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The Condor marque was founded by Eduard and Jules Scheffer in Courfaivre, Switzerland as a producer of bicycles and became one of the country's leading motorcycle manufacturers.

Otto Fricker married the daughter of Eduard Scheffer and established the fledgling motorcycle division, building the first example in 1901 using a Zedel engine. Sales began to increase considerably with the introduction of a single-speed Motosacoche-powered motorcycle in 1908.

Later machines employed a variety of engines including MAG, Moser, Villiers, Universal and, after WWII, AMC and Ducati.


There are two basic variations, the civilian A580 and the military A580-I. The 580-I differs in that it has an 8 speed box, the shapes of the tank and logo are changed, and they have a military colour scheme. It is covered with labels annotating the various service points and has a more sophisticated toolkit.

The engines for the two models are effectively the same and have features which show a markedly different approach to both BMW and Zundapp. They have hydraulic tappets and the left and right cylinder heads are interchangeable.

The first in the series was the C580 introduced in 1944 but not in production until 1947. This was followed by the A580 military motorcycle in 1949. 40 of the C480 models were sold to the French Police, and there is ongoing discussion as to whether the Condor design influenced that of CEMEC.

Other models include the A540 1939-1940 running a MAG 497cc Type 1C9L3, and also during the same period a V-Twin of 847cc was built. Later in the WWII years they introduced the A680 with a 677cc Universal V-Twin engine, production of which ended in 1946.

Condor and others

Approximately 3000 Ducati-engined Condor 350s were built between 1973 and 1978, and some 1500 of these were still in use by the Swiss army as late as 2001 when they were replaced with BMW F650 singles. Earlier model Condors used French AMC engines and Swiss MAG powerplants, among others.


1909-1918 Kaffeemühle 500 cc & 1000 cc twin cyl., 4 stroke, IOE 9-18 h.p., belt drive

1911-1917 Types 16, 16A, 16B, single cyl., 4 stroke, Moser or Zedel, belt drive

1911-1917 Types 17 & 18 single cyl., 4 stroke, IOE, belt drive, Moser or Zedel

1911-1914 Types 19 19B 19C 19D 19E single cyl., 4 stroke, IOE, belt drive, Moser or Zedel

1911-1917 Types 20/21 20B 21B twin cyl., 4 stroke, IOE, belt drive, Moser or Zedel

1926-1934 Types 500 Grand Sport, 511, 498 cc single cyl., OHV 22 h.p. (4.800 rpm)

1928-1938 Types Super Sport, 421, 422, 425, 500 cc single cyl. 82 x 94 mm, 4 stroke

1930 Model 322 Populaire 500cc single cyl IOE, 82x94mm. Weight: 162kg

1938-1940 Types Super-Luxe, 523, 500 cc single cyl. 82 x 94 mm, 4 stroke

1945-1958 Types A 580, A 580-1, C 580, C 580 Rally, C 580 TL, C 580 TN, T 580-1, 577 cc twin cyl. 70 x 75.2 mm, 4 stroke, side valve, Boxer 14½ h.p. to 20 h.p.

1947-1956 Types A 750, C 750 TL/TN 744 cc twin cyl. 78 x 78 mm, 4 stroke, Boxer 25 h.p. @ 4.400 rpm

Condor 4hp V-Twin 1919

More images...The latest model 4 h.p. twin Condor, fitted with a M.A.G. engine.


Paris Salon, 1919

Both single and twin-cylinder models are shown fitted with M.A.G. engines. For the purposes of description, the most fully equipped motor cycle will be used.

A primary chain drive with engine shaft shock absorber transmits power to an external band clutch, and a constant mesh two-speed gear, the control of which ensures clutch withdrawal when a change of ratio is made. The final drive is by belt, and both brakes act on the belt rim. Handle engine starting is employed, and the most striking feature of the frame is the use of double tubes wherever possible. A spring fork of the single or non-girder type insulates the front portion of the machine, and a combined spring saddle pillar and footboards may be obtained as an extra. It is interesting to note that the final drive leaves the gear box on the right hand side, and that the rear mudguard and carrier are quickly detachable from the back stays.

