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Origan Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Guiller Frères, 1927-19501
48 rue de la République

The Guiller Frères business was founded in 1912 by Pierre Guiller to build bicycles, and Origan emerged as a motorcycle brand in 1927 or 1928. The machines employed Madoz-Moussard 175 & 250cc two-stroke engines, along with Chaise 350cc four-strokes, and later used Zurcher and Voisin engines.

After the war, the company sold motorcycles under the names of both Origan and Guiller, the last Origan machine being produced possibly as late as 1952.

Guiller-Frères divided in 1954, forming two new marques: Guiller SA and Renè Guiller.

1. Sources differ on last year of production, with one listing an AMC 125cc machine built in 1952.
Grelaud-Guillon (G.G.), a bicycle manufacturer, moved to 48 rue de la République in 1930. (
Bourdache lists a tricycle of Origan brand for 1900.

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