Aberdale Autocycles


A Brief History of the Marque

The Aberdale firm of London between 1947 & 1949, this Villiers Junior powered 98cc autocycle was typical of lightweights built during the immediate postwar era. The 98cc Villiers engine hung from the frame and it had petroil lubrication, direct lighting and blade girder forks. A carrier was positioned over the rear wheel, and side panels concealed the engine. It had basic controls (brake, clutch, throttle, gearchange), a bulb horn, drum brakes and a speedometer.

The motorcycles were manufactured in the Bown factory in Tonypandy in Wales. In 1949 they were re-badged and marketed under the Bown label.

Sources: Henshaw, Graces Guide

positivelydisillusioned at
Aberdale and Sturmey Archer
I am looking for an Aberdale moped. I haven't seen one here in USA though have been looking for 20 years. Perhaps I should look abroad. I do not want a pristine machine, I don't even want one that works. I enjoy building junk, you see. I don't know if this is a proper place to inquire but a shot in the dark is a shot in the dark. Also looking for Sturmey Archer stuff, thought I would shoot that into the dark as well. Help would be appreciated sincerely. Budget for a bike would be maybe a few thousand USD.
Trevor London Cochran
Seattle, USA

Sun, 07 Jan 2018
vin_dowd at
Excelsior Universal 1950

Hi Just thought you maybe interested in some pics of a recent universal 1950 and a 1948 Aberdale Autocycle restoration. I have attached a before and after shot of both.
Vincent dowd
South Australia Australia

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Mon Nov 15 2010
Aderdale villiers
Can someone give me a price estimation for an aderdale
Belgium, Aalst

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