The Motor Cycle, October 1919

Sources: A. Vassiliadis, The Motor Cycle, et al.

There were several other Condor marques

Condor Directory
Condor Model History

laurent.bailly451 at
Condor A580 1956
I own a 1956 Condor A 580 which I am refurbishing. It was stored in a garage for a very long time and I noticed that 3 parts were missing: the key, the protective cover at the front of the engine and the protective cover at the top of the engine.
I have no idea where I can find these parts. Any help is welcome. Thank you
Laurent Bailly
Paris (France)

  • Perhaps check the Condor Directory above. Do let us know if any of the links are no longer working. Ed.

rpoe at
1952 580 military
Hi, I would like to connect/wire up the front fender light but do not know where the connection should be made. I removed the headlight and looked around in thê housing for a possible place but didn.t see anything obvious. Any idea/photo? Thank you Richard
Richard POE

  • Possibly check with someone who has restored one - there are at least two listed in the galleries. Also check the page mentioned below. Image posted to Comments.

coltfulk at
Swiss Condor
Hello! I am restoring my 1975 Swiss Condor, and am trying to locate original handlebars. Any suggestions or ideas where to find them?
Zurich, Switzerland

  • If it's an A350, all those in the gallery have conventional MX style bars. Anyone who sells classic MX gear can supply them. Ed.

raymc69 at
1977-78 SWISS CONDOR A350
I'm looking for oil and air filters for this bike.
Ray McNulty
fmfuelinjection1 at
350 Condor ex Swiss Army about 1960
My brother Arie van Bockel in Wollongong NSW Australia has a fine ..origional. speciment for sale..
Ex Swiss Army 350.
Ferdinand van Bockel
Toowoomba Qld Australia
alessandroargento at
Condor A250 1965
I'm really in need of the repair manual for the condor A250 motorcycle, any idea where can I buy it?
Firenze, italy
gordon at
Condor 1952 A580-i

Could you please help to provide information on where to buy parts for my A580-i. I would need manuals advise etc. thanks Gordon 00447711844747
Gordon Chambers
Londonderry United Kingdom

Mon May 29 2017
honans at
Age Dating Certificate
Comdor A350
Hi, I was wondering if you could help, I have a Condor A350 with no paperwork, in order to get the paperwpork, I need to get a age dating certificate from the manufacture or a club, can you help or point me in the right direction...Cheers Eoin

Mon May 22 2017
daniele.bodega at
condor a580 information request
Dear Sheldon's EMU,
I would like to buy an A580 Condor. I've found one but I can't be sure about the originality of engine and frame numbers because I haven't found a book that allows me to do a double check. Do you know where I can find this kind of information?
Thanks for your time in any case. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wed Apr 12 2017
tim-1953 at
CONDOR A580 1953 Model
Hi, Could you please put me in touch with any other owners that speak English, or if you know where I could get the owners manual.
Many thanks.

  • This chap has a manual, by the sounds of things. He may be able to help.

Mon Jul 11 2016
leo at
Condor A350
Hi, My Condor needs a new carburator. Its the Dellorto VHB 27A
Does anybody know where i can purchase a new or good reconditioned carburretor.
1977 Condor A350.
Regards Leo

Tue Apr 26 2016
sarah_williams2 at
Certificate of conformity
Condor A350 1975
I have purchased the Condor A350 1975 from Denmark but to register it I need a certificate of conformity. Do you know how I can obtain one please.

Mon Apr 11 2016
Condor A580
I have a 1952 Condor A580, and I am in need of contacts for parts

Fri Apr 08 2016
attilaimbuzan at
condor a580
does anybody have a a580 for sale

Fri Nov 06 2015
bobbrownducati at
Swiss Miss
Condor 350A
Hi from Australia,these Condors are great but very slow in standard form but with some mods they are even better.
Melbourne, Australia

Fri Oct 30 2015

bobbrownducati at

Hi from Australia

Condor 350A

Condor modified, cam, head job,amal carb, exhaust, i2 volt electrics

Thu Jun 04 2015
Lmtada at
Condor A580
Condor A580
In Edmonton, Canada. Picked up 1950's Condor parts. Looking for more parts (everything, bike).
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Wed Feb 11 2015

Condor Not Known
Can you help me identify this bike please?

