Wooler Motorcycles

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Wooler Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

John Wooler built his first motorcycle in 1909, and after WWI he built horizontally-opposed inline twins which featured rear suspension and most unusual fuel tanks. Production ceased during the years 1930 to 1947, after which he produced a quite remarkable flat four. Wooler died in 1955, and the story of the wonderful Wooler motorcycle ended.

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billmdunlop at hotmail.com
1920 wooler 2 3/4 flat twin
Hi I own and run the above bike have an archive of literature that I have collected over the years.
Happy to share to non profit ends
johnchubb at btconnect.com
This is a photo of The 1911 WOOLER TWO STROKE as it is today which still makes The Sunbeam Motorcycle club runs
The drawings you have of the motorcycle date back to 1909 when John Wooler had the idea of the concept. Please let me know if I can help with any more information as we have a number of Woolers. Thanks John
John Chubb

Mon Jan 30 2006
alan at black-mesa dot com
Wooler information
My name is Alan Wooler from Essex in the UK. I have done some reserch to try and find out more information on all of the models made, but finding it a little difficult. Please can anybody with any information (pics, web links & documents) please send me as much as you know.

I am really interested in finding out everything that is known as I may be part of the family. Unfortunatly nobody in my family has ever done a family tree, so I do not know if I am or am not connected.

Please help me.

Thank you

Alan M. Wooler

Mon Aug 01 2005
david at kennyinc.demon.co.uk
Wooler Motorcycles
I am very sorry to hear than Doreen has died, I was in touch with her earlier this year about wooler bikes. I have a wooler flat four engine that is going into the greenford museum and would be interetsed in making an offer for the twin that Doreen allowed them to display, which if you sold it to me I would restore and keep on show there. My phone number is 0208-992-8389.

many thanks

David Kenny

1955 Wooler
"John Wooler's designs owed more to his love of innovation than to any commercial considerations. He founded his company in 1909 and produced his first motorcycle two years later. After a break during WWI he made a series of fore-and-aft twins..."
1955 Wooler at the British Motorcycle Charitable Trust

Fri Jul 15 2005
terryflying at aol dot com
Wooler motorcycles
John Wooler (son of the manufacturer) was my uncle. His wife, my aunt has just died. The estate has a 1923 Wooler bike to sell in original unrestored good condition. Interested?
I don't yet have any pics to give you as I have a business practice to run and my time is at a premium. Pictures can be arranged in due course, along with any proof of ownership. The bike itself is currently on loan to The London Motorcycle Museum in Greenford. To my eyes it looks the same as the Wooler at Beaulieu, but has a more attractive provenance having been kept in the Wooler family from the start. My late Uncle John [son of the manufacturer] rode it on the London to Brighton rallies for a while until probably the early 60s.

It may also have been raced by John Wooler senior but as this is anecdotal I could not prove this. If it became necessary to demonstrate proof of provenance I would do so. As I was born in 1961 I only have vague memories of details surrounding the bike. My cousin recalls a story of huge offers from the USA for the bike in the 70s but Uncle John did not want it to go there nor needed the money. Regards, Terry.

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