French Motorcycles

Royal Moto Motorcycles (1970s)

A Brief History of the Marque

Constructed by by Marcel Seurat, Queirel Piron and Cosson at Route de Saint Germain, Rosières-près-Troyes in the mid-1970s. These were competition machines which did very well in 1974/75 in the 125cc classes at Le Mans and elsewhere. Models included the Cougar, Criterium and Guepard. Fewer than 300 were built using mostly Sachs engines.

Royal-Moto France (RMF) was associated with the Swedish Monark concern. The Rosières firm distributed Monark machines throughout France along with other major accessories - Sidi, Brema, Jofama, Trelleborg, Marzocchi, Bielstein and many more. When Monark faltered in 1974, they began importing KTM.

See also BPS, SPQ and Seurat.

In 2010 the firm, which had moved to Saint-Thibault, was purchased by the former CEO of Piaggio France, Alain Bourdoncle. Financial difficulties became apparent in 2012, and the company was disolved in 2016.

There was an earlier Royal Moto built in St Etienne in the 1920s. Royal Moto
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