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Meyra Microcars and Invalid Carriages

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1936 - present
Wilhelm Meyer, Vlotho ad Weser

Wilhelm Meyer built invalid carriages for disabled war veterans. In addition to electric machines, there was a variety of quite attractive tricycles powered by two-stroke engines of 50cc to 250cc, mostly by JLO and Fichtel & Sachs, at least one model with a Küchen engine (probably a four-stroke), and one source mentions DKW.

With two wheels at the front, the Meyra was produced as both an invalid car and a cheap two-seater microcar. The machines had final drive to the rear wheel by chain. Egon Brutsch is credited as consultant during the design phase. (JF)

Microcar description, two seater

  • Hydraulic brakes on all wheels
    Electric starter
    Interior heating ducted from engine in the manner of VW and some light aircraft
    Final drive by fully enclosed chain
    Rack and pinion steering
    Engine access via a hinged rear panel secured with snap fasteners
    Cabin access via a single door on the right hand side

There was also a 4 seater of which but a few were built, and a 2 door sports machine which did not enter production.

Several of these machines exist today including one in a museum in St. Ingbert, Saarland, another in Brisbane Queensland, both microcars, and an invalid carriage at the Miami Auto Museum. Meyra Microcar models 1952-1956:

Model 48/50
Model 53
Model 55 1950-1952
Model 55 Zweisitzer
Model Model 200 1953-1955 four-seater
Model 200-2

Sources: Factory Literature, mo-ped.se, carsablanca.de, JF, correspondence.

Meyra Type 56, Kuiper Customs
Meyra Type 56, Kuiper Customs

Nuphar Kuiper <noofmail at yahoo.com>
meyra type 56

Hi there, I'm restoring a Meyra type 56 at the moment, and the thing is, that except for a certain brochure on your site, I was unable to find any information about this exact model... All I find on the web are models which "look like" but are not the same... what else, the certain model I have has a 147cc ILO engine, where as on the brochure it's said to have had a 125cc ILO engine or a 150cc Sachs engine...

In the 50's, 40 units of this kind were sent from Germany to Israel as a gesture of goodwill, whereas about 2-3 of them remained...
If there's any way you can help me get more info about this model (pictures, drawings, literature, anything) I would be mostly grateful!!
Thanks in advance (and by the way you've got an awesome site!!)
Nuphar Kuiper - Kuiper Customs

Meyra c1954 Bulgaria
Meyra c1954 Bulgaria

Thu Mar 15 2012
zaekamoto at abv.bg

meyra/wilhem no
ih in bulgeria

Ed: Engine appears to be a Sachs of around 50cc. Mfg early postwar, possibly as late as 1954 but more likely c1947

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