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Wooler Motorcycles for 1921

Wooler 1920

After long adherence to belt transmission, the 2¾ h.p. Wooler is now offered optionally as a chain-driven machine.

Wooler 1920

Adjustable handle-bars are standard on the Woolers at Olympia. Just below the petrol tap on the Wooler there is a simple filter.

Olympia Show 1920

Wooler. (Stand 33.)

  • 2¾ h.p.; 60.5x60 mm. (349 c.c.); twin-cylinder four-stroke; side exhaust, overhead inlet valves; mechanical lubrication; Amac carburetter, B. and B. (touring); gear-driven magneto; variable speed expanding pulley gear; belt drive; 26 x 2¼ in. tyres. Price £102 semi-T.T.; £103 10s. touring; £112 Brooklands.

Wooler Motor Cycle Co. (1919), Ltd., Alfreton. The Wooler exhibit comprises four models, namely, the standard touring model, which is practically identical with the successful machines of 1920, semi-T.T. (belt-driven), a Brooklands model (belt- driven), and the completely new Colonial model described below, which has a three-speed gear box and single chain drive. The main improvements in the three belt-driven models include a slight alteration in the inlet valve domes, which makes it easier to get at the valve cotters.

An ingenious crank case release is provided through a hole drilled in the magneto driving gears. The outlet is connected by a rubber pipe to a hole in the middle tube of the middle saddle tube. Released vapour travels down this tube to an oil tap connected by an armoured pipe to the engine sump.

The lamp and generator are mounted on a neat fitting which raises them a little, and the rays from the air vents in the base of the head lamp illuminate the speedometer, which is mounted in a circular clip on the left-hand side of the fork crown. The horizontally-opposed twin-cylinder engine and variable pulley gear remain as before, a drop of 100% in the ratio being available. The special Brooklands model is supplied under a speed certificate of not less than fifty-five miles per hour. The belt-driven models weigh 163 lb. The machine is designed with a special eye to economy and accessibility, the makers claiming that the average cost of oil, petrol, tyres, and belt for the first year does not exceed¾d. per mile.

A new Colonial model has a three-speed gear box housed in the sump and running in oil. A disc clutch is combined with the gear box, and is hand-controlled. On this model a thrower disc on the engine-shaft is substituted for the chain lubrication employed on the belt-driven models. The single chain to the rear wheel is adjusted by sliding the power unit bodily oh the two tubes composing the engine cradle. This adjustment is locked by two bolts, and the exhaust pipe and box slide with the engine. A spare chain is carried in a light aluminium drum attached by a single control bolt to the base of the sump. The weight of this machine is 190 lb., and gear ratios provided are 4¾, 7½, and 15½ to 1 respectively.

Olympia Show. The Motor Cycle, December 2nd, 1920. Page 718

  • Wooler 1921 345cc