar 03 2006
kodytodd at esc.net.au
1977 CR kawasaki Z900
Am restoring the above motor cycle,and I would like to know where I can get the parts I need to rebuild my bike.

Sat Feb 25 2006
ham-ent at YAHOOdot com
1977 rickman 900 kawasaki
I bought this bike new from D&A cycle PA. it,s 98%, real clean.i would like to find how many were made in 1977, and where did they go?.
ohio usa

Wed Feb 15 2006
harry at shemecdot com
Rickman scrambles forks
I would like to know when the rickman brothers first produced the scrambles forks I have just finished building a MK3 with a T120 Motor and metisse scrambles forks, which are 50mm longer than the road forks, and I would like to use them for pre 65 events but am unsure if they are eligible. your help would be very much appreciated. Regards Harry Edwards.
North Wales

Rickman Mk3 T120 Scrambler.jpg
Rickman MkIII T120 Scrambler

Fri Feb 03 2006
andrew.want at virgin.net
Rickman Fairing
I have recently bought a Rickman Typhoon fairing but with out the brackets. I am trying to fit it to a CX 500. Do you know how or who I can contact to get hold of some?
Thanks in advance


Rickman Typhoon fairing.jpg
Rickman Typhoon fairing


Tue Jan 31 2006
w.rosen at in-control.us
contact for Rickman

my little Rickman

Full story at vintagebike.co.uk

Thank you for that, Bill, I'll add it to the site. Great looking bike!

I had one of those seats on my BSA Lightning (along with a replica Spitfire tank) - very uncomfortable it was over the ridiculous distances I used to ride it. --
Great site, it's always a pleasure to see people waving the vintage banners of the pioneer bikes. The kid's coming up need the enlightenment!!!

Thank you for the compliment, but I realy didn't have much to do with the how good it looks. It's still original except for the small bolt on changes I've made.. It is up to a whopping 1400 miles on the odo now. I put 850 of those on it, over the last 6 years. The seat isn't bad on me, but the longest ride I take it on is about 125 miles in a day, the semi-annual, vintage bike spring shake down and fall color ride, she always gets the best sounding award. If you want to use a pic, feel free to "borrow" one off that site, I've also got a few others. I've got one of it in the museum at DomiRacer, in it's totally original form, I'll attach a scan.

25+ years ago, I had a West Coast Hornet TT factory racer, that I, to this day heavily regret selling. That bike was a BLAST, I put a real alternator on it, hung a battery and lights on it and drove it on the street.


Nice one, Bill. I very much envy you that Hornet, it must have been something else.

I too often miss my BSA. In all the years I rode it, the thousands and thousands of miles up and down the East Coast of Australia, it only once broke down - I had somehow managed to drop the battery and crack it, and the following day the rectifier rattled apart.

The Hornet was a hoot, to blast around on. But if it didn't want to start by the fourth kick, I would just go get another cup of coffee. Otherwise it would hurt me.

BTW, My Rickman was invited, along with a few other Rickman-Enfields, to be "Special Guests", at the annual "Vincent Massacre" here in Chicago. It is a gathering of Vincent owners from all over, somehow related in name and date, to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, in Chicago's history. By an odd twist, there are 5 Rickman Enfields within 400 miles of each other, that we know of and 4 will be at the massacre.


Fri Jan 13 2006
brimac44 at hotmaildot com
Rickman Predator
Hii - I've "inherited" a Predator and as I'm not into bikes myself, I'm looking to sell it. Can you point me to any sites? The bike is red & whiteand a preious owner spray painted the frame black

A browse of of the Bikelinks Classifieds Directory would be a good place to start. Ed.

Thu Dec 29 2005
triton.taz at virgin.net
triumph rickman matisse
Can anyone assist me, I have a rickman framed triumph the frame no is:2 71 R878 and the engine is from a 6T I think from 59 it has a Q plate, Can I get an age related plate, And could you advise me how to. Many thank's Mark

Rickman Metisse Triumph.jpg
Rickman Metisse Triumph

Sat Dec 24 2005
moses444 at hotmaildot com
1973 Rickman Zundapp
I have a 1973 Rickman 125 with the Zundapp motor, still in pretty good condition. Any good place for Zundapp motor parts?

A post in the Zundapp forum would be worthwhile, and also a search of the Bikelinks Zundapp directory. Ed.

Thu Nov 24 2005
nortonwizard at yahoodot com
My Rickman frame
Sorry if this is a repeat. I have a Rickman-Norton frame that I might like to find a good home for. It's not oil-in-frame, as would be expected, but I have a letter of authenticity from Pat French, which he sent after viewing the photos I had sent. I have the plated frame, with matching foot controls, swing arm, all the eccentric swing- arm/chain adjusters and motor mounting plates for it. It had a Norton P-11 motor in it when I got it.
I'd like to know what it might be worth to sell, and also how to get in touch with whomever has the business, today, should I decide to get the missing body parts and finish the project.

Sat Nov 05 2005
fraserg at telus.net
Restoring Rickman Predator
Looking for supplier of Rickman parts, am restoring a 1980-81 Rickman Predator, has 1000 kaw motor, need a few parts for completion. Any info would be appretiated.
Glen Fraser
Alberta Canada

Mon Oct 24 2005
nicone at hotmaildot com
do you know the new mail adress of rickmas? the old one: rickman-motorcycles.com isn´t valid any more.thanks a lot.nico

Suggest you browse the Rickman section of Bikelinks:
Rickman Motorcycles

30th Sept 2005
subject: history of rickman motor cycles
Email: arizonacouper at aoldot com
message: there is a book by dave gittins relative to the rickman brothers. Is the book still available and where can it be purchase

If you have a query about Rickman Motorcycles please contact us