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A Brief History of the Marque

The factory was established in 1911 by William Bown and the marque is related to Aberdale and Levis.

The Aeolus name was trademarked by Bown in 1877, and, according to Tragatsch (p69), Bown built Aeolus motorcycles powered by his own 269cc two-stroke engines from 1914 to 1916.

Wales 1922-1924
From 1922 to 1924 William Bown assembled small Villiers-powered machines of 147cc capacity, and also 248cc & 348cc JAP & Blackburne powered machines.

Taken over by Aberdale in the 1930's, Bown is associated with Aberdales 1946-49 and Levis 1950-58.

From 1950 to 1958 the Bown marque products were autocycles of 98cc and 123cc with engines by Villiers, and after 1955 they also marketed a re-badged Hercules Sachs-powered moped as Bown. This same machine was marketed in Germany as a TWN (Triumph Werke Nürnberg).

Bown 1922 JAP

A neat little 21/2 h.p. J.A.P. model has been added to the Bown programme.

1921 Olympia Show

Bown Additions.

IN addition to the 2¾ h.p. Blackburne and 2½ h.p. Villiers models, Bowns, Ltd., will market a neat little touring machine fitted with the 21/2 h.p. J. A. P. engine (293 c.c). An Albion two-speed gear with clutch and kick-starter is fitted, chain and belt drive being employed. Druid forks, M-L magneto, 26 X 21/4 in. tyres, B. and B. carburetter, and an internal V brake are used, and all the fittings are of good quality. The rear forks of all models are now wider to prevent trapping of the guard. Lubrication of the engine is through a Best and Lloyd sight feed device, and the primary chain is well protected by a neat cover. A dropped top tube frame is retained, and the general appearance is good.

The Motor Cycle, November 1921

More on Bown History

andredavidnolf at
1955 Bown Sachs 47cc
Looking for chain cover and opposite panel
Bristol/ UK

owey1998 at
Looking for a front wheel for a bown 50cc 1956 moped. Just wondered if anybody has got one or know of one if they could let me know.
Norwich Uk
phduk1 at
Bown, Autocycle, 1953
Hi, I have aquired a Bown Autocycle with a Villiers 98cc engine. I ntend to get the engine going and keep it in 'oily rag' condition. It's been dormant for over 50 years so a lot needs doing to it. Can you advise me what club would be best for me to join please ? There seems to be a lot of them out there but are there any which show a particular interest in the Bown make ?
Darrell Parsons
Gloucester UK

Bown-DPa image posted to Comments.
brookes.e at sky.con
Bown 98cc 1952
I am trying to find out if there any places that stock any parts for this vintage motorcycle
Paul Brookes
England UK
Wed, 20 Sep 2017
johnjaneswales at<
Bown 1952 billies engine. 98cc

I have just bought a BOWN 1952 98cc. I need to know where I can get tank stickers and any more info on any parts that is located in U.K.
John janes
Llanelli United Kingdom

Sun Apr 02 2017
bramble113 at
Frame number
bown 98cc motorcycle
Hi, could you tell me where to find the frame number please, the frame has several layers of paint on it so cannot find it. Thanks
Mon Jan 23 2017
claudiopetro051 at
decals and spares Bown Mark 2F 98
I find BOWN 98 MARK 2F autoroadster decals

Fri Sep 16 2016
daveburke42 at
bown please see att photo
Would you please be able to give me the correct colour for a old bown tank that I am trying to spray as a suprise for my dad. Please see att photos I have taken from the net of the correct bike.
Thank you for your help

Mon Jun 09 2014
ajgilham at
My Old Motorbike
Bown 98cc
My first motorcycle was a Bown 98cc, previously owned by my father and sold to D. Vaughan Thomas, in Cardiff where I grew up.. It was registered GKG 536. By any chance does it still survive? Any info to my e mail address please.

Mon Apr 07 2014
helen.walbey at<
bown original drawings and hand books
bown 98cc
one of my customers has original handbooks and drawings from the late 1940s or 50s his father was a designer at the factory in wales, he is looking to sell them .do they have any value

Sat Jan 25 2014 paul.old at
carburettor Bown unkonown
I have parts of the Bown Carburettor. Mark GJ or JG. Missing the threated caps for Petrol chamber and throttle chamber (to cylinder) Leusden, Netherlands

Sat Sep 01 2012
Bown Motorcycle Wanted
I wish to purchase a Bown motorcycle. Cash waiting, anything considered, can collect.
01443 422229
Rhondda Cynon Taf

Thu Jan 12 2012
Bown Motorcycle
Bown ??
I am looking to buy a Bown Motorcycle does anybody have one for sale?

Mon Aug 01 2011
karen.kjc<at>hotmaildot com<
sach moped
sachs bown
i have been trying to get a registration certificate but dvla have no details for this make of moped they advised me to get in touch with the owners club so i was wondering if you could advise me on how i could keep the registration number

Try the page on Motorcycle Documentation & Paperwork

Tue Apr 12 2011
BOWN 1952 1F OTE9
Trying to source 1952 model Bown 1F OTE9 or similar age.
South Africa

Wed Apr 27 2011
pigscanflywhycanti<at>hotmaildot com<
Reconditioning Bown motorcycle
Bown n/a Villiers engine
I have a Bown motorbike with Villiers on the engine.
I am reconditioning it and looking to sell it but I don't have the side panels or headlamp or side cart. Can anyone tell me where I can get these things?
Also I don't know If I should have it repainted the original colors or differently?
Last thing is I don't know where to sell it or for how much?
Thank you
Sorry I took so long.

This is what the bike looks like at the moment because I am giving it a full redo. The engine worked when we got it but has still been fully dissmanteled and will be put together like new and will run a treat.
Hope the photo is good enough. Any info is usefull.
Peter Merridew

Mon Aug 03 2009
jimcunliffe at btconnectdot com<
bown motorcycle 98cc
I have acquired a bown 98cc motorcycle and am looking for some history of the model also handbooks and photos .
Registration is JTB303 I would appreciate any help with putting this Bown back on the road.

Tue Apr 28 2009
alanvthomas19 at btinternetdot com<
bown motorcycle
I have a bown motorcycle, I need stays for the headlamp,anybody help?

Tue Apr 14 2009
sireland at
parts required
Bown 1952 98cc
Front and rear mudguards required. Complete clutch. Colour of frame plus bike in general.
United kingdom

Fri Mar 07 2008
b-depree at
Frame or Frame Specificatons
Bown 1953 1F
Location of a Frame or drawings of.
Holland, Michigan
Attached is a sample picture.

Bruce De Pree

Mon Sep 17 2007
alamvthomas19 at btinternetdot com<
bown 98cc motorcycle
I have a bown 98cc motorcycle (2 gears,shift on handle-bar) no lights fitted.I have the correct headlamp, 4.5 inch, but no reflector, anybody help?

Sat Jan 27 2007
kendoughty999 at msndot com<
Bown Motorcycle Spare Parts
Bown 1952 Motorcycle
I am restoring one but do not have any rear brake shoes.Any ideas where I can locate some? With thanks, Ken.
Orpington, Kent.

Thu Nov 23 2006
tombown at
ANY Bown's in America
1952 Bown 98cc
I have a Bown (my family name) and am interested in hearing from folks with knowledge of the brand.


Fri Aug 04 2006
andyrob11 at hotmaildot com<
1952 bown motorcycle
bown 99 c.c
my father has recently acquired a 1952 bown motorcycle, any ideas on value, rarity e.t.c would be greatly recieved the bike is complete and with a spare engine....
west sussex


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