Marmande, France

Sat Nov 23 2013
Ignition coil needed
Ducati Condor
I have enjoyed riding my Swiss Condor A350 for over a decade. Now I need a new starter coil. Does anyone have a compatible replacement for a 1976 condenser and a coil with the stamp reading "Ducati Elettrotecnica 320106 6Vcc 2207" on the bottom? Thank you!
Los Angeles

Sat Aug 03 2013
parts for a350 condor
Condor A350
looking leads for parts and other info
Alb NM

Mon Jul 22 2013
condor a350 parts source
condor A 350
Looking for footpeg and mounting bracket..left side rider
Alb new mexico

Tue Jul 16 2013
Join Club
Condor a350
I'm going to buy a Condor next week. I wanted to join the club to find out more about them and where to get parts. I was on the site but did not see where to join...can you send me a link to join please.
New Jersey, USA
There is at least one Condor club listed here: Condor Directory

Tue Aug 14 2012
dates of manufacture
concord a350
i'm after date (month) of manufacture of 1975 a350 condors

Thu Aug 09 2012
spares for condor a350- 4/'76
condor a350 4/'76 condor a350 4/'76
wanted...oil filter and a side stand
Toowoomba Qld Australia

Wed Jun 29 2011
Condor A580
We have on display an A580 customized by Kenneth Howard this July 2011 at the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard, CA.

Fri Dec 24 2010
Condor A350 Ducati 1976
Condor A350 1976
I would like to purchase a Condor Motorcycle or engine.
Cannock - UK

Fri Aug 06 2010
pmeehan2004<at>yahoodot com
condor 350
condor a350
the picture I attached is no the actual bike but the same make and model someone is selling the same bike dirty and rusty and has been sitting not used for 2 years what price should I offer it has all the original parts also is I were to restore it how much would it be worth.

Thu Feb 04 2010
dougdecco at
oil filter
condor a 350
I have a 1976 condor a350 and I am having trouble locating an oil filter
Can anyone help please

Mon Nov 23 2009
beavan99 at yahoodot com

For sale: Condor A350
Condor A350

Ex Swiss Army 1976. Good runner. The bike is in good original condison all papers needed.

Mon Aug 10 2009
l.comensoli at
condor 323 sport
Ich finde ein kolben fur ein motor mag moto condor

Tue Jul 07 2009
1975 condor A350 ohio SOLD
condor A350
if anyone is looking for a good running condor i have one for sale.
starts first try. has all tools and accessories manuals ect.
it's a '75 with 29k on it.

Tue Apr 14 2009
tjacobs1967 at aoldot com
Condor INfo wanted and have
Condor A350
I have a bit of info for a parts source for condors. I have one but am looking for one of the low/no mile ones that showed up in the states. email me for info or one for sale tjacobs at
Denver, Colorado

Wed Feb 25 2009
buchwalder-c at
Condor A 580 side car
Magnifique side car CONDOR A 580 attelé à un pannier IMPERIAL.
Ce véhicule a été restauré à 100% en 1989 et a effectué moins de 3000 km depuis

Sat Nov 15 2008
leo at
Condor A350 spares
Hi guy's, I've just bought a Condor A350 and was wondering where I might source spares in europe.
Thank's Leo

Fri Oct 31 2008
eavilmo at msndot com
condor 350 swiss army courior model
i have 3 swiss army 350 models need manuals and tune up info in english all 3 are comeplete may need some replacement parts

It is likely that the Ducati manuals will cover your machine. Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sat Dec 01 2007
marzipan10b at
Bosch generator/A250 Condor
Condor A250 1965?
Bosch generator model 0112350007. Mine has died! HELP needed for replacement part or advice on repairs. Thanks
Attached are pictures of my generator field and armature. Note: The field casing is one I had in stock and looks good, but still no charge but the original part has the number Bosch 0112350007 but has a burned out coil.Derek Upton
New Zealand

The page on vintage Motorcycle Electrics may prove helpful.

