French Motorcycles

René Guiller Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured 1954-19581

In 1954, the Guiller company divided. René Guiller, the founder, created a new company using his own name, and his brother Pierre's two sons established Guiller SA.

René produced motorcycles with engines from AMC, Ydral and possibly other engine suppliers.

A 1955 model had a horizontal AMC 125 twostroke, and there were the models RG Tourisme 125cc and RG Gentleman 175cc both with Ydral two-strokes, swing-arm rear suspension and Grazzini telescopic front forks.

An unverified listing exists of a 1959 moped with sports styling and deeply valanced guards.

Three new models were announced for 1956, the RG130 (rigid), RG133 (plunger) and Sport (swing-arm suspension). These did not enter production.


1. Some sources give 1956 date of closure, but 1958 seems more likely.
Not in Henshaw.

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