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A Brief History of the Marque

The Armis Cycle Manufacturing Company, of Heneage Street, Birmingham, manufactured 1919 to 1923 *

Built quite a variety of machines using a range of engines which included the 269cc Precision two-strokes and a 654cc MAG V-twin.

  • The founders were Messrs. Harrison and Baker. In 1919-1920 they offered two models, both with Precision engines. The larger of the two used the old 8hp 269cc sv V-twin Precision and a three-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox. There was also a medium-weight that had a new Precision 349cc two-stroke engine delivering power via an Enfield two-chain, two-speed transmission. The V-twin model was short-lived, and the transmission of the two-stroke was via a Burman Gearbox. Armis also listed a complete sidecar combination as well as a solo JAP model.

    1921 The V-twin returned, this time with a 654cc sidevalve JAP engine, in both solo and sidecar combination versions.

    1922 saw the V-twin still in the catalogue, was joined by other models with JAP or MAG engines. They were sold with sidecars to order. Nothing was heard of the marque after 1923.

Sources: Tragatsch p78, correspondence, Graces Guide

Tragatsch gives dates of 1920-1923
The Latin word "armis" is suggested to mean in this context, "by force and arms".

Fri May 26 2017
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Armis Motorcycles
Armis 1920
Hi, I have a 1920 Armis and was trying to track down any info on the company. Thought you might also need some more info on the bike itself as I seem to have the only known one left? Cheers, Dan (Australia)

  • The machine is believed to have a 300cc JAP engine. Ed.

    Dick Weekes of calthorpe.info writes, "Very interested to have news of this unique bike as we believe that it was built for Armis by Calthorpe. The frame and tank and 293cc JAP engine appear identical to the 1920 Calthorpe JAP. The blanked off hole in the frame behind the engine housed the Enfield two speed gear used on the Calthorpe version."

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