Tue Oct 02 2007
rudge-racing at
racers from the 30's
Hi , here are fotos of 2 Condor race bikes from the early 30's
both have MAG D50 engines, the one with the nickel plated frame is a works hillclimb racer with a short frame
regards Alex

Tue Jun 12 2007
triplederby100-propos at yahoodot com
Condor A350 parts
Can someone point me to source for the parts for Condor A350 motorcycle in USA? Thanks!
California, USA

Tue May 08 2007
ianorrell at hotmaildot com
Condor 350
Just found this advert while looking for something else.
There must be about 25 of them for £1400 each.

The Condors are on this page: (404)

Tue Feb 13 2007
larthur4 at yahoodot com
My dad sent me a, I believe, 35 condor and I have no idea of value or anything about bikes!!! Please help me identify this motorcycle! Thank you
thank you for responding, i will get pictures this weekend! can you tell me if this 350 condor needs a key or is it just a kickstart, sometimes i wish i was a guy!!! i dont see an ignition switch.
thank you kindly,
lisa arthur

There must be some type of on/off switch or kill switch, Lisa, possibly on the handlebars. Ed.
I think the ignition key is in the headlight. The black plastic doover - you'd think I'd remember as I rode one for a couple of years back in the 60s. It's battery coil ignition with a 6v system, most likely, so check the battery has charge, put fresh fuel in it, prime the carbie and give the kick starter a few prods. If it still has compression, there's a good chance it will start. It may try to break your ankle first, tho. Ed.

Sat Oct 07 2006
Greaves9 at
Condor Motorcycle
In 1958 I was in a motorcycle shop in Vancouver British Columbia Canada where they had a 650 c.c. vertical twin Condor Motorcycle for sale looked like a contemporary british twin. What I remember most was the two speed auxilary operated by a small lever on the gearbox giving eight speeds. any info would be appreciated Thanks

Thu Aug 03 2006
davidwdyson at hotmaildot com
Condor Motorcycles
Condor A580
Hi, I am looking for the front mudguard mounted lamp to complete an A580 Condor if anyone is able to help. Thanks, David
North of England

Fri Jul 14 2006
caveman-period at yahoodot com
Condor 250

Hello Everybody,
I am about to buy a Condor 250.
But before I will do that I need to ask a couple of questions about this bike to someone who owns a bike like this.

Could someone respond to me, please?

Sat Jul 01 2006
stevenmichaeli at yahoodot com
Oil Filters
1976 Condor A350
Here is a list of manufacturer's numbers for oil filters: Fiaam FT4664, Fram PH4512, Ruggerini 17511, Slanzi 407045, Clean DO315, AC Delco X91, Coopers LSF5123, Fispa FOE191, Savara 50524. Tecnocar also makes a filter but I have misplaced the number. If you can find a source willing to ship some filters to the US, please let me know

Mon Jun 26 2006
caveman-period at yahoodot com
Condor 250 and 580.

Greetings from Canada.
I wouder if you could help me to come in contact with someone who owns a Condor 250 and 580? I would like to ask a few questions about these bikes.

Ted Kucharski
Alberta, Canada (AB)

Wed May 24 2006
rwboyce at aoldot com
condor 350 parts
I need the right battery and oil filter

Mon May 15 2006
a-l-pierce2000 at
Condor A580
I wish to sell my A580 Condor and would appreciate any advice on value etc. The machine is in original running condition and only aprox 20,000kms from new
I will attempt to send a photo of my Condor, but forgot to write down the engine and chassis nos which I remember are in the 7000s - possibly a clue to year of manufacture. I say attempt as I live in Bali and frequently our internet connection is not so good! Here goes and I will send the exact numbers for bike tomorrow.
Best regards,

Try this page for Classic Motorcycle Valuations. Ed Re my Condor A580, the engine number is 7339 and the frame number 94739. Is it possible to find the year of manufacture? Thanks for your assistance.

Mon May 08 2006
seceshgil at
engine parts Ducati 350 1976 Condor
350 Condor
engine parts especially oil filter.
usa, georgia

Most engine parts are the same as Ducati 250/350/450 engines of c1966 to c1975 and are available from numerous vintage Ducati dealers. There are many listed in the Ducati dealers directories at Bikelinks.

Mon Dec 05 2005
jntoma2000 at yahoodot com
ducati condor
are any for sale???

Fri Nov 18 2005
speedrunner at peoplepcdot com
condor parts
Any one interested in condor c580 waiting on title. Needs carbuator and exhaust. Shows 115 km on odometor. Does anyone know if BMW parts will work and if so what model? Any help would be helpfull or I will part out bike.

Fri Dec 30 2005
Condor 580 for sale
Condor Project for sale Has clear title.Please contactin Denver USA
speedrunner at peoplepcdot com

February 2nd 2005
Condor Ducati on Ebay
Vendor's Description:
"In the early '70s, the Swiss Army tapped the venerable Italian motorcycle paragon, Ducati, to craft a military bike that could handle the rigors of the Alps. The solid frame and punchy 350 cc kick-start engine they engineered took on the twisting mountain roads of Switzerland like a champ. When we discovered a few of these well-maintained, but virtually forgotten "Condor" bikes nested away in a Cold War-era warehouse, we nearly popped a wheelie. Designed for solo dispatches and liaison duties, they feature dual saddlebags and even a rifle rack. Produced from 1973 to 1978, they're street-legal based on classic vehicle laws. (Even though we trust the Swiss maintenance guys, we hired a trusty American motorcycle mechanic to change the oil and filter, conduct compression tests and other diagnostics, and to give each bike an overall tune-up.) 84"x48". 600 lbs. "

January 9th 2005
subject: condor motocycles
Email: a.h.m.ekstijn at
message: check de 'benvanhelden'-site in holland.
very educative.
greetings from adri ekstijn, schaijk,holland.

April 29, 2002
See all about the Swiss made Condor, boxer twins and military motorcycles on the site of the CONDORCLUB HOLLAND, -- Greetings, Ben van Helden  -- condorclub at hotmaildot com

November 26, 2001
I have a 350 Condor. I'm looking for an easy replacement oil filter for it. I also need to know the ingniton specs and how to check the timing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -- Thanks -- Dan Greenwood  -- danielg94 at homedot com

October 22, 2001
Hi...I'm looking for tune-up specs for a Condor 350A ( I believe it's a 1973) and I need to know where I can find an oil filter or any other info... So far everything on the Web is written in German.... Any help would be greatly appreciated. -- Thanks -- Dan -- WFODAN at aoldot com

September 11, 2001
Iwant to buy manual or boock about the motrcycle "CONDOR A 580",please answer me, my address:
Murilo R. P. Leonardi -- muriloleonardo at
Av. Mariano Mingotti 50
Araraquara SP. Vila Harmonia
CEP 14 802 630 BRASIL.

August 4, 2001
I have a Condor A 580 in perfect condiction all original and I want to by manual or catalog or boock about , please send me information if Yours interest I can sand photograf of them, my adress :
Murilo R. P. Leonardi -- muriloleonardo at
Av. Mariano Mingotti 50
Araraquara SP. BRASIL
CEP14 802 630 fon/fax 55 16 2351903

December 11, 1998

I've attached a picture of the Condor for you. It was made in 1942 for the Swiss Army. As far as I know there are only two in New Zealand. One is at a Transport Museum and I have the other. Any information you can find on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm not even sure of its value.

Once again thanks for you help.

-- Ross De Thier -- mail-to:rossdt at

If you have a query about Condor motorcycles please